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Eyecandy and Sundrenched were in Al-Akaria Mall three weeks ago. For Filipinos here in Riyadh, we’re sure you know that Al-Akaria Mall is one of the first malls in Riyadh. Madalas ito ang tagpuan ng mga Pinoys noon… kaya naman madalas din i-raid ng mga religious police! Now, the old Al-Akaria is not as busy as it used to be but it still houses best-selling shops that we cannot get enough of: Nine West which has racks of on-sale shoes, Aldo Liquidation which is always on sale (and whose racks are arranged per shoe size, thank goodness!), and Al-Sawani which offers designer brands (UCB, Guess, Levi’s, etc.) with huge discounts. After searching these stores, S and E came out empty-handed. So they moved further and found Feel Free, a clothing store. This time, they came out with something some things… skirts!
So for this Collage Week, the Pink Tarha ladies welcome the fall season with feminine silhouettes with the help of SKIRTS. Yes, skirts. Even if we’re really cowboys most of the time (i.e. kaladkarin sa ora-oradang lakwatsa, laging handa sa bakbakan [ulk!], etc.), we also wear skirts once in a while to remind ourselves that we’re truly ladies (so we better act it!).

Here’s what these two PT ladies got:

Skirting the issue. Yes, we’re ladies.

Actually, excess lang yan ng kurtina, LOL!

On Eyecandy: Brown embroidered skirt FEEL FREE Sandals NEW LOOK On Sundrenched: Black embroidered skirt FEEL FREE White inner tanktop MNG Black blazer NEXXUS Thin belt DOROTHY PERKINS Silver sequined flats NEW LOOK Heart necklace CITYMAX

These are two almost identical long skirts but with E’s and S’ different fashion style, you can see two ways on how to wear ’em.

Eyecandy, Bohemian Chic

You can see E’s free spirit in how she wore her brown skirt. She wore it as a dress! (Actually, nagmamadali lang yan kaya hindi na nakapagsuot ng blouse, hehe.) This la femme boheme knows how to show that earthy touch with neutral browns.

Sundrenched, Posh Chic

S seals her prim and proper fashion personality with this ensemble. (Pero sa totoong buhay, hindi yan prim and proper masyado, hehe.) The long skirt made her look taller and the black color and thin belt cinching her waist made her thinner. (In short, ilusyon lang ang lahat ng ito! LOL!)

Both girls love their skirts. S says that she can move freely with the cotton fabric used and E is so satisfied with the price (just SR50) that she got two more. It also helps that the skirts have dainty embroidery that is subtly eye-catching.

Now, we challenge you ladies to wear skirts and send us your photos! We’re ladies after all. There’s no issue there.


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  1. The skirts look great. Especially at SAR 50!<br /><br />I love Riyadh! Saw Marina Mall and Riyadh Gallery last week and was impressed with how huge the malls are! Dito kasi sa Alkhobar, there are only two big malls: Al Rashid (which houses all the stores you normally feature in your blog) and Geant. Lulu Center is opening soon and I wonder why it hasn&#39;t when the construction was finished a

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