What’s Inside R’s Bag?

We have two “S” among the Pink Tarha ladies so we’re calling Sundrenched “S” and Shoegarfreeruby “R.” We know how to spell mmmkay! We’re just avoiding confusion. Sige, kayo rin maguguluhan… 😛 Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s continue…

We’re bringing you up close and personal with the Pink Tarha Ladies’ pure-bred Pampaguenia by sneaking a peek in her bag. Hmn, which one among her array of colorful (and ehermn, designer) bags did Shoegarfreeruby brought today?

Shoegarfreeruby is this group’s conservative chic-a and the manic shoe-holic. Her love for shoes is beyond words. Makes us wonder if there’s a shoe in her bag! Hmn? Let’s start rummaging…

The Bag
Betseyville by Betsey Johnson

Have you wondered why Shoegarfreeruby’s dog is named Betchay? Well, her dog was named after one of her favorite designers, Betsey Johnson. (We heard she’ll be naming the next puppy “Minna” after shoe designer Minna Parikka. :P) It’s not surprising to know that R’s favorite bag is Betseyville by Betsey Johnson bought from Ebay. “My bag’s a ‘shoutout’ of how much I love Betsey Johnson. It’s a very roomy bag and it’s easy to match with my clothes. It’s also a combination of things I love like hearts, black and white, patent, gold studs and leopard print.” Obviously, R likes this bag very very much! If you can recall, R also has a colorful ethnic bag from Betsey Johnson whose tassles remind us of Mexican hats. When it comes to bag, this conservative chic lady goes for huge, loud (sometimes bordering on psychedelic) totes.

Take a peek.

It’s not as neat as Mary’s but R sure knows how to keep most of her stuff organized in her bag. Though R brings huge bags for her numerous stuff almost every day, she also alternates to smaller bags once in a while. She can trim down all that to fit smaller yet cuter bags like this one.

Spill It!

L-R (take a deep breath before you go on): Documents (iqama and passport copies, etc.), journal, sunglass case, Liz Claiborne wallet, Topshop shades pouch, Vigan fan, nescafe 3in1, mini tin case containing extra earrings, pink earphones and hub, Betsey Johnson lotion, Alcogel hand sanitizer, London keychain for office keys and Shoe keychain (gift from Sundrenched) for house keys, Ipod, Bodyshop bronzer, Mary Kay lip gloss, wooden comb, mirror (gift from my friend Pam), Ralph Lauren perfume, eyeglass cloth, ID, Nokia phone, Olay moisturizer, Zara sunglasses. Whew!

R can’t live without her mirror, comb, and cellphone. A kikay gadgenista, why not! With all that beauty stuff in her bag, R claims she doesn’t have a kikay kit. “I just tend to put all my stuff inside my bag, even things I don’t really use on a daily basis,” she says. Pack rat much?

Her favorite item in her bag is her Zara sunglasses. It’s the perfect accessory to battle the sun rays everyday. It doesn’t hurt too that sunglasses are always in style, especially in this desert.

What’s Inside the Insides

Pouch L-R: Strepsils, gum, Body Shop and Oriflame lipsticks, Olay regenerist, Healthy Options lipgloss tubes and tweezers.

Hindi raw kikay?! But we’re seeing lipsticks and glosses here! LOL. Even us, her co-PT Ladies, are stealing second looks at her now, curious if she’s wearing any color on her lips because really, we’ve never seen her wear something like E’s red smackers or S’ pink lips! Hmn, maybe we’re not as observant after all. 😛

What we do know is that even if R doesn’t have any makeup on, it’s actually her radiant aura and kind smile that get our attention every time. No beauty product can ever beat that!


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  1. hang kyutttttt the wooden comb hihihihi <br />yun ung una kong nakita hahahah<br /><br />R doesnt like coffee… hehehehe that i can tell..

  2. Where would R use a Vigan fan for, I wonder…<br /><br />And what&#39;s that Nescafe 3-in-1 doing in her bag?<br /><br />Natawa naman ako sa laman ng bag ni R. May out-of-town shooting ka ate o modeling stint kaya? Talagang ready for a battle!

  3. @ YanaH: useful nga talaga yung wooden comb kasi anti-static. no, di ako masyadong pala-kape, hehe.<br /><br />@Nebz: siyempre dapat lang na ready anytime di ba? fan for the summer heat and sobrang useful kaya ng coffee sachet kapag naabutan ng antok anywhere. wish ko lang i-sachet ang starbucks!

  4. hindi nga? as in kahit walang tubig? <br /><br /> :-)<br /><br />Happy Eid!

  5. @Nebz: hindi pa ako ganun ka-talented para uminom ng kapeng walang tubig :)<br /><br />Happy Eid din sa&#39;yo!

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