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Haven’t done a Collage Week for weeks now so here’s one for you: it’s college week in Collage Week at the Pink Tarha blog! 🙂
This school theme should have been published last June but we girls became so busy with other things. (This is so long ago that Eyecandy has already grown her hair longer and Sundrenched has already cut her hair shorter now!) However, we figured it still is in season because the second semester for most colleges and universities will start next month.

We visited one of the Philippine schools here in Riyadh last May to complete our photography workshop. After we finished shooting our models for our portraiture lessons, we decided to ham it up for the cameras. Seeing the classrooms, blackboards, hallways, and stairs of the Sovereignty International School (formerly known as Second Philippine International School), we realized we terribly miss school and wondered why we were thrown to the cruel outside world and can not stay in school forever. 😛

Feeling like kolehiyalas all over again, we came up with suggestions of what to wear in school (provided you can wear civilian clothes):

Sundrenched: Jeans from Divisoria, Philippines
Eyecandy: Jeans from Next

Jeans are, of course, the staple in every college student’s closet. They’re very versatile but it’s hard to wash and iron them… the secret is you don’t. Hehe. We’re sure you’ve reused your jeans a couple of times before throwing them to the laundry basket. Sundrenched, who went to the University of Santo Tomas for her degree, had to wear a uniform but says she wears jeans every time she goes out to meet friends and brainstorm on projects. Eyecandy, who went to college at the University of the Philippines-Los Banos which has the perpetual normal clothes day, says shorts are the means to go to school. (But she’s wearing jeans here because she’s in Riyadh, not in Laguna. Hehe.)

Tops from Citymax

In college, you can wear anything as long as it’s decent and comfortable. Most college students now opt for tees and jackets. S feels like polo blouses are the safest bet on college dressing because they’re not shabby and not too formal. E likes gypsy tunics in colorful threads and airy fabrics and shirts to evoke the free spirit of her alma mater.

Shoes from Peacocks.
Headbands from Forever 21.

Flats are your saving grace when your classrooms are in different buildings and you need to rush from one to another. But shoes with heels can give you the confidence boost that you need especially when you’re giving your oral presentation or defense. S says she wore black shoes with one-inch heels or plain black flats in school. “It’s part of the dress code. Bawi na lang sa style ng sapatos!” E can pick whatever she wanted but relied on slippers most of the time. (Again, for purposes of being in Saudi Arabia, she’s in her red kitten heels on the photo. 😉

Accessories are optional but if you want to stand out, then go for eye-catching headbands and jewelries. Just make sure they match your clothes.

College is fun!

No matter what you decide to wear, enjoy your college life! You’ll miss those days for sure when you’re already out slaving in the work industry. E and S miss their allowances the most! 😉 For those who are past the college life, look back and tell us something about it.

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  1. im so intrigue with the faces behind this blog….<br /><br />hahahahaha!<br />when are you going to reveal your beauties?<br />imagination works out here in dubai.. we see the figure perfectly but never the faces! haaaayyy!

  2. am so missing sundrenched! 😀 it&#39;s finals week in MBA school and this post somehow made me feel less anxious about it. <br /><br />thanks girls, now i&#39;m looking forward to both sem break and next sem :)<br /><br />cheers!

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