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The reason why the Pink Tarha blog went ‘invite only’ mode, aside from the fact that we didn’t know how to turn it offline temporarily, is because we’re transforming! This is a long overdue plan but we needed to find an HTML guy that can do all this work for us (yeah, we’re that ignoramus in the HTML coding department, we can only tackle the basics). Thank you to Mr. Jalil Sultan! Thank you for bearing with us “HTML-Code-Ditz”. 😛 We’d also like to thank Ms. Shirley V. for her valuable input in the design of our new banner. Thank you tita!

Ten months ago, the Pink Tarha was born out of a selfish personal desire to blog about our shopping sprees. Shopping?! What’s the big deal about it right? The big deal about it is that we are Pinays shopping in SAUDI ARABIA, the world’s most conservative country. We are Pinays living and working in the hot and haute city of Riyadh thus the tagline Unveiling the lives and times of four sassy Pinays in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’.

Our ongoing creed is to write about the lighter side of living in this Kingdom because we already know the bad side. We’ve heard the horror stories and we’ve even seen some with our own eyes (and experienced ’em too). Writing about the lighter side is not shunning away from or turning a blind eye on all our kabayans’ cases of abuses and sufferings. We would just like to show you that not all Filipinos in Saudi Arabia are being treated that way. That amid the harsh weather and the harsher change in culture and values, there is a Filipino community thriving in this desert. There are a lot of blogs out there (and news sites if you want) that cover the hard side, but the Pink Tarha chooses to journey the road less traveled. The mission: find the beautiful in this desert. This is our way of adapting and adjusting to the environment we’re in.

And so we’re here and we’re loving the life of a Pink Tarha girl. Out of the entries churned in ten months (para namang ten years eh noh?), we decided to widen our horizon and become your guide to living a fab life in Riyadh! We’re not claiming to be the official guide book. We’re just here to help and share our experiences. Of course, in our very own kikay way. After all, we’re girls ladies who just want to have fun! The blog is not for ladies only. Guys, you can read too but read at your own risk. 😉

We now have our own domain! Not that we know what this whole domain thing is. Haha. We’re just glad seeing on the url site. Looks very sosyal. Hehe, kiddin’! Therefore, better update your bookmarks or browser favorites dear readers!

Those ladies taking our place in the header represent our fashion style (but we fervently wish they will represent our figures soon, haha). We assure you that we are not that sexy. Haha. Ohkay! We cleaned our sidebar a little. We’ve narrowed down our categories into eight, which you’ll see on the upper right corner of the sidebar. We’ll probably add more as we go along the way. We’ve also updated our About the Pink Tarha page. Who knows, you might see our photo sans blurs and bars there one day. We collated all the links of blogs and blog communities that we love and adore. We still have our apps for Facebook (add us please?), along with our Twitter. Add us in Plurk too. Or we’ll add you! Just leave us a comment. For everything and anything, you may contact us at or

Everything you see here is a work in progress (we told you we’re kindda slow in dealing with the HTML thing) please don’t smirk when a link you click fails. Hehe. Along with this change is our promise to be more active in the blogging community.

We know our simple thank you is not enough to show our gratitude to you, our dear readers, for reading our (mis)adventures (napagtyagaan n’yo in fairness) so we’re promising to write more articles that will be beneficial to you… or even if it will not, then perhaps put a smile on your face and add color to your life (kailangan may ganyang factor kasi nga pink eh, haha). Thank you very much for supporting the Pink Tarha!

Now let’s enjoy the coming winter and holidays!
Need to put up a personal/professional website?
Mr. Jalil S. Sultan
Web Developer

Need a graphic designer/consultant?
Ms. Shirley Vidad
Graphic Artist

Both of them contributed to our ‘transformation’ free of charge (because they are big fans of the blog teehee) but if you are interested in availing of their services, they will happily do so if the price is right. 😛

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  1. First comment! haha updated ako, thanks to eyecandy! :D<br /><br />Congrats to the Pink Tarha team! I love the new layout… It&#39;s way easier to navigate! Mas madali ko na malalaman kapag may SALE hahaha… :D<br /><br />Keep it up! We all look forward to more of your blogs and kikay goodness.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I love the new look. <br /><br />lu

  3. welcome back PT ladies?<br /><br />do you prefer this header for PEBA use? I already had the screenshot of the old one, pero i can still replace it naman if you wish…<br /><br />and please let us make the synopsis muna of your blog entry bago nyo isara ulit! lolz!

  4. niqabi Reply

    i love the metamorphosis!… sosyal na sosyal..<br />mabruk!…<br /><br />keep up the good work ladies.. 🙂

  5. Nice! better than the last one.

  6. Pretzel Reply

    the new look is neat and yummy! congrats ladies!

  7. love it already ,keep it up

  8. welcome back!<br /><br />cool header..<br />i loveeeee the layout…<br />hihihihi

  9. Congratulations.<br /><br />I like the new layout and the deep pink color (tama ba?). But where&#39;s the tarha, girls? Hehe.<br /><br />I always enjoy your site dahil masarap sya basahin (informative, light and intelligent). Keep it up, ladies!

  10. @Sheila Marie: Because you&#39;re the first to arrive in our site and make the comment, you have a prize! But we&#39;ll still think of a prize though, hehe. Always go to our shopping category for SALE alerts! 😉 Kikay goodness sounds very good! :)<br /><br />@Anonymous: Thank you, glad you liked it!<br /><br />@AZEL: Sorry for the inconvenience created by the temporary shut down of our site. Yes,

  11. can they do the PEBA site? No kidding. Hope they can. Free din ba if ever?<br />Kahit kami na magmaintain, hehe<br /><br /><br />Anyways love the new design and site!

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