Mid-Season SALE Alert!

This is why we prefer to read our news straight from the paper: we get to read stuff that the online version doesn’t have… like a SALE sign for instance.
Look at what we saw in today’s Arab News:

Shoegarfreeruby’s fave store!

Eyecandy’s comfort zone.

Where we find nice jeans.

For the mothers out there.

It’s the mid-season sale people! As the stores get ready for the Winter season, the autumn/fall season (and spring/summer too) clothes are now on sale. Good thing, you can still get good clothes for the cold days on the autumn line so it doesn’t hurt to scour the stores. Also, in the wake of the typhoons that hit the Philippines, we’re sure you have a lot of clothes in your closet that you’re ready to let go now to make way for new ones. So donate those that you’ve outgrown but still in good condition clothing items that you have and take advantage of the sale season. Or you can buy tank tops and tees (some going for as low as SR5 each) in bulk in some stores and donate them too. For those who are going home for the Christmas holiday, buy your pasalubong now (if you haven’t done that during the past sale seasons already).

Hmn, the PT Ladies are currently bankrupt. Huhu. But oh well, at least we’ve given you the first dibs on what’s in store for this week.

PS. Pssst! New Look and Topshop are on their sale period too, but don’t tell others we’re the ones who told you that. 😉

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  1. Naku, parang I can&#39;t believe I&#39;m hearing this. You&#39;re posting sale adverts tapos ur saying PT&#39;s are bankrupt. Unbelievable. Hehe.<br /><br />Beware. The withdrawal symptoms may manifest in a few hours. Hehe ulit.

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