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How’s your Undas in the Philippines? As you know Saudi Arabia doesn’t have All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day. Hop on over to Isladenebz to read about the Saudis and their departed. A very interesting read!

The Pink Tarha ladies, though missing the undas ritual in our own provinces, are one with the Filipino nation in remembering our departed loved ones. Meanwhile, in this side of the world, we’re also one with the Saudi people in celebrating their Green Day!

We didn’t know there’s such a thing but there is! On November 5, Saudi Arabia is having its Green Saudi Day!

True, the only green we see in Riyadh are the flag and the date palms, na madalas eh hindi pa green ang dahon. The leaves of these palms are not as lush and verdant as say, our mango or narra trees. Not as abundant as the acacia’s. Their branches are even tied together to prevent them from falling on someone’s head or flying away and hitting a car’s windshield. The grass in this part of the world does not grow automatically, unlike the ones we have in the Philippines na kung san-san tumutubo. There’s no way this country can become green all over. Orange pa siguro!

But who says that a ‘green day’ means just being green in terms of color? [For the record, KSA has many farms scattered in the region, and it has provinces which are rich in plants and vegetation.] A green day is a day for the environment, whether it be in the tropics or in the desert. And so, it’s a must that we become responsible, whether nationals or expats, for the areas we live in. On November 5, the Pink Tarha will turn Green!

On that day, Green Day comes to Saudi Arabia! To help, we can join the ranks of our choice:
Green Lieutenant: Get out of your house and clean the street in front of your house.
Green First Lieutenant:
Get out of your house and clean your neighborhood.

Green Captain:
Print invitations of this event and distribute them to your neighbors and have them join you.

Green Major
: Invite your Facebook, Twitter or any other social network friends to this event and bug them about it.

Green Lieutenant Colonel:
Pick the microphone from the Imam after a prayer and tell the attendees about this green event.

Green Colonel
: Have your colleagues, employees, class mates or students participate in this event.

Green Lieutenant General:
Have your employer’s endorsement (corporate level).

Green General:
Visit a school and have the schools endorsement to this event, and make sure our beloved children participate in this event.

With the onset of climate change and global warming, don’t you think it’s time we do something? It’s getting scarier every day. What will happen next if we don’t act to save mother nature now? I’m not familiar with Saudi’s waste management system but in our street, I always see cleaners in yellow uniforms sweeping in the morning. There are huge yellow garbage bins scattered in corners and trucks collect the garbage once a day. It’s good to know that even Saudi Arabia is taking its own stand against man’s trashy treatment of the environment. Snaps for this initiative!

The Pink Tarha ladies will probably be green majors. We’re good at bugging people. LOL. Or maybe half lieutenants, half colonels. Who will you be? If you join this worthy cause, we salute you!

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  1. happy green day! hehehe. Sali po ang pink tarha sa LINK LOVE Raffle ng Thoughtskoto ha. salamat!

  2. Dahil fave ko ang green. ^^ go na sa paglilink ever. ^^

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