And the Winner Is… Part 1

Hello dear readers, this is an ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL entry. Always watch out for this kind of entries because they contain various surprises! For this entry, we’re giving away a special something something to a special someone…
Before that though, let us tell you about the beginning of the Pink Tarha. As you all know now, it started with our desire to blog about the shopping madness in this desert city. But why in a blog? The Pink Tarha ladies have always been constant Internet surfers (hindi kami adik sa Net, promise!) and we have individual blogs on Multiply, Friendster, and Blogger. So when we decided to open the Pink Tarha blog, we have a more or less basic blogging experience but it’s not that honed and we’re clueless on personalizing it.

Among the many blogging platforms out there, we settled for Blogger because it was simple, and simple is all our schedules and blogging skills can take. Up to now, this blog is using Blogger’s simplest template, Minima. We just changed the headers and the sidebars to coincide with our kikayness and pinkness. Even the HTML thing, we couldn’t handle it so we just left it to an expert. Haha.

Of course, we couldn’t guarantee that in the long run we’ll not change our blogging platform but for now, we’re okay with Blogger. It’s very user-friendly (except for the comment section which was a pasaway at first).

And because Blogger allows other Blogger members to follow each other’s blog, it provided us our first few followers. At dahil dyan… may nag-text! we are picking out a Blogger user who is constantly following our blog and we’ll send him/her a prize!

Our followers!
*Only 14 out of 18 appears here. The other 4 are the PT ladies’ Blogger accounts.

So far, we have 18 followers and 4 of those are the PT ladies (syempre support your own, hehe). We have 14 fellow bloggers to choose from and to give all an edge, we are using’s List Randomizer to determine the winner for us. Most bloggers who are having contests and giveways use this one to determine their winners. It’s like the Internet’s version of a raffle drum.

It worked like this: we took all the names of the 14 followers we have and put them in the Randomizer. Now, did its magic and organized the name in a list. The name which will land on the first spot will be our winner! The result will depend on the site para fair and just naman sa lahat. Walang kinikilingan ang Pink Tarha ladies, hahaha!

Here’s the result from the List Randomizer… And the winner is:

Wow, it’s no other than PEBA 2009’s president… Mr. NJ ABAD (Desert Aquaforce)! Congratulations, sir! We will contact you to get your address and we’ll be sending you a package which contains very very special things. Ano kaya ang mga yun? SURPRISE!!! Hahaha! Maybe, this is really meant to be because Mr. NJ is truly one of our first supporters. (It’s also a bonus that our very own Sundrenched has personally met him and his family during the PEBA 2009 night.)

To all Blogspot bloggers, follow us and who knows… we might be giving away another prize for you soon! 😉

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  1. Hala!Kaswerte naman ni Mr. President!, Pasalamat ka NJ at di ako nag follow kundi ako ang nanalo lolzz<br /><br />Happy Anniversary sa inyo Pink Tarha Ladies, at salamat sa lahat-lahat ng suporta…yun usapan nyo ni kenji kahapon, yun!salamat dun 🙂

  2. niqabi Reply

    This is a proof na hindi talaga ako lucky sa mga raffles or anything nyahaha…congratz kuya nj…COngratz again ladies.. 🙂

  3. sali nman ako sa list, ako number 15 kaso san ba ang link to follow you di ko makita eh. Happy Anniversary Kikay Chikkaz!!!

  4. teka teka, bakit wala ako dito? saan ako click to follow you again? hmmn, sige sa dashboard ko na lang. Congrats kay NJ. grabe, ang mayaman pa ang nanalo! hahaha<br /><br />NJ post mo kung anong laman ng package ha. Im trying to call him para sabihin nanalo siya, ayun tulog pa daw…ang phone. 🙂

  5. congrats Kuya NJ… tama kuya kenji… kaswerte naman ni kuya NJ.. mayaman na, nanalo pa!!! lolz!<br /><br />sana sa FB follower meron ding raffle.<br />nakita ko ung updated status na fill in the blanks… makapag-isip nga baka manalo!<br /><br />happy anniversary ladies!

  6. Whew! Bakit nga ba hindi ko kayo nasundan noong una pa lang!<br /><br />Question: Wala bang goodies para sa number 1 fan like me?<br /><br />Congrats, NJ.

  7. BTW, ledeez, I suggest you put your follower box in the sidebar for easy access. (Pabulong: Paano ako mananalo sa susunod? Hehehe.)

  8. Oh yes, that Blogger nav bar on top did help! Boy, that was quick!<br /><br />O raffle na ulit :.)

  9. Wow! What a pleasant surprise to get the first award given out by the PTL on their 1st Anniversary Special.<br /><br />Such a treat not just for me but for my wife and kids as well who are always updated with the PT&#39;s posts. So please no protests, huh? The Desert Aquaforce Family is a big fan of the Pink Tarha Blog!<br /><br />Salamat sa lahat ng bumati sa aking swerte sa papremyong ito… :

  10. hays kamalas naman! hahaha

  11. ang swerte naman ni modir nj congratz….may pag asa pa para sa mga facebook fanatic ng mga kikays…

  12. friendship greetings from Indonesia, I want to be your friend. would be willing to exchange links. This blog is inpiratif for me. thanks before.

  13. I just saw ur post! sayang!!! di ako nanalo!!! hahaha!!! 😉

  14. sayang pang # 3 lang ako. love you blog girls keep it up…. miss saudi as well

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