The Unveiling of Maryhadalittlehump

Here’s another Anniv Special entry! Because you asked for it, we’re UNVEILING!!! First up is our resident good girl, Maryhadalittlehump (M)! You’ll find out in this (M’s comeback entry) why there’s never a dull moment when this Pink Tarha lady is around. Ladies and gentlemen, we, Sundrenched, Eyecandy, and Shogarfreeruby proudly present to you our very own sassy and sexy girl, M!

Hello kingdom, hello world! (eka nga ni Toni G.)

Anyway, do you still remember me guys? I hope so. Kasi if you don’t remember me, heartbreaking naman yun (talaga naman!).
Before I begin my unveiling, I would like to take this chance to apologize because I’ve been gone for almost five months. I became super busy (with reason po) that I haven’t shared anything to you, our dear readers (admitted ko po yun). Still I want to greet myself and the three ladies a cheerful and a blissful one year anniv!

Some readers and FB fans say it’s time for Sundrenched, Shoegarfreeruby, Eyecandy and myself to unveil. I agree! Because it’s our first year anniversary, we will grant your requests and wishes. I believe this is really the best time. I’m the first one among the remaining veiled “tarhas” who’ll reveal my true identity sa madlang people (with pictures pa…). Consider this as my first entry for the year 2010. I’m delighted to introduce myself to you!

See, time has passed by swiftly and we never imagined we’ll reach this phase in our blogging life, kaya eto na ayaw ko nang patagalin pa…..

My real name starts with the letter “M,” same as the one I use for blogging. If you’re really smart then you should have guessed it already. 😉

About me? Bottomline is, I’m a simple girl.

I’m a homebody, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I do not go out. It’s just that I love to stay and hang out with my family and relatives in our house. I do love shopping especially if I have extra money (grabe, automatic yan pag may datung, kindatan ko lang si erpat dadalhin na niya ako sa favorite mall ko, sa Riyadh Gallery. =p). I will buy anything that I want (kahit hindi naka-sale as long as I like it). I do not wear make-up for I believe that I’m too pretty to have it na (hahaha.. kidding!). Seriously I’m allergic to it, feeling ko kasi nagkaka-pimples ako pag nagme-make up e, pero pag kailangan maglagay, tinitiis ko… (the pains of beauty!) =p

I do not have a collection of anything but I make sure that if someone gave me something, I keep and save them in my secret box. I’m not particular in what kind or type of clothes i wear as long as it fits my mood (then walang problema, basta dampot lang sa closet and then kalas!).

I’m a fanatic of Koreanovelas! The last koreanovela that made me crazy was Boys Over Flowers. I even watched it thrice in Youtube! I slept at 3am just to see this koreanovela’s ending. Even in my dreams, nakikita ko si Jun-Pyo!

I love to eat food that are commonly sold in the streets like tukneneng, fishball at squidball (sana nga meron sa Riyadh nito eh). Grabe favorite ko mga yan! Sobrang addicted din ako sa Choco Baby. Kaya kong ubusin sa isang araw ang dalawang pakete nyan (kaya naman sa mga babalik ng Riyadh dyan, baka pwede namang pasalubungan n’yo ako!).
Guess how many cups of rice ang kaya kong ubusin sa isang upuan lang? If gutom na gutom, I can finish 2 cups. I eat rice almost everyday. It is staple in my meals (walang diet diet!). Hindi ako sanay pag walang kanin. Malakas din ako kumain ng shawarma. I can eat 2 shawarmas in a day. I do not drink coffee but as time goes by parang nahahawa ako sa co-PT ladies ko, whaaaa… nakakapagkape na ako… congratulations to me! =p

I’m a very happy person at makulet talaga ako ha. The smallest things can make me laugh. Yung iba, akala nila snob ako pero di naman e… I have a lot of acquaintances but few of them I consider as my true friends.
I also read books pero di nga lang novels. I’m very much interested with out of this world and sci-fi stories. I also love, which was introduced to me by Eyecandy.

And guys eto malamang hindi kayanin ng iba pero… I dream of visiting Wowowee. Not just to see Willie but to play in the Hep Hep Hooray at kuhanin ang jackpot! Oooopppss… I forgot to share that I have my new job na at mag 3 months na po and to this day, I’m trying to be independent and for that I am very proud of myself.

Since i do not have anything more to say about myself, it’s time for me to share my photos without cover (hahaha, makikita nyo na ako at mala-model ang lola ninyo, nag effort talaga ako dyan ha!)

(with my sister on the third photo)


At last, I unveiled MYSELF and you already know who’s the person behind the name Maryhadalittlehump. O siguro naman di na kayo magtataka kung bakit yan ang blogname ko! =p

Watch out for the two remaining “veiled” tarhas!

Hmmm… who’s next? Exciting!!!

*Photos taken by Bong M of Riyadh. Wardrobe: New Look & Zara.

~ mary ~

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  1. huwawwwwwww!<br />another bang!!!<br /><br />of all that has been listed, namiss ko ung streetfoods. tukneneng! ahahahaha!<br /><br />with the pix, di halatang umuubos ka ng 2 cups per meal! you&#39;re so slim. (well, natawa naman ako sa &quot;blogname&quot; reason…)<br /><br />goodluck sa dream mo to be a hep-hep-horray contender.<br /><br />sana sa february si R naman 🙂

  2. @a-z-e-l: magkakasundo tayo pag tukneneng ang paguusapan..sobrang namiss ko yun…<br /><br />i can finish 2 cups of rice pag gutom talaga ako..when i was in college nga 2 cups of rice ang order at dalawang ulam.. sadyang mabilis lang ang metabolism ko… =)<br /><br />gusto ko nga talagang makapaglaro sa hep hep hooray! tatalunin ko mga amazona girls.. hahaha..<br /><br />thank you sa comments

  3. wowwwww..parang bida ka rin ng koreanovela M!..all of them kasi petite..hehehe i know someone who&#39;s also addicted to boys over flowers. As in tipong di lang 5x nya napanood yun na tipong bago ba bawat eksena hehehe..<br /><br />OH!..I love the hair..buti nakakapagpahaba ka ng ganyan dito sa kingdom?..when i arrived here my hair used to be long kaso nagdadry e kaya lagi na lang short..<br /><

  4. @niqabi: Ows talaga? mukhang na ba akong koreana? hahaha… sobrang addicted talaga ako dyan.. biro mo lahat na ata ng version napanuod ko na maliban na lang sa chinese version ha… <br /><br />naguumpisa na ngang ma-dry ang hair ko, tinitiis ko lang.. hehehe… i love to curl my hair kasi kaya ayaw ko pang magpaputol.<br /><br />thank you ha.. hamo pag natupad ko yung pagpunta sa wowowee..

  5. Anonymous Reply

    una sa lahat Happy 1st Anniversary mga tarhas. Napaka meaty nitong blog nyo. Nakakatuwa! Nakakatuwa! at Nakakatuwa talaga. hahaha. I&#39;m so proud of you Mary Ann! Humahakot na pala ng awards tong blog nyo. Well, more awards to come ha. God Bless You Guys! Stay on Top! Take Care – Edel

  6. @edel: whoi.. classmate.. hahaha.. kung di ako nagkakamali.. kulang ng &quot;e&quot; ang anne ko.. thank you sa pag visit mo ha.. paki introduce na din ito sa mga friends mo dyan.. para maingganyo sila pumunta sa middle east.. =) God Bless din sa iyo! =)

  7. Hi, Mary. I&#39;m Nebz. Nice to finally see you.<br /><br />I think among the four of you, you&#39;re the most down to earth.<br /><br />Two down, two to go!<br /><br />Confession: Nagtataka pa rin ako kung bakit maryhadalittlehump ang blogname mo…<br /><br />Happy 1st year again to PT Ladies!

  8. Mary, you look like a Korean! hehehe no wonder like mo ang Koreanovela&#39;s. <br /><br />This is getting exciting, the unveiling. <br /><br />Does it feels great to finally unveil? We are excited working with you, wonderful and kikay girls in KABLOGS. Salamat…<br /><br />One day, I&#39;ll promote your book…<br /><br />Pink Tarha: Your Kikay Guide to Saudi Arabia!

  9. @isladenebz: Hi Nebz. Nice meeting you… talaga down to earth? parang namumula na ako dito ha.. thank you po.<br /><br />Naku assignment mo yan, alamin mo kung bakit yan ang blogname ko.. di ba halata? bakit yung iba nahulaan na.. hehehe..

  10. @Mr. Thoughtskoto: Hi Mr T! kaka-flattered naman yung comments mo..<br /><br />Yeah, halata naman di ba na happy ako sa pag unveiled ko? ang laki ng preparation ko dyan nag effort ako mag make-up kahit kating-kati na ako.. hehehe<br /><br />Thank you ulet.. God Bless!

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Galing galing mo talaga at sorry kung kulang ng e yung name mo ha. nasa name ko kasi lahat ng e weh. ahaha. – edel

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  13. @edel: hehehe.. basta paki-promote naman yung thepinktarha para mas madaming readers mas masaya…. thank you ulet..

  14. @claudia lawrence: thanks claudia.. we will think about it..nice suggestions…hope you have a wonderful day also! =p

  15. nice meeting you mary….aha kaya pala maryhadalittlehump lol lol lol gotcha napakanta tuloy ako ng BEP my hump my hump ni fergie lol lol lol ur so cooolit,talagang pinaghandaan mo ah congratz sa new modeling career mo lol hay nakakamissss tukneneng….

  16. @mightydacz:hehehe..bigla naman tuloy ako nahiya! hindi naman pinaghandaan nag effort lang hahaha… =) anyway thank you sa comments! GB

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