The Road to the 2010 Election Day

For this 2010 election, we OFWs are given the right to vote through the Overseas Absentee Voting.

We are now being bombarded with political advertisements with irritating jingles to boot. Posters and tarps are scattered all over the country. Politicians are attending every seminar, conference and forums to create a never-before-seen presence. Presidentiables are flying planes, carrying torches, riding jeepneys, checking off accomplishments, making a comeback and lulling us to sleep. All these are superficial. All these are merely PR. All these are weak attempts to win our hearts over. To choose, we need to overlook these ads and dig deep on character, moral integrity, performance, credibility, and platform.

Who are we looking for? Remember that these people are not competing in a popularity or beauty contest. They are vying for the opportunity to steer a battered country into a future of sustainable and holistic progress. Indeed, it will be a rough road ahead for every Filipino. Thus, we need to vote wisely and responsibly, not only for ourselves, but for the very reason why we’re working our asses off abroad: our families. We are away from the Philippines but we are all encouraged to speak our mind. After all, wherever we may be, we are still Filipinos.

The Pink Tarha is one with the Kablogs community in recognizing the voting power of the Overseas Filipino Workers in the coming May 2010 election. And so, we re-post this call to enjoin everyone to vote!

Makabayang panawagan ng Kablogs

For decades, we’ve been lauded as “Bagong Bayani” as a recognition by the same government who has caused our mass exodus into foreign lands.

Let’s breathe the title of modern day heroes and accept its appended challenges and responsibilities. Despite our distance and diversity, we take pride in being a part of the Filipino abroad’s global recognition as shapers of the world.

Now, the time has come to unleash the heroes within us as the majestic sun rises in the East and its rays of hope shines upon our nation this coming May 2010 election.

This is a call for our collective voice in the 2010 election. We encourage all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families to actively participate and be part of our country’s historic electoral process.

For several years, we’ve made our presence felt in building our nation. In every single dollar remittance that is being delivered in our family’s doorsteps, we OFWs have helped in sustaining the Philippines’ economic growth.

Our experiences in and out the country have led us to become seasoned professionals who are now politically mature to discern what’s best for our home country. Now is the moment to make a difference. We are part of the 12 million Filipinos dispersed across the world and we can definitely make a difference.

We will solidify our stand to choose the right leaders for our country. We will influence our family and loved ones back home, the recipient of our hardships and struggles abroad, to act too. We will guide them in making their choices this coming May 2010 because we believe that their actions will not only shape our country’s future but the future of the generations to come.

Our nation has suffered from the action (and inaction) of irresponsible and corrupt government officials but we must remain steadfast in our hope and desire of having a better country. Our nation is already battered and divided. This coming election, its fate resides in US.

If there is a time to live as modern day heroes, to make a difference as global Filipinos, to embark on something worth doing, IT IS NOW!

Let us empower ourselves as OFWs. With one voice and one heart, let’s vote and get counted! Only responsible voters can bring responsible leaders in office on May 2010. Let the new leaders of our land rise from the votes of OFWs.

This May 2010, we are given a choice. Do we remain mere onlookers or do we prove to the nation that we’re part of the heroes this country is made up of? Now that we’re nearing the road to the May 2010 election, are we ready to vote?

Let’s act! Let’s rock the vote!

“Wala naman talagang perpektong binoboto e. Meron lang perpektong boto – yung botong pinag-aralan, pinag-isipan, at handang panindigan sa loob ng anim na taon.”


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