The Unveiling of Shoegarfreeruby

Now that we’ve seen M’s glamourous unveiling, we continue with our month-long surprises of our anniversary. Sana hindi naman kaya masyado ma-surprise. Hinga muna ako ng malalim. Okay, here goes…

Hello everyone! I am Shoegarfreeruby. My PT name rooted from my love for “shoes” and my mom’s name “Ruby”, in her loving memory.

Let me start by briefly giving you a background of myself. The rest of the PT ladies consider me as their “ate”. Being the eldest by age, they have tolerated my absence to most of their gimmicks and night-outs due to domestic duties. Among them, I am the only one who’s married (to a wonderful man who has tolerated my frantic shoe purchases *ehem* most of the time). With priorities at hand, forgive me for not having an active FB account! I maybe your typical quiet lady but definitely not uninteresting…

What makes this unveiling special for me is that inspite of my hesitation to do it at first, I did it to thank our readers out there. The girls convinced me to finally unveil. After this, doon ko lang na-realize na nakakapagod pa lang mag-photoshoot, whew!

With mama’s only baby… Betchay.

I could not remember how my love for shoes started. It’s the first thing I notice in people. On the other hand, it’s also what I want people to notice first in me. On a deeper sense, my attachment to shoes bring back fond memories and evoke emotion. I remember vividly how my husband’s red and grey Nike shoes looked like the first time I met him, or my favorite pair I wore almost everyday as a kid until they bore a hole and fell apart. If you’ll ask me to choose between shoes or travel, I’ll say shoes without hesitation.

I love everything from the old, classic, cheap, colorful, extravagant, ugly and outrageous.
Shoes from Topshop, H&M, New Look, Bershka, Bally, Minna Parikka, Melissa, 9 West, Steve Madden, MNG, Adidas by Stella Mccartney, Zara, Charles & Keith, Vincci and Trod

I have never tried counting my shoes, since it’s a useless effort. Secret lang natin ito ha, but I have tried hiding some of them from my hubby. Trick is to bring the shoes without the box and put them inside your bag, so always bring a huge purse. Disclaimer lang, I’m not encouraging you to do it. I also love how shoes here are not subject to rain, mud or other environmental factors, unlike in the Philippines. You can preserve them easily in this part of the world, LOL.

So what else do I love aside from shoes? Well, I love to cook. I cook most Filipino dishes we all love. As someone who hails from a province of good food (Pampanguenia ini!), I grew up enjoying even the weirdest and most exotic delicacies of our place like binurong mustasa, binurong hipon (yes, the smelly kind) and stuffed frogs.

Aside from my love for cooking, is my love for teaching kids. There is something about honing characters and being an influence to them that I enjoy and treasure very much. I still dream of becoming a teacher one day. Journaling is also my favorite stress reliever. Jotting down my wishlists, thoughts and memories give me a sense of peace. I have kept a journal for every year of my stay in the Kingdom since 2002.

Nawili lola niyo sa kapo-pose.

I just hope that I did not bore you with all these. It was nice meeting you all! What’s next for The Pink Tarha aside from the much-awaited unveiling of “E”? You’ll never know, TPT might expand on maternity fashion in the near future, LOL! To our beloved readers, my heartfelt thanks for supporting us on our first year. Cheers to more fun and exciting entries to come!

Special thanks and acknowledgment:
Photos by: Jim M. and Poy P.
PA, Stylist and creative director rolled into one: Poy P.

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  1. wallah!!!!hello ruby ang bida kontrabida just kiddin nice to meet you,ur so imeldific lol aha tinatago mo pala ang iba lol.ang cute ni betchay pwedw sya kay harry ang aso sa bahay namin lol

  2. wow!..kakalula ang daming shoes…gusto ko yung fuschia na may big gray strap ay yung green na may ribbon pala, ay yung red din..waaaah lahat pala lol..<br /><br />R parang nakasalubong na kita somewhere dito sa kingdom…

  3. I love your pink dress at lahat lahat.. plus betchay.. so puti…

  4. @ mightydacz: it&#39;s nice to meet you too! mahirap na ngang itago yung iba, lagi na akong nabibisto. hinahanapan ko nga ng partner si betchay, akala niya kasi baby pa siya pero dalaga na…baka nga puede sila ni harry, hehe. <br /><br />@ Niqabi: mahilig ka din pala sa mga makulay na shoes :). basta pag may nakitang kang naka-cateye na eyeglass at mala-poon na abaya, malamang ako nga yun hehe.<

  5. ang cute naman nung dog. Wahhhh. Manggigigil si Hevyn pag nakita niya si Betchay. Oh we wish we can meet the PINK Tarha girls, Mrs. Thoughtskoto can relate with you all. hehehe<br /><br />You girls are wonderful!<br /><br />but what surprises me the most is my married din pala sa mga Pink Tarha&#39;s, and thats Shoegar…<br /><br />Happy Hearts Day sa lahat ng may mga puso! hehe

  6. I love your photos, R! Kinareer ever! Winnar na winnar! 🙂 At si Betchay, may pinagmanahan ng kaka-pose ever. <br /><br />MISS YOU! :)<br /><br />- S

  7. @ Mr. Thoughtskoto: Thank you po and happy V-day din! 🙂 We hope to meet your wonderful family and your cute baby Hevyn one day. Yes, a little surprise there pero di natin alam at baka may sumunod na sa yapak ko among the rest of the PT girls. <br /><br />@ Sundrenched: S, thank you! Wala ng atrasan talaga, kaya kinareer. Got sick the day after the shoot, as in. Miss you too, hope to see you soon.

  8. Thanks for sharing your interests in life… Ang ganda ng mga shots! Akala ko mahiyain si ikaw… bagamat nababanaag sa inyong mga mata ang pagiging kikay!

  9. @ Reymos: Thank you sir! Nakakatuwa pong marinig iyon coming from you. Di yata maitatago ang &quot;kikayness&quot; kahit na anong pilit, hehe.

  10. It was never a mystery for a girl to love shoes, it is a mystery if they DON&#39;T. <br /><br />Galing ng kumuha pictures, who among the girls ang gifted/talented to take this shot?<br /><br />Hello shoegarfreeruby nice to see you. So who&#39;s next?

  11. It&#39;s about time. ^^ I keep mixing you girls up so now I won&#39;t since I now have a mental picture of all of them. I am sure you have awesome shoe stories. Maybe you should write one. ^^ Confessions of a Shoeholic lang. ehehe. <br /><br />It&#39;s a pleasure to meet you, btw. <br /><br />I can&#39;t wait for E&#39;s reveal. I am sure she&#39;s making it na. At mahaba ito. Aym sure. ^^

  12. @ Noel: Nice meeting you too! 🙂 Totally agree with your conclusion on women and shoes. The hubby po took most of the pics for this shoot. Abangan ang unveiling ni E, coming soon. <br /><br />@ Pinaywriter: I know, E told me about it :). Pleasure to meet you too. In the making na ang reveal ni E at talagang kaabang-abang!

  13. Event un. for sure. ehehe.

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