Craving for Ice Cream

It’s been a while since we did a food post. The ladies are so into Steaky that that’s where they’ve been eating since they found the place. So we backtracked a little into food posts that we forgot to share with you. I’m sharing you some cold treats perfect for the nearing summer days.
When it comes to ice cream, Häagen-Dazs is the premium brand – one of the finest kind. While cruising along Tahlia street one evening, my friends and I decided to enter the Häagen-Dazs Cafe after a hearty dinner in Sushi Yoshi. This was before the winter season. It’s pretty hot that night and we wanted something sweet and cold to cap our celebratory night.

Good thing, the Häagen-Dazs Cafe in Tahlia has a family section, and we were the only customers during that time so all the servers’ attention was on us. We were so engrossed in our stories that we did not pay attention to what each one ordered. Instead of ordering one ice cream scoop for each, we ordered one ice cream DISH per person! We were speechless when our orders arrived:

Summertime Cone, 22 SR
A scoop of strawberry cheesecake and a scoop of strawberry ice cream nested in a large wafer cone with a mix of fresh strawberries and bananas. Served with strawberry sauce and whipped cream.

Crepe Sundae, 18 SR
A freshly-baked hot crepe with a scoop of Haagen Dazs ice cream and a topping of your choice.

Brownie Special, 24 SR
Chocolate fudge brownie with a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of cookies and cream topped with hot chocolate fudge sauce and whipped cream.

You’d probably think we’re a bunch of people having major cravings for ice cream and sweet stuff but no, we’re only three ladies. My friend asked, “How on earth are we supposed to finish all this?” Uh, good question! Considering that this is ice cream and taking this out is not an option. Nevertheless, we tried. I think we spent a good deal of two hours on that place. The first 30 minutes was spent on devouring the ice cream and the remaining hours for eating up the waffles, crepe, fruits, and brownies while swapping stories. It’s a good thing everything was delicious albeit expensive! But what can you expect from an ice cream loaded with the finest and purest ingredients? Yum, yum!

We planned on walking in Tahlia St. to burn off what we just ate but when we went out, we were faced with too many guys dining al fresco on the nearby cafes and restaurants. We were too scared to take our chance so we just hailed a cab and went home with very very full stomachs. We vowed to order just one ice cream dish when we go back… or our original idea of a scoop each person.

Go to Häagen-Dazs to satisfy your insatiable ice cream craving! My fave flavor would be the chocolate chip cookie dough. What’s your fave ice cream flavor?


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  1. Oh…we went to gale last Saturday and my officemate found out that there is this place called elfav that serves beer ice cream and all sorts of alchohol laced ice cream. Shite. If we had that during college, would we be depressed at all? Nah, I don&#39;t think so. <br /><br />I tasted the bailey&#39;s one. Gosh. Now that is ice cream. ^^

  2. oh i love them all!!!!

  3. I LOVE ICE CREAM, it&#39;s one thing I cannot get rid off from my system hahahaha, I hope you don&#39;t find it odd, but me and my daughter are ice cream addicts.

  4. &quot;meh&quot;? pesonally i still go for baskin.

  5. Of ice cream, my favorite is our very own Selecta especially the halohalo and fruit salad flavors. Taste like real halohalo and fruit salad. Hehe.<br /><br />Of the halohalo naman, my ultimate favorite are those sold inside the Agorra Market in San Juan. Half of their halohalo is filled with home-made ube ice cream. To die for (for me).<br /><br />Of the three Häagen Daz flavours you posted here

  6. Yummy! Haagen Dazs rocks! 🙂 Too bad their shop with the family section has already closed in Khobar – only one other cafe remains in Rashid Mall (*sigh*). Hope that one doesn&#39;t close down or else kawawa naman ang pamilya naming certified ice-cream monsters – hahaha!

  7. luiz Reply

    hey thanks PT girls for this info, now I&#39;m definitely bringing my wife &amp; kids to this place. <br /><br />and kudos to you guys for all the blog entries! it keeps me awake here in the office and more importantly, it makes me look busy *wink* 😉

  8. Thank you all for your comments. Riyadh is entering its seemingly perpetual summer again and it&#39;s time we scream for ice cream! <br /><br />In the Philippines, we&#39;re quite happy with dirty ice cream but it&#39;s not quite the same like our childhood ice cream anymore. And where the heck is that pinipig in cheap chocolate syrup that our ice cream are used to be dipped in? Couldn&#39;t find

  9. grabe! super enticing naman ng ice cream fixes niyo! don&#39;t think of the calories just dive in, then stay away from it for the next six months. hahaha =) kidding aside, yes Häagen-Dazs Cafe is a must-try. thanks for the recommendation!

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