Happy Easter!

In life, there is no condemnation—only the operation of redemption.


How was your holy week everyone? We hope you did not just go to the beach and swam! We wished your holy week became fruitful and meaningful. In our desert, the Lenten season, as usual, was not recognized Kingdom-wide but we know that most Filipinos reflected in our own ways. Now, it’s time to celebrate! Christ has risen! We wish everyone a blessed Easter. May all be blessed with peace and happiness. Let’s rejoice this miracle and its graces with our friends and families.

Speaking of celebration, we’re one with the Kablogs community in welcoming their new online magazine! Their maiden issue is in its soft launch and is an ongoing effort among OFW and expat bloggers. We bet it’s a little bit kikay and tainted with pink too. *wink!*

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  1. Pinky Reply

    Happy Easter, PT girls! Too bad we weren't able to meet up when we visited Riyadh last week… Congrats on your newest pink baby!

  2. Happy Easter, PT girls. Great news about the KaBlogs Community. Congrats!

  3. my easter week, no work monday because it is still a holiday, instead of spending myhard earned salary to holidays I stayed at home, blog, bloghop, clean the house, arrange my closets, kasi palit na naman ng winter to springtime wardrobe (akala mo naman kadaming damit, lol)<br /><br />still it is enjoyable to stay home. Home sweet home. Basta I keep visiting…

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