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Somewhere in our blog is a series on Hong Kong (1,2,3) and I realized, it’s supposedly four parts… with the fourth entry languishing in the Drafts folder not knowing when it’ll be published. Well, today’s the day as I noticed that we haven’t had a food post for a long while.

Food is definitely out of the question in every travel. For our Hong Kong trip, isa lang ang binalik-balikan namin na restaurant. We always go to Cafe de Coral, the largest Chinese fast food restaurant group in Hong Kong whose chain caters to over 300,000 people on an average day. Cafe de Coral has over 100 branches in Hong Kong alone! We’re assured of good quality meals in budget prices.

Free macaroni soup (very tasty broth and pasta’s al dente)

Hokkaido Milk Scrambled Egg with Ham

Hokkaido Milk Scrambled Egg with Minute Steak

These sets come with free slices of thick toast and butter (seen here with the sausage and luncheon meat).

But this toast is what I like best: Toast with Condensed Milk

Shanghai Spare Ribs with cold shredded vegetables and marinated egg

Vegetable Rice

Barbecued Combo with Rice

Love the meat cuts (chicken wings, crispy pork, cuttlefish, pink sausages, salted egg).
They’re marinated with sugar, salt, spices, and rose sweet rice wine.

Tofu Dish
This is the our least fave viand.

Chicken in Thick Sauce

Comes with free iced milk tea (or coffee)

Unfortunately, we always missed out on the Hot Pot Gemini, a shabu-shabu style of dish that looks so delicious in their wall photo. We were so looking forward to eating it but alas! Our timing has always been off. Go and visit their website and be enticed with their mouthwatering food. Seriously, this fastfood alone is enough reason to go to Hong Kong (or mainland China)!

We also ventured out on two other restaurants, one that is familiar and one that is hawker. We tried KFC in Hong Kong and found out that they have different offering from the KFC in the Philippines:

Mushroom Rice

Egg Tarts and Chicken

The chicken is smothered with a sweet, tangy sauce… like our version of chicken BBQ. It was delicious! The egg tart is creamy. Every bite is heaven. It’s the only egg tart I truly enjoyed so far (in my 25 years of existence). The original recipe and hot&spicy chicken are also available.

Hawker stalls offering noodles and dimsum abound and we tried one that is near the building we were staying. Can’t rememeber the name because I can’t read it! 🙂 It wasn’t that crowded, when we hauled our tired asses inside the canteen-type eatery, maybe because it was already past 10 in the evening (this is after our Disneyland adventure). The service was fast. I ate this:

Beef Noodles

Shrimp Dimsum

Nothing too great but filling enough to satisfy our stomach. Sipping the broth was perfect for the very cold weather. If I had more opportunity, I should have eaten more kinds of dimsum! Matakaw na kung matakaw! 😛

On our last day in HK, we had ample time to wander in SOHO mall in Causeway Bay before we go back to the hotel to get our luggage and go to the airport on our last day in HK. We ate at this tiny Japanese restaurant (name to be typed later while I try to remember it). The portions are too small and they’re expensive!

Pork tonkatsu (breaded pork chop)

Breaded chicken gizzard

Chicken barbecue

Japanese pork curry

Photos of the dishes were angled so they appear to be bigger than reality. Lol. I didn’t have the time to take a photo of my aunt’s veggie tonkatsu (okoy) because it arrived in our table so late. We planned on eating dinner at the airport but by the time we checked in, almost all restos are closed. Except for Burger King. We wolfed down our burgers immediately, thus no photos of ’em ever existed.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my Hong Kong series. If ever you’re thinking of going outside the Philippines for a much-needed R&R, then Hong Kong is for you. It’s the perfect beginning to an international wanderlust.

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