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If you have questions you’d like the Pink Tarha to answer, formspring us! Please use this link:

We’d be glad to answer your queries on life in Saudi Arabia, or just life in general.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Oops, to those who are in Saudi Arabia that is. 😉

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    O ayan para na ding Saudi itong Blog na ito…Madami nang bawal:-)

  2. To Anonymous, I can&#39;t think of anything else to say THAT WOULD BE WITHIN THE MEASURE OF YOUR INTELLECT but this:<br /><br />Thank you for being one more person who visits our blog. And from the looks of it, a frequent visitor at that. <br /><br />I hope you know what &quot;frequent&quot; means.<br /><br /><br />Sana umulan ulit ng katalinuhan at &quot;modo&quot; sa mundo, and when that

  3. Clarification: by &quot;modo&quot; i meant, ETIQUETTE — which i found hard to translate in tagalog. ergo the quote marks.

  4. Anonymous does it again!!!!<br /><br />A walurker! Walang magawng lurker, that is!<br /><br />About formspring, I dapat maglog-in ako to see your response no? We&#39;ll do so tonight.<br /><br />Nakaboto na ba kayo mga kapatid?!!!

  5. @Nebz: We&#39;ll be posting the questions and our answers on the blog so you don&#39;t have to log in. We&#39;ll just gather 5 questions per post. Thanks!

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