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When I was a new kid in town the city, I was paranoid whenever I go out. I know that I’m pretty much good with directions (even though I was convinced at first that I’ll probably have a hard time memorizing the pasikot-sikot of Riyadh’s streets) but I want to be prepared and I do want to know where I’m going first. I hate being lost in Riyadh because it’s not a good idea to be lost in Riyadh (or anywhere in the Kingdom) because street signs are written in Arabic (although thank God most major thoroughfares now have English translation) and people on the streets are Arabic-speaking. And with all the scary stories I hear from some kabayans, I do not want to trust other people fully.
One thing that helped me ease into the Riyadh life painlessly effortlessly during my first few months is the RIYADH TODAY 2008. It was one of my first purchases in Jarir Bookstore. I found it very helpful and I brought it everyday everywhere. And even though I know most streets now and where most stores are, I still need help from time to time. I was at Jarir last week and I ended up buying RIYADH TODAY 2010 for SR20.

My written guide.

It contains A LOT! It has general information on Saudi Arabia, international calling codes, arriving in Riyadh, and a survival guide for expats (working visas, residential compunds, schools for the kids, etc.). It has hotel and restaurant guides. It even has my favorite shopping guide wherein major shopping streets are highlighted. It’s easier to look for a certain shop. (The PT ladies have no prolem with the malls though; we know where they are even if our eyes are closed, hehe!). Of course there’s a directory of shops and services with addresses and telephone numbers. There’s even a folded map attached at the back.

I love the new size of this guide too. It’s more compact and handy than 2008’s. It’s also more chockful of info with new articles featuring the Janadriyah Festival and other tourist places in the Kingdom. I didn’t buy the 2009 edition because it’s probably more or less the same with 2008. And 2009 has been the discovery year for the me and the Pink Tarha ladies. We didn’t need a guide, we just go where we want to… shop and eat!

I think there’s Jeddah Today. So, if you want some handy guide to the cities of Saudi Arabia, go and grab one now! (I do read like an advertisement, hehe!)


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  1. Hi PT Ladies! First time to drop a comment a here, been following your gorgeous blog. It's true these guides are very helpful, I got one too but it's Jeddah Today. All sort of informations are available, needless to say the malls that mushroom every corner that need to be explored. Good day!

  2. That&#39;s cool! Sa laki ng Riyadh, one would really need a guide so as not to get lost. I still can&#39;t imagine myself driving in the thoroughfares of Riyadh. Mawawala ako! (As if I know how to drive!).<br /><br />I wonder when will they issue Eastern Province Today! Kapag Alkhobar lang kasi, it will only fit in a small guidebook, so para mas ma-maximize ang space, they must also include

  3. USEFUL INFO nga yan, lalo na when some says, SAUDI ARABIA, they think of islamists, and tourists will find ways to go about. Even nga sa manila if we dont know the area, naging eng eng tayo, lol<br /><br />bukas, punta ako dyan. Hehehe!

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  5. @NFB: Thanks for dropping by. Do comment lots! :)<br /><br />@Nebz: We think there&#39;s Eastern Province today but we better check Jarir first. <br /><br />@Francesca: Yes, very useful indeed. We&#39;d gladly welcome you in the hot (and haute) city desert of ours if you come. 🙂

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Hi…Is there anywhere on the net that one can purchase multiple copies of Riyadh TODAY 2010 edition?

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