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We’re not slackers, promise. Forget the fact that entries on the blog are trickling like raindrops on a hot summer day (we couldn’t use Saudi Arabia’s random drizzle anymore as a simile because it has been raining in the city for the past few days!) or that we still haven’t mailed Mr. Desertaquaforce and Nebz the prizes they won from our anniversary draws (so sorry!). They might even have forgotten we’re supposed to send them something. Lol. We do not want to use the term ‘busy’ anymore. It sounds so cliche and we hate hearing it as other people’s reason too. No one should be busy enough so we’re not gonna dish out alibis. We’re just gonna fill this blog with entries. Promise.

Okay, so we have all unveiled. We’ve set aside the pink black tarha (veil) and shown you our faces. Hope you weren’t disappointed, hahaha! We enjoyed making the photo shoots; feel na feel ang pagiging celebrity kahit isang saglit lang (weh, drama?). Sundrenched would like a proper photo shoot too but time is immensely unavailable these days (or we are). Another alibi, hmn… Her premature unveiling will suffice for now. Besides, we’d like to do a photo shoot that involves us four. Complete. So we can change the four cartoon ladies in our header above. They’re just too anorexic to represent us. Hahaha! Anyway, for those who haven’t seen us unveil and those who did but can’t remember what we look like now, here’s a recap: Sundrenched, Maryhadalittlehump, Shoegarfreeruby, and Eyecandy.

Moving on, remember our post on Petal Attraction? Well, that party is over… and we congratulate the birthday girl for throwing such a successful and happy event. It was titled “Slay It With A Flower” (bawal nang kumontra, tapos na eh!). Almost everyone went garbed in their floral ensemble. Yes, even the gays guys! Even PT ladies Sundrenched and Eyecandy managed to finally get a dose of flower power to settle on their outfits. S, though, made a last-minute costume change. Lol.

M and R couldn’t make it due to prior commitments. Also, it was raining hard that night! Imagine, flooded streets in Riyadh. Unbelievable! S’ dad was making a threat that he’ll make the girls push the car once it gets stuck in floodwater. Well, that didn’t happen but what happened was S and the other lady guests ran under the rain in their abaya and heels to make it to the door. What a sight! But it was all worth it. Just one of ’em days of a Pink Tarha lady.

Here’s S and E:

FLOWER GIRLS: On Sundrenched: Beige blazer, white tank top, and head dress H&M Floral skirt ZARA Red high heels F&F (not seen) On Eyecandy: Floral dress DOROTHY PERKINS Hair flower PARFOIS Silver flats DEBENHAMS Red Herring (not seen)

Okay, so that’s not exactly the photo we wanted to show you but we had so much fun in the party we forgot to take a full body shot. Haha! Now that we’ve unveiled, it’s so much easy to post photos now. No more blurs! Unless, you wanted the blurs, then you can request. 😛 Coincidentally, if you go back to the unveiling of M and R, they wore floral outfits there too! Woot!

Have a sweet-smelling day!

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Ang lulusog talaga nila:-) Pramis:-)…

  2. ^We're guessing you're the same person who made this comment in Eyecandy's unveiling. We never hid the fact that we're 'malulusog.' If you are reading this blog even since, we only hid our faces and not our bodies. Your comments are just rubbing in that fact. Everybody can see that. Anyway, thanks for visiting our blog.

  3. Anonymous needs to grow up. Maybe he/she has his/her own weight issues that was never dealt with. Or maybe he/she is just a judgmental conceited douche bag.

  4. I agree with Savvy…100%. Anyway, great job on the outfits! I most especially love EC&#39;s dress and S&#39;s hair accessory. 🙂 Way to go girls! The party rocked big time thanks to you! :)<br /><br />PS: Ms./Mr. Anonymous: Don&#39;t you have anything better to do than get &quot;jealous&quot;?

  5. Pink Tarha Ladies, congratulations on having your very first troll. ^_^ <br /><br />Troll – a person who makes unsavory remarks on a blog entry that you post on your site. ^_^ <br /><br />But who knows, maybe his lack of interest in making a different remark is not based on his hatred for plus-sized goddesses but the exact opposite of it. Maybe in his small-endowed universe there are no goddesses

  6. Anonymous Reply

    oink! oink!<br /><br />Peace:-)

  7. Dear Anonymous;<br /><br />Tatagalugin ko na para maintindihan mo. <br /><br />Kung makapagkomment ka akala mo nakakatuwa ka. Kung wala kang magawa kundi man-troll ng mga blog at manakit ng loob ng mga taong mas may narating kesa sa iyo, *insert suggestions for you to end your miserable existence* <br /><br />Kung akala mo maabsuwelto ka ng pa-cute mong &quot;Peace 🙂 pwes nagkakamali ka. Kung

  8. Cool!<br /><br />For me, your unveiling makes the PT blog more personal and your entries more personalized. Ngayon, I can finally put faces to what I&#39;m reading. And although we haven&#39;t met you gals (perhaps, never will but who knows?), parang I feel like I&#39;m conversing with friends whenever I read your posts and share you my comments. Parang ganun.<br /><br />Thanks and hope to

  9. leelou Reply

    Hi PT Ladies! Just ignore the troll ;)<br /><br />Love the Dorothy Perkins floral dress on E. Love your blog. Keep it up =)

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