The Pink Tarha is featured on The Kablogs Journal! Please visit the May issue of the journal and tell us what you think. There are trivia in there that we haven’t written in our blog. Visit the first issue too.

We’d like to thank Isla de Nebz for writing this article. His questionnaire was rather long and we were racking our brains for answers. We were late in replying, sorry! Hope we answered intelligently (cough, cough). 😛 Kikay-ness and intelligence can go together, y’know! Lol.

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The Editor-in-Chief speaks 7 languages: Filipino, English, Wit, Sarcasm, Truth, Creativity, and The Pink Tarha.

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  1. I really had a laugh at your last group photo on the article. Nakakatuwa ung expression ni Maryhadalittlehump.

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