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Our Formspring is getting lots of questions! Yey! Keep ’em coming! 🙂 Here’s the second batch of Q&A.

1. Hey Tarha ladies, you know a catering service for an event? There’s an upcoming celebration but I’m not good in cooking & I’m tired from work to prepare for such a party. Please give me any contact person that will help me. Thanks.

Are you looking for Filipino dishes for your party? Most Filipino/Thai restaurants offer catering services. You just have to tell them how many guests you’ll be having and they’ll whip up your choice dishes good for your event. La Paz Batchoy Restaurant (01-4779647) in Suleimania offers Filipino viands. Try their kare-kare, adobo ribs, and sisig. Kruathai Filipino/Thai Restaurant (01-4647228), also in Suleimania, makes good pad thai, curries, and spring rolls. Peking Restaurant (01-4765250) has, you guessed it, Chinese cuisine! Villa Restaurant in Umalhamam is a favorite too. Home makers who turned their cooking passion into business can also be contacted for catering. TitaMariyah‘s is good for a large gathering.

2. Just wanna ask where Citymax is? i’m near Euromarche in Thakassusi. Hope you could help, thanks! 🙂

CityMax is like SM. It’s almost everywhere. The nearest branch in your place that we could think of is the one in Thalateen Street. Eyecandy, who’s living near your place, shops in that CityMax branch. There’s a bigger CityMax near Sahara Mall, along King Abdulaziz Road. Farther ones would be in Khurais Road and somewhere along the road to IKEA (Exit 15).

3. Are the Philippine schools there okay? Are the students well-attended to and the education system okay? – Gabby

Good question! Eyecandy, who studied here in Riyadh (and who has a brother studying high school here now) is preparing an entry about Filipino schools in Riyadh. Please stay tuned.

4. Among all the Filipino schools in Riyadh, which can you recommend? Which has good feedback from the parents?

We can’t say for sure which is the best but we know personal friends whose children are studying in the Second Philippine International School (SPIS) and Palm Crest International School (PCIS). Eyecandy studied in the International Philippine School in Riyadh (IPSR) and Elite International School. Stay tuned for E’s entry on this.

5. Are there companies [in Saudi Arabia] that accept female graphic designers? Thanks so much for the answers. God bless.

We don’t know of any companies here in Saudi Arabia that hire female graphic designers through employment agencies in the Philippines. But if you’re already here (through a dependent visa), you might get a freelance job. You can also be hired locally but graphic design works for women are really rare.

6. Kung mahilig ako sa night clubs, can you recommend Saudi Arabia as a place where I can work?


7. What is the worst thing about living in Saudi Arabia?

Getting homesick and for us girls, not having the freedom we’re used to in the Philippines. Feel free to browse around the blog so you know what we’re totally missing (example: commuting in jeepneys and LRT).

6. I was going to write a little parody note like “Omigod, I’m like soooo amazed at you guys, you’re like totally sick” but then I thought you might take it wrong. I will say “f’reals” that writing in this blog is topnotch – fun, witty, breezy. The writing is simply excellent and your design is awesome. Regards from Veeds of Arabia.

Why, thank you! Yes, we’re really totally sick (in the head) sometimes. Hahaha. Thank you for the good words and please do visit our blog again.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask! The Pink Tarha ladies will do our best to find the answers for you.


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  1. Where do you get these ideas?!!! So cool.

  2. Try Millennium International School (MIS) and Al-Dana International School, and basically on my opinion (As long as the school is accredited) the lowest profiled schools are the best place to set the children. <br /><br />In terms of Female graphics designers, you could start at Hospitals and advertisement companies (where most of their offices are based in Faisaliah tower and Kingdom tower like

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