The Big 3-OH!

One of the Pink Tarha ladies is finally graduating from her twenties today!
We kick off the New Year with a banging birthday greeting to our resident, superduperultramega SHOE FANATIC and timid yet eccentric, all-around fashionista, Shoegarfreeruby!
And not only that, she’s the first one to step in the shoes (so to speak) of the dreaded 30’s. But leave it to a positive Pink Tarha lady to look on the bright side of things. She is welcoming the next 10, 20, and even 40 years ahead with open arms and more fuel than ever by saying on her FB status to “..Bring it on!

R with her smart companion, Betchay.
Out and about in one of her travels this year to Dubai. Now who would say she’s a day over 30!?

We’re throwing this one in for S, who we miss dearly! (You missed the foodfest!)
To our “ate” (haha), HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And thank you for the wisdom and beauty that you share with us and the whole sisterhood of The Pink Tarha.
We LOVE you!
Enjoy the 3-OH! 😉

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