Hey, Feb!

First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s almost Valentine’s and we’re still greeting you a happy new year. Wow, we are sooo late. But better late than never right? And it’s still early 2011. (Excuses, lol!)

Second, we are embarrassed to have forgotten our blog’s second anniversary. So er, HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY, The Pink Tarha!

Shoegarfreeruby noticed it late in the afternoon of the 24th. We shrieked in horror and didn’t have time to make an entry so we just greeted ourselves in Facebook. We promise not to do that again on our third anniv. Speaking of which, there will be no third anniv if we don’t churn out more blog entries pronto. We’re hoping to stir things around our online home so please watch out for that. Be patient a little bit as we’re trying to put our heads together to brainstorm and create chaos. Lol. Our minds were frozen by the winter season and it’s just thawing now that summer is arriving (rather early!). The Pink Tarha ladies, all four of us… complete (yes, this should be emphasized), will come together for a huge TPT session (the first time in many months since the girls got busy with some other stuff) next week.

We’re thinking of changing some things here and there. The blog’s design, though very nice, is getting a bit outdated since you know how we look like by now. The content, which we hope you still find interesting and informative, should be beefed up more. (We are open for suggestions. What do you want to read in The Pink Tarha?) And the blog elements, which we’re not so adept with, are getting boring. So a make-over is bound to happen soon.

We definitely have a lot of ideas. All we need is to put them into action! Woot! For now, we’re still here, folks! You can still ask us questions and we’ll answer as fast as we can. Relax and we’ll surprise you one of these days. In the meantime, head on over to our Facebook page and get the latest steals and scoops about Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This weekend is the end of the sale season so hurry! Leave some for us though.

See you later!


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