Sneak Peek at “Lusin”

Tonight, I had the special treat of peeking in a budding new restaurant in town due to open on February 14 (soft opening) called “Lusin”.
Most of our readers already know my affection with the Noodle House in Centria Mall…it just so happens that this new restaurant is a brainchild of the same company but this will cater to a more Middle Eastern/European flair serving Armenian food. Now, I am not sure what Armenian food is, but I’ve been informed that it is similar to Arabic food in a way. I guess I have to wait until the opening to find out and tell you all about it. Otherwise, this is what Wikipedia said about Armenian cuisine.
Meanwhile, here are some photos I was able to take as the crew was kind enough to show me the inside of the restaurant:

The sign on the door reads “Lusin” brightly, and the rest of the exterior of the entrance shows two gate-like doors on both sides and in the middle is a glass wall which allows passers-by to view the big, clay oven situated inside as the cooks go about their business. You’d have to imagine it for now as it escaped my mind to photograph the whole entrance.

The inside: The interior palette is made up of rich browns, beige, dark purple (it may be maroon, but the lighting must have me confused) and dim-lit lamps, almost looking like an arabian sunset. Further on the back is an outdoor section, overlooking the Olaya area. It’s still in need of finishing touches.

The table setting. The brass lamps may very well allow diners to have a good look of their food before enjoying it. I hope to have a seat in one of these tables very soon!
So there you have it, in case you want to try out something new come February 14th, Lusin will surely welcome you.

Armenian Food

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    Very nice restaurant! i read about it in a MySaudiGuides too 😀 u might wanna add ur review there too 😉 <br />

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