The Top 5 Malls in Riyadh

We’re introducing a new section in the blog where we list five favorite any thing. Just the Pink Tarha ladies’ choices orayt? Feel free to add yours in the comment boxes. πŸ™‚

For the first entry in this section, we write about something dear to our hearts (lol). Since we’re still high from shopping, why not write an entry that involves our favorite past time?One of Riyadh’s allure to women is its being a major shopping destination, especially during the sale season. The mall is the main destination of women who are seeking respite and therapy from all the day’s work (or non-work). The mall is the oasis, the first refreshing frontier in the ongoing life of Filipinas in Saudi Arabia. It’s wide, air-conditioned, and the displays are endless and dazzling! Filipino men can settle for Batha but we women can hold our fort in Riyadh’s huge malls. The Pink Tarha lists down our five go-to malls in the city with their matching pros and cons.

1. Riyadh Gallery
This mall located at the end of the King Fahad Road tops our list. It might be far to a few but we say it’s location is just right. Not too near and not too far. The distance is compensated by the King Fahd Road, which is a relatively wide highway with little traffic. But the most important reason is that it’s a one-stop complete mall. It houses three of our favorite department stores – three! – Debenhams, Centrepoint, and Citymax. It also has a famous one-stop beauty shop, Sephora. Eyecandy says it also resembles a Manila mall the most (say Trinoma) because of its wide space and nature (albeit faux) landscape in the center. The coffee shops are rightfully (and tastefully) placed in the nooks of this mall garden. The lack of in-house branches of popular restaurants is compensated with a brightly-lit, colorful food court with interesting eating stalls that we like. E likes Indian Garden in the food court which serves a mean Chicken 65 while Mary likes the no-fuss pasta at Pastalita. Overall, Riyadh Gallery is the Pink Tarha’s main retreat.

Shop with nature in Riyadh Gallery (photo from here)
Relaxing ambiance (nature landscape in the middle)

Department stores (Centrepoint, Citymax, Debenhams, Sephora)

Popular brands (New Look, Zara, H&M, New Yorker)
Specialty stores (Konad for nail art and Stokes for funky kitchen tools)
Hyper Panda

Huge parking lot

London cab

Huge amusement center

Far location (at the end of King Fahd Road)

Death-defying high escalators

No in-house restaurants

2. Granada Center
Surprisingly, even if Granada Center is far from the city center, we are placing it in second because of a somewhat unique reason. Granada Center is probably the most men-friendly mall because most of the brands here carry their line for men. Like Topshop and H&M. So it’s a pro for our fathers, husbands, and brothers. Pro for us too because they become more willing to drive us around. We also consider its distance a breather from the grinding, busy city life. It also proves to be an advantage because we still find our sizes here, especially during the sale season. Granada Center is like a walk in the park. It’s spacious but not too huge to enjoy a stroll. It also has the must-go-to stores in our list like H&M, River Island, and Debenhams. Also, we don’t encounter the muttawas here as much compared to other malls (not that we’re hiding from them).

Far but worth it (photo from here)
Department store (Debenhams)

Popular brands (Topshop, H&M, New Look,)
Brands for men (Topshop, H&M)
In-house restaurants (Steakhouse and a Turkish grill)
Entertainment center
Huge parking lot
London cab

For women only food court area


Limited variety of stores

Limited eating stalls in the food court

3. Sahara Mall and Hayat Mall
We decided to combine these two together because once you’re in one, you can’t help but go “ober da bakod” to visit the other. And you can also go to Sahara Plaza, the home of Zara and La Senza’s liquidation stores. If not for the ongoing construction on the roads surrounding these malls, we could have placed it in the number 1 spot. But times and places have changed. The traffic in this area is a killer and you’ll waste precious minutes in the surrounding intersections, U-turns, and detours. Also, it was a breeze before to cross the road to go from one mall to the other but now that a fence has been installed in between, the walk outside is a strain (unless you enjoy walking like we do… sometimes). Overall though, Sahara and Hayat offer a huge variety of brands and stores combined. What you can’t find in one mall, you can find in the other. You can buy everything here from your clothes, groceries, books, cellphones, and appliances. It’s a one-stop gigantic shop… which you can reach after having a headache from the road hassles.

Shoppers’ [twin] delight (photos from here and here)
Location (near the city center)
Popular brands (Hayat: New Look, Zara, Lacoste, Al-Sawani, Paris Gallery | Sahara: MNG, H&M, Miss Selfridge)
Lots of food court choices
In-house restaurants (Hayat: Tony Roma’s and Applebee’s | Sahara: Fuddruckers, Cafe Ceramique)
Supermarkets (Hayat: Dabube Hypermarket | Sahara: Tamimi Market)
Sahara Plaza

Jarir Bookstore and Best Electronic Store

Entertainment centers Cons
Major traffic in the area
Long detour in between malls
Always full parking lots
No London Cab

4. Kingdom Mall
Though we love this mall for the unique brands it carry, we find the stores very limited. What we love though is the ladies floor where we can step out of our abayas (which curiously, we keep) and relax with other women who love shopping and having coffee. We are also catered by women who know our wants and needs and whom we share the same interests. What goes on in the ladies’ floor is our own dirty little secret. Lol. However, the prices are somewhat too high. Salon services cost twice or triple than salons outside. Kingdom Mall has an upper-class clientele and this mall gives off that ambiance. The food court, though, feels otherwise. The available eating joints are scarce and not as varied as other malls. One major point when being in Kingdom Mall is the opportunity to go upstairs and visit the Skybridge where a glass wall is the only thing that separates you from a panoramic view of Riyadh.

Go luxe! (photo from here)


Location (city center)
Luxury brands (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany and Co., Saks Fifth Avenue)
Luxury hotel (Four Seasons) and restaurants (Spazio, Quattro, The Grill)
Ladies’ floor
Spacious, wide, brightly-lit areas
London Cab

Limited variety of brands and stores
Only 1 in-house resto (Planet Hollywood)
Attacks on women outside the mall were ‘reported.’

5. Faisaliah Mall
We love Faisaliah Mall but it doesn’t offer as much as the other malls. It is the nearest mall to our work and home but we only find ourselves drawn by the food court which has our favorite food (Subway, London Chips, and Samurai). We also love their selection of desserts (Cheesecake Factory, Baskin n’ Robbins, a cookie stall, etc.) Their food court and Water Lemon have a nice view of the Olaya Road. It has a nice array of familiar brands like MNG, Zara, and Promod and has the only branch of Juicy Couture in Riyadh. It is also the home of upscale department store, Harvey Nichols. When done shopping, going to the view deck in Faisaliah’s globe is a must. For SR25, you get a nice 360 degree view of the city and limitless number of photos using your camera (Kingdom’s Skybridge prohibits the use of mainstream cameras; only mobile phone’s).

Shop and dine with a view at Faisaliah Mall (photo from here)
Popular brands (MNG, Zara, Promod, MAC)
High-class brands (Juicy Couture, Coach, Roberto Cavalli)
Department store (Harvey Nichols, Al-Sawani)
Good variety of food court choices
View deck
Ample parking space in the basementCons
Busy intersection of Olaya and Thalateen Sts.

Filled parking lots outside
No London Cab

There are still a lot of malls in Riyadh and we cannot count the possibilities of fab finds and experience. These five, however, are our go-to malls but we also visit Panorama Mall (for their amusement center… lol!), Al-Akaria Mall, Al-Nemer Center, Othaim Mall, Khurais Plaza, etc. but not as frequent. If you have raves and rants on the malls in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, do let us know in the comment box.

Happy shopping in Riyadh!

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  1. You didn't point Aziz Moll, that is bigger one too

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I agree with your rankings…I love Riyadh Gallery! They have all the brands that I like and very family oriented. Good thing it's near our home sweet home. But you should visit the Kingdom mall again…it's where I work…I guess they heard you guys! They're expanding their food court and now has a play area for kids. I wish there will be Jarir in their future plans! πŸ™‚ – BaDJ

  3. I find Panorama Mall much better that Riyadh Gallery. It's much more spacious and although Riyadh Gallery has more stores, Panorama Mall is more organized and because of it's spacious demeanor, you wouldn't feel it if it were crowded with people unlike Riyadh Gallery. Don't get me wrong, I love Riyadh Gallery and it IS improving but I just don't like having to get out of

  4. Hi Mimi! Thanks for the comment. <br /><br />Panorama Mall is okay because it is spacious but we don&#39;t find our favorite brands/stores there. We like that there&#39;s Zara, Desigual, and other popular brands but there&#39;s no New Look, H&amp;M, Parfois, and some other brands that we frequent. πŸ™‚ Also, their food court lacks the food stalls that we like ordering from. πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous Reply

    how about batha? with its cheapest &quot;I Love Riyadh&quot; tee shirts and adobong mani stuffs, i would rank it number one.

  6. We wouldn&#39;t really consider &quot;Batha&quot; as a mall.

  7. Anonymous Reply


  8. Anonymous Reply

    Hi! What are the schedules of these malls allowing bachelors to enter or at least eat in their food courts?

  9. Just want to know the kitchen appliances store or mall in Riyadh

  10. Anonymous Reply

    sis san may victoria secret dto?

  11. @Anonymous: Regarding schedules of bachelor day in malls, it depends per shopping center. And some malls are actually for families only. However, we are clueless on this, sorry! We&#39;ll ask when we go to a specific mall and update this as soon as we can. Thanks for reading!<br /><br />@Sandeep: Sorry for the late reply. SACO, EXTRA, and IKEA are the appliance stores on top of our heads. Hope

  12. Anonymous Reply

    hello po!.meron na po bang forever21 stores in anywhere of these malls?thank you!

  13. Hi, there&#39;s no Forever 21 here in Riyadh. There&#39;s a lone branch in Al-Rashed Mall in Al-Khobar and a few in Jeddah though. We&#39;ve been wishing for Forever 21 to come to Riyadh since forever. Haha. Thanks for reading the Pink Tarha! πŸ™‚

  14. Fabulous blog! Positive, uplifting and INFORMATIVE. Love it. In less than 3 weeks I&#39;ll be arriving in Riyadh – this is coming in VERY handy as I plan my relocation. Thanks, ladies. Keep up the GREAT work!

  15. Thank you very much, Tahira! Good luck on your move to Riyadh and we hope you have a great stay in this desert city. Let us know your experiences, okay? πŸ™‚

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Where we can find single and double bed mattresses in any of these malls?

  17. Hi! You won&#39;t really find many home stores inside the malls here in Riyadh. We suggest you go to Oruba Street where a lot of mattress stores are. There&#39;s Tempur, King Bed, American Mattress, etc. If you&#39;re coming from Olaya St with the Kingdom Mall at your left, just turn right to Oruba and you&#39;ll find those stores lined up. πŸ™‚

  18. I think it&#39;s interesting to see some Filipinos who love Saudi Arabia πŸ™‚

  19. where can we find kitchen appliances store (like russel hobbs or morphy richards kettle)

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Hai do u know the stores under al sawani group.. Pls reply

  21. @am: You can try Centrepoint&#39;s Home Centre or eXtra or SACO. :)<br /><br />@Anonymous^: You can find the brands under Al-Sawani Group on this link:<br />There&#39;s Benettton, Levi&#39;s, MaxMara, Triumph, G2000, Guess, XOXO, etc.

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Can I find Stradivarius In panorama mall?

  23. @Anonymous: As far as we know, there&#39;s no Stradivarius in Panorama. Branches can be found in Faisaliah Mall, Hayat Mall, and Granada Center. πŸ™‚

  24. Rmk Reply

    We just moved to Riyadh from UK two weeks ago.its surely studded with malls and fast food chains round every corner…I&#39;ve been to Riyadh gallery and Granada mall from ur list of malls…they sure have huge variety which makes me confused,coz if I enter the brands like M&amp;S or next(stores I shopped from in the UK)the prices are double…there are prices in pounds clearly tagged on the

  25. Hi Rmk, welcome to Riyadh! <br /><br />That is the tricky thing in shopping here in Riyadh. The prices of international brands are higher than in other countries. That&#39;s why we wait for the sale seasons, which comes 4-5 times a year (usually after seasons, before they change their collections) so we don&#39;t have to pay that much. We only buy items in its original price if we really, really

  26. Hi Jokpi, for some reason, your comment was lost in the system. It didn&#39;t publish as we probably clicked on the wrong link. However, we read your comments. Thank you for the nice words. <br /><br />Regarding your questions, the sale season is already over so it might be difficult to find on sale stuff in the known malls. H&amp;M, New Look, and rhe department stores, Centrepoint, Citymax, and

  27. jokpi Reply

    Thank you very much Pink Tarja…. ^^,

  28. Anonymous Reply

    where can i find Aeropostle apparels here in Riyadh????thanks

  29. Anonymous Reply

    Sandra from Republic of South Africa.<br />I just love Riyadh Malls,big or small<br />all of them,are just worth my while.

  30. garmuls Reply

    do you have skateboard shop there in riyadh saudi arabia…? please tell meh info about it..

  31. Anonymous Reply

    ma&#39;am, paki update po kami ng mga shop or mall n my big sale lalo n s mga clothing line at shoes, gap, american eagle, lacoste, replays, banana republic, clarks, levis,RL. etc. etc.<br />NOTE : my A&amp;F po bang brand dito sa riyadh?san pong shop/mall makikita?

  32. Atiq Reply

    hey…love this blog. <br /><br />keep up the great work

  33. Anonymous Reply

    Any person work in shop or office .eletrical.paint.tails.brofile in out site.connect this number in riyadh daudia.00966561623608

  34. and wht abt Haram Mall? u shld point Haram mall also, it is also one of bigger mall of Riyadh

  35. Hello Liaquat! We do not frequent Haram Mall that&#39;s why it&#39;s not in our list. We don&#39;t know what to tell about it. We&#39;ll probably include it in our second entry about malls in Riyadh soon. Thanks!

  36. Anonymous Reply

    Hello! Can I know Hayat mall timing and where can I find converse shoes which mall in Riyadh has it? Thank you

  37. Hello Anonymous 10:34: Hayat Mall is open from 9:00am to 11:00pm in most days. Converse shoes can be found in most shoe stores but what we&#39;re sure is this shop called SODAS. It has branches in Panorama Mall, in Batha, and in Olaya Street.

  38. Anonymous Reply

    hi i just wonder do u have any idea kung kaylan magsale ang jarir during this dec or jan. bago mga school break?thank u πŸ™‚

  39. for converse shoes there are lots in shoe arena and its on sale right now πŸ™‚

  40. Anonymous Reply

    is there any skateboards shop in riyadh? pleaes answer

  41. Hello Anonymous 12:52pm: We&#39;re not into skateboards so we wouldn&#39;t know any shop that sells them. We will be on the lookput though and we&#39;ll get back to you. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! πŸ™‚

  42. Anonymous Reply

    helo..wch is the bst mall fr jus roaming nd havng fun…pls reply

  43. Anonymous Reply

    pls say wer in riyadh is thr bst place to roam amout….ny g. malls othr thn kingdom nd fsisalyah?

  44. Anonymous Reply

    Hi.. Where to find branches of next (men clothes) in riyadh.. Pls if possible the nearest one to intercontinental hotel.. Thanks

  45. My pleasure to discovered your post and see this The Top 5 Malls in Riyadh. I really had a great time and by reading your post and seeing the images youve shared, it seems that I had take a tour and <a href="; title="shopping in the philippines" rel="nofollow">experienced shopping</a> in that shopping mall, they are all wonderful especially that Faisaliah Mall. How

  46. Anonymous Reply

    You said the Hyatt mall has a Zara liquidation store there, is this true?<br /><br />They have Zara merchandise that is on sale?

  47. @Anonymous: Not in Hayat Mall. The liquidation store was in Sahara Plaza, a smaller mall beside Sahara Mall, but it&#39;s been a long time since we visited Sahara Plaza. It might not be there anymore.

  48. Anonymous Reply

    where can i find cheap makeup? other than places like batha or dira?

  49. There are brands called &quot;drugstore brands&quot; like Maybelline, Rimmel, Max Factor, Nyx, etc. which are available in the beauty counters of Citymax, Centrepoint and known hypermarkets like Panda. They&#39;re not exactly cheap but are affordable in terms of their quality.

  50. Anonymous Reply

    can you tell me if max factor is in panorama mall?<br />Thanks!

  51. Great post πŸ™‚ appreciate your hard work girls. Hope you have a great time touring around πŸ™‚ – Saudi girl

  52. @Anonymous 4:50PM: You can try Faces or Whites in Panorama Mall. Otherwise, Max Factor is available in the beauty sections of hypermarkets (ie. Panda) and department stores (ie. Centrepoint, Citymax, etc.)<br /><br />@Ruba: Thank you! We appreciate your comment a lot. πŸ™‚

  53. Anonymous Reply

    hi there. is there an ideal mall around riyadh where i (male) can leisurely roam around without worrying of entering a &quot;only for family&quot; floor? also where i can feast my eyes on leading men&#39;s brands? thanks a lot!! – Alex M

  54. Anonymous Reply

    hello. may i ask when is the sale season in ksa malls begin? how often does it happen in a year? many thanks.

  55. @Alex: You don&#39;t have to worry about most malls because they should be open for men following a decree in 2011 about abolishing the bachelor or family days only in malls in the Kingdom. Most malls are open for bachelors now. Except of course the ladies&#39; floor of Kingdom Centre. However, we have to admit that most malls in Riyadh are &quot;female-friendly&quot; because most brands are for

  56. @Anonymous 5:05AM: The huge sale seasons are mostly during the new year and before eid. You might want to read our tips and info here:

  57. Anonymous Reply

    hi, where can i find tory burch here in riyadh? tnx much ;D

  58. @Anonymous 3:00PM: Haven&#39;t found them in Riyadh yet, sorry.

  59. Anonymous Reply

    Your ranking is quite interesting, but <br />I suppose that is true to women. <br /><br />I went to Hayat and Sahara Malls and was very aghast of not being able to find stores that cater to men. Most (if not all) stores sell clothing for women and children, with the exception of Jarir and other grocery stores. I couldn&#39;t even find directories or concierge.<br /><br />I know it was more costly

  60. Hello Anonymous 7:44AM, thank you for reading The Pink Tarha and for your comments. πŸ™‚ We wrote this entry for women. Haha. Because most malls in Riyadh are made for women. Men would rarely find shops in big malls that cater to them, apart from the sports stores that men will be interested in. Try going to Localizer Mall too. It&#39;s known as the &quot;men&#39;s mall&quot; in Riyadh but there

  61. Anonymous Reply

    how bout urban decay?none in RG and Panorama sephora outlet

  62. Anonymous 3:10PM: We haven&#39;t seen Urban Decay in Sephora here in Riyadh. If you&#39;re really interested in buying Urban Decay, you can check out Limited Editions in Riyadh. They&#39;re online and delivers to your doorstep.

  63. Anonymous Reply

    Please I need advice. I am male.Where I could make some shopping for men. I would like to purchase men suits for about 500 SAR, men watches about 1000 SAR and shoes about 200 SAR. I will have only 2 very busy days in Riyadh. I can not check mall by mall. And I think in malls men suits are very expensive.Thanks. Ahmad.

  64. Anonymous 4:43AM: We don&#39;t know much about shopping for men but if you have two malls to check out, it would be Kingdom Mall and Localizer Mall because they have brands for men, including watch counters and stores.

  65. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, Great Blog πŸ™‚ I wanted to buy some wedding gowns at reasonable price, please could you recommend some places that may have some. Thanks, Sara

  66. Anonymous Reply

    Where is micheal kors?

  67. @Anonymous 1:53AM: There&#39;s one in Panorama Mall.

  68. Anonymous Reply

    hey i wna knw is dr la senza in panorama mall?pls reply asap..thanks alot

  69. Anonymous Reply

    Hi is there BHS store in Riyadh … If yes then where…???

  70. can anyone confirm the opening hours of Riyadh Gallery? i think it&#39;s open all day on Thursday but i&#39;m not sure.

  71. Anonymous Reply

    Hi. Stokes is near where in riyadh gallery?

  72. It was near Inglot and Freshberry before, first floor (if you cound the ground floor). We&#39;re not sure though if it&#39;s still there.

  73. hi Pink Tarha ,how are you?U seem to know a lot about arRiyadh,I came 3 months ago!I still don&#39;t know where to find like very unique typical american and european brands?Thank you in advance for your answer! I would love to know more about Riyadh in general!If you have skype plz add me,mine is: c a l i e n t e _ 8 6<br />thanks so much for the useful information!

  74. Anonymous Reply

    Hi there, where is the good place to buy jewelries for ladies?

  75. Anonymous Reply

    is there anyone can tell where can I find mel plum shoe boutique?

  76. Anonymous Reply

    @unknown – urbsn outfitters, h&amp;m , zara, sgt pepper, Gap, 9west, Nike MAC, Inglot ,etc…! Alot of american-europian brands in various designs are available in Riyadh Gallery. <br /><br />@anonymous -Gold jewelries available in Batha and in Suweqa Rd.

  77. farah Reply

    thanks it sorta helped πŸ™‚

  78. Anonymous Reply

    hi! whats the meaning of pink tarha? forgive me if i missed it somewhere in ur intro! keep up the goood work! got a lot of help from u and ur readers as they asked all the qs important for me! will definetly keep visiting!

  79. Hi Ladies. Awesome reviews, thanks very much you helped me enjoy an afternoon at Kingdom, which I didn&#39;t even know had a mall.<br />One comment from someone with a missing shopping gene, I live close to Granada, and visit the mall/Carrefour at least once a week. It food court is great, but I don&#39;t agree with your thoughts that there are more man stores. There&#39;s a couple of things

  80. PS. Cameras are allowed on the Kingdom sky bridge until1 hour before sunset, After that they have their own official photographer (Whatever that means!)

  81. @Ratdog: Hello there! Thank you for reading The Pink Tarha. Localizer Mall in Tahlia Street is known as the guy&#39;s mall here in Riyadh. Also, there are more men brands along Tahlia Street. πŸ˜› In the ladies&#39; floor, women are allowed to remove their abayas. :)<br /><br />The middle of the Skybridge is always for the Kingdom&#39;s official camera only. :P<br /><br />Thank you for your

  82. Geek101 Reply

    Hi, Great info blog…<br />What mall in Riyadh I can locate the vans stores and converse stores?…<br />Thanks. ;D

  83. @Geek101: Converse and Vans are usually found in a store called SODAS. There are branches in Batha and Olaya Street. However, you can visit Panorama Mall too. SODAS has a branch inside, near the Danube Hypermarket and Abdelwahab Electronics Store.

  84. Anonymous Reply

    Hi all! There&#39;s a mallwide SALE going on this month of January @all your favorite malls in Riyadh! So hurry! Do your early shopping and get the best deals these stores have to offer. Happy shopping, eve&#39;ryone!

  85. Anonymous Reply

    Some please provide me the info bout the branches of victoria secret (beauty and fragrance) and kindly provide any contact details if any <br />Urgent

  86. Anonymous Reply

    Hi there,<br />am new to SA, am bout to get married back in my home country, I looking for my wedding suit, suggest me where can I find one.<br />regards

  87. Anonymous Reply

    san po kaya may forever 21,aeropostale,a&amp;f and hollister sa riyadh?<br />

  88. Anonymous Reply

    hi there,<br />I just want to ask where can i find forever 21,aeropostale,hollister and a&amp;f.<br />please reply thanks

  89. Anonymous Reply

    Where can I find bhs in riyadh

  90. Anonymous Reply

    hey plz i wna knw is d tesla showroom in d mall? pls reply asap..tnks

  91. roshan Reply

    hi is there Aeropostale store in riyadh gallery…?

  92. Hooryia Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha. Thanks for your wonderful blog. Can you direct me to a mall where I am more likely to beautiful/stylish/well stitched work weak long skirts?
    Also from your experience please please suggest a good salon for hairstyle for a special event and a good photography studio for self and family portraits.

  93. Nadine Reply

    Hey Pink Tarha. I was wondering if you know where do they sell NYX makeup here in Riyadh? I really cant seem to find it here but I’ve noticed you suggested it to one of the commenters. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Nadine, you can find Nyx cosmetics in the beauty section of Centrepoint. Try the Centrepoint in Riyadh Gallery and beside Euromarche.

  94. zen Reply

    I find al qasar mall as one of top five mall in riyadh. Very clean and well-organzed mall, and not too crowded yet big one. I experience strict implementation of females and families only in panorama and danube, that’s why i won’t recommend these malls.

  95. mhe mhidz Reply

    Hi…where can we find bridal gowns which are cheap in price but in class/ is elegant?

  96. Mira Reply

    Hi Pink tarha πŸ™‚ may branch po ba dito ng Hollister? πŸ™‚

  97. asif Reply

    where I can find puma n nike sports shoes collection???

    • Janelle Reply

      You can visit Athlete’s Co., Sun and Sand Sports, or El-Faleh for sports goods. They’re all along Olaya Street.

  98. Ferdous Reply

    with your directives,I’ve gone to check sahara plaza for la senza liquidition.I’ve roam around the stalls and didnt find it.Any specific stall where it could exactly be.Meron lang doon is Marks and spencer lingerie.Any other top brands liquidition shop like lacoste,armani,coach,fred perry and Ralph lauren.please do let me know,I’m new to riyadh.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Janelle Reply

      It’s possible that it’s no longer there since we’ve written that piece a few years back. As for other liquidation stores, you can check out Alakaria Mall along Mousa Bin Nusair Street in Olaya. Not sure if the brands you mentioned are there though.

  99. Siddique Reply

    Hi janelle , Nice blog . And it’s very sweet of you , helping all of the readers above . Well I have been looking for couture dresses for children and toddlers in few malls , but i did not find many . Do you know any stores where I can get them at reasonable price.
    Thanks in advance ,

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Siddique, my pleasure to help as long as I can. πŸ™‚ As for kids’ couture clothes, you can try the second floor of Hayat Mall. There are a lot of stores there for kids. I’m sorry I can’t be of further help because I have no children yet so I don’t usually go to places for them. πŸ˜›

  100. Michael Arizo Reply

    Aside from LULU murabba, Al Hayyat Mall and Sahara Centre where can i find jewellry and diamond stores with cheaper price? Godbless..

  101. Jongraffy Reply

    This is good for my wife. What can you say about Centria Mall?

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello! Centria Mall carries the high-end brands like Gucci, Fendi, Oscar dela Renta, Cartier, etc. so if you’re on a budget like most expats in Riyadh, it’s not a mall you’ll frequent. However, it houses pretty good restaurants like Laduree, Yokari, Lusin, Noodle House and Lenotre.

      • Jongraffy Reply

        Thanks Janelle! We’ve been to the 3 malls that you’ve suggested. We plan to complete the list before my wife goes back to Phl. Lenotre at Centria Mall is good. πŸ™‚

  102. Guia Reply

    Hi! Do you have a list of malls who have an ongoing sale now? Thanks!

    • Reina Reply

      Hi Guia, the Sale Season was over about two weeks ago, before Ramadan started. It died down last week with the Last Chance promos in some stores. Right now, there are no major sales going on. xo, R

  103. Nady Reply

    Hey plz, tell me about the sephora outlets in riyadh?? All outlets of sephora.

  104. 1 Reply

    where could i possibly shop for vans shoes aside from batha?

  105. Khen Reply

    Is ther any skate shoes in those malls? Like d.c shoes?

    • Janelle Reply

      I haven’t seen skate shoes in the mall but maybe because I wasn’t looking for them. Not sure if they’re available in Riyadh. Sorry.

  106. Jhanrey reyes Reply

    Hi po,ask ko lng po kung may aeropostale at gap na store here in riyadh.. Thank you

    • Janelle Reply

      Aeropostle is in Olaya Street, beside Paris Gallery and opposite Luisa Spignoli in the new Alakaria building. GAP stores are almost in all the malls in Riyadh like Riyadh Gallery, Hayat Mall, Faisaliah Mall, etc.

  107. Jhanrey reyes Reply

    Thanks po ma’am janelle,more power!

  108. James Anthony Degolado Reply

    Hello maam, gudeve po ask lang po saan po natin mkkita ang store ng banana republic dito sa riyadh?tnx..

  109. Jhoan Reply

    Good a.m maam maitanong ko lang po maam kng single po ba hndi po ba bawal punpunta or mmasyal sa mga mall dto sa riyadh like RIYADH GALLERY at PANORAMA MALL ?? Slamat po

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello, do you mean for single guys (aka bachelors)? There are are some malls that won’t allow them to enter especially if it’s family day (mostly weekends). Otherwise, they can enter most malls on weekdays.

  110. Jhoan Reply

    Marami pong salamat maam sa info

  111. Jhoan Reply

    Maam maitanong ko lang po kng saan tyo mkabili ng moscot letmosh eyewear dto sa riyadh.??salamat po maam merry xmas

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