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Probably, there are only a handful of people on earth who’ll consider themselves as “morning persons.” No, I’m not one of them. Almost everyone though is forced to become a morning person for either work or school. I love mornings only for breakfasts and brunches. Or okay, for the early rays of sunshine in my room and the silence of Riyadh on a Thursday and Friday morning too.
The other Pink Tarha ladies are fond of long breakfasts but I’m sure they don’t want waking up early on a weekend. Who does?! But there’s one thing we like better to ignore the inconvenience of waking up early… a new experience. Remember when we said one of the mantras of The Pink Tarha is “do something new every day“? Well, we want to experience having brunch on a Thursday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Well, I want to. I just had to drag Eyecandy and our friend J to come with me. 🙂 It’s easy to look for a brunch place in Manila but in Riyadh, it’s a little bit difficult. But nothing the Pink Tarha ladies can’t handle. With a little click in my search button, I found the perfect brunch place… BUFFALO’s!
Yes, yes, Buffalo’s Southwest Cafe and Restaurant is not at all unfamiliar. It’s like Steaky or Steakhouse or Outback or TGIF. Just a little bit dimmer and warm on the lighting but pretty much the same in overall appearance and substance. So anyway, I found out through My Saudi Guides (Riyadh) Yummy Yummy (a very wonderful resource site, if only they can better their website’s aesthetics) that Buffalo’s is now serving breakfast from 6am to 11am during Saturday to Thursday. I, being the ambassadress of brunches, forced invited the ladies to have brunch with me. Of course, I heard groans when I mentioned a 9am meet-up on a Thursday but the lure of food and coffee is undeniably appealing. So, we woke up early on a Thursday to have brunch at Buffalo’s.

We thought we’re the only ones who thinks this is such a nice idea. Apparently, a few Arabs enjoy it too. The place is not that packed but they’re welcoming a few early risers like us. Speaking of welcome, the welcoming committee for Buffalo’s is a waiter who opens the door for you and this large buffalo head hanging in the wall. Ack!

Why hello there, Mr. Buffalo! Please don’t swallow us whole.

We had the gall to pose below it (silently praying and hoping the buffalo head won’t fall in our heads!) and admire the semi-open kitchen across. As usual, every thing in the restaurantsspells West – cowboys, herds, wood, etc. We rode a narrow elevator to the second floor. Yes, we had to take the elevator. Lol. But there’s always the stairs for a little bit of ugh, exercise.

So, let’s have some breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch at Buffalo’s now shall we?

A very welcoming atmosphere

It’s a good thing when all the drapes are up and sunshine is pouring in the room. Everything is bright and fresh! What a way to welcome our day! (Rhyming wasn’t intended, lol!)

Big Bacon Omelet, SR25
A generous omelet loaded with six strips of beef bacon, onions, tomatoes, and topped with cheese (served with hash browns and a choice if three buttermilk pancakes or toast).

Our friend J enjoyed this. It’s also such a huge serving that she had half of the portion to-go.

Fruit Pancakes, SR23

Three buttermilk pancakes smothered with a choice of flavors and whipped topping (strawberries | cinnamon-apple | blueberries | cherries).

Our choice topping is warm cherries but the cherries weren’t warm enough. Still, the pancakes are good. Not that exceptional but really good. It’s soft, fluffy, and creamy. Lather on a rich layer of their whipped cream and syrup and this is probably the best commercial pancake you’ll have in Riyadh (if our tastes are the same).

International Crepe, SR22
Three crepes filled and smothered with any crepe flavor, dusted with powdered sugar and whipped topping (strawberries | cinnamon-apple | blueberries | bananas | cherries).

We tried their crepe because we thought it’ll serve as our dessert. Turns out, our banana crepe is not that sweet. A drizzle of condensed milk would have made this a perfect sweet ending. With just a few slices of bananas and ground nuts, the crepe doesn’t have a taste at all.

Chicken Skillet, SR33
Seasoned skin potatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, melted cheese topped with tender country friend chicken.

E enjoyed this dish. The generous serving is a winner. The melted cheese added a very unique layer to the dish. Yummy!

Buffalo Passport, SR19
Two beef bacon strips, two beef sausages, served with hash browns (with two egg and a choice between three little buttermilk pancakes and toast).

The picture looks bland and the food there looks dry but don’t be fooled with my photography skills. Lol. This is probably the pinaka-sulit dish in their menu. And this is what a hefty breakfast is all about! Greasy, meaty, and protein-filled! Lol. That’s a lot of food pieces in one plate and I can’t breathe after eating halfway. I had my eggs scrambled and I chose the pancakes over the toast. Get a little bit of every thing and a forkful is definitely a smorgasbord of flavors! And all these for SR19! Highly recommended!

Cutie little pancakes with butter and syrup (an option if you don’t like toast)

Mocha and Cappuccino, SR8 each

Refillable Coffee, SR7

Orange Juice, SR10

We ♥ these cute honey and strawberry jam jars.

Delicious, filling, and affordable food! Everything was amazing! Buffalo’s breakfast menu is good reason enough to wake me up early on a Thursday morning. Actually, it’s also a good reason to forgo lunch. Click here for their breakfast menu to avoid staring at it for an hour and changing your mind countless times in the resto. Pick tables with nice views of Tahlia St. You’ll never see Tahlia this empty if you go out at usual hours.

A view of nearby Hediard, a coffee shop in Tahlia St.

Wait, of course you didn’t think Buffalo’s is for breakfast only, right? Buffalo’s is perfect for dinner also. We’re just not saying this. We ate there for dinner too. Thank goodness, not on the same day we had our big brunch. But we can do that. 😛 Dinner at Buffalo’s saved us from an epic fail in Fatburgers. We’ll tell you all about it in our next entry on Buffalo’s.

So, who’s with us in doing something new every day?


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