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YOU HAVE PROBABLY tried out most, if not all, the steak joints in town haven’t you? I would go out on a limb here and say that probably, just probably, you must have gotten tired of eating steak all the time whenever you are out with friends and family. Well, what can we do? Steak is scattered all over Riyadh and with a city of bustling and hungry men, steak is always an optimal choice for a hearty meal.
But if you’re like a lot of other people out there who wants to watch their diet and make sure that they’re eating healthily too, then fret no more when someone invites you to another steak place for dinner. Steak House has recently launched their NEW menu which incorporates healthier food preparations, with a special version for the much younger guests (Kid’s Menu). The ladies and I have taken a liking to ordering a couple of these options and let me tell you, our nutrition-hungry bodies were left VERY satisfied!
Greek Shrimp Salad. Can you spell fresh and lite? This salad can!
Blanched, king-size shrimps with sliced cucumber, fresh bell pepper and tomatoes laid over a on a bed of lettuce and topped with feta cheese (mm-MM-mmm! plus a slap on a thigh) – this my friends, is my kind of salad. It can already be a meal! The textures of this in your mouth is simply stellar. If you like it garden fresh people, it can’t get any fresher than this. Trivia: Did you know that the calcium in feta cheeses helps build stronger bones? Don’t overdo it though, because it’s also high on sodium.
A sight to behold. Our eyes just love green! (After PINK of course!)

Green vegetables tossed over the grill. Ahh, this one is a beaut as well! The crisp and crunch of every bite is commemorated by the smoked flavor it exudes. You’ll find the sweet juice of zucchini and tomatoes tantalizing to the tongue and if you let it, the grain of broccoli will stay in the middle of your teeth if you’re not careful! An order of this is good enough for three to four average-eating persons and will be a very wise choice to add if everyone else is having meat, meat, meat.

Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potatoes.
This is what I had for dinner when I was with the ladies and I particularly ordered it because I wanted to NOT feel too stuffed after dinner (knowingly that there will still be dessert after :P). If you’re an experienced eater like me, you have to know how to pace yourself and schedule/pick your meal coz otherwise, you can run the risk of not enjoying the rest of the night if you’re too full to laugh/talk during the post-dinner conversations (or you might feel too lethargic after and that’s not good especially if you’re the designated driver).  As for the taste, it was an impeccably cooked fish matched with an epic mashed potato side dish. Yes, I’ve said it, that mashed potato of theirs is EPIC — EPIC I tell you! I don’t know what they put in it to make it taste sooo good.
Are you a Black Rocker?

Now I can’t talk about Steak House and NOT talk about their steak, that would be insane wouldn’t it? But let’s talk about the health benefits of a Black Rock-grilled steak – which is primarily that it does not use any fat or oil for it to be cooked, a plus if you are watching your cholesterol. If you go back to our much primitive beginnings, this is probably how our ancestors ate their meat (and let’s admit it, they were healthier and lived longer than humans now). This Black Rock grill is a Steak house exclusive and there’s actually a Black Rocker Club for all their guests who frequently order this particular meal. I’ve seen them wear special “bibs” given by the restaurant before they enjoy their meat. 🙂

Of course, don’t forget to drink (juice or iced tea, that is).
Apart from all of these healthy options, it may also pinch your fancy to know that Steak House implements a strict No-Smoking policy in their Family Section. That way, no member of your family, especially the young ones, can sniff the smell of cigarette smoke. So see, Steak House is jumping in on the health bus and we, like them, are hoping you’d jump in too. We all know it’s one thing to feast on fast food, but it is waaay more of a thing to watch out with what we eat. And what better way to encourage that but with our families?
Oh, and before I darn forget — allow me to congratulate Steak House for bagging the much-coveted award in the Saudi Excellence in Tourism Awards 2011 under the Best Mid-Market Restaurant category! I posted the link to the voting page on our Facebook page a couple of months back, and to all of our readers who voted for them, I’m sure the people from Steak House would want me to say Thank You! in their behalf.
Try out Steak House’s new and healthy menu at their branches over at Olaya Thalateen, North Ring Road and Oruba Road.
Happy (and healthy) Eating!


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