Honeysuckle and Inferi

Remember our series of Collage Week? Yeah, we neither. It’s been such a long time since we published a Collage Week entry that we’d like to make bawi today.

Two months ago, the Pink Tarha ladies (still with M as the fourth tarha) decided to hold a photo shoot just because we couldn’t find a recent photo where all Pink Tarha ladies were present.  Every complete photo we had was outdated. M canceled at the last minute to attend to more important matters that’s why Shoegarfreeruby, Eyecandy and I were the only ones who made it to the photo shoot day. The three of us became super multi-taskers. We took the roles of stylist, make-up artist, set designer, and photographer. OMG, the chaos! Lol. But we did pull it off to produce some unexpected results. We chose three themes: black, pink, and red. We’ve already featured the red photos as a Valentine’s greeting entry. Here are the photos from the pink and black sets.

Naturally, we picked a pink theme because we’re the PINK tarha! Ingenious, right? Hahaha. Are you familiar with pegs? These are photos from fashion websites or magazines that serve as inspiration in a photo shoot. We researched for styles and looks and came up with the following description for what we should look like in the pink set which we named, “Honeysuckle,” in honor of the color of the year and our planned color for the blog (which is now in effect).

Vibrant, fresh, and fun!

When you’re wearing light-colored pieces, go for outerwear like cardigans, shawls, and jackets to hide whatever you want to hide. If you’re feeling fearless like E here, go bare and bear it!

Eyecandy and Sundrenched: Solid and prints!
Eyecandy and Shoegarfreeruby: Solid states!

On Eyecandy: Pink satin dress COAST (on sale for 199SR from 499SR) | Nude pumps MILANO | Floral necklace ACCESSORIZE | Leopard scarf ALDO
On Sundrenched: Patterned silk handkerchief dress STRADIVARIUS (only SR29!) | Purple pointed shoes NEW LOOK | Shawl PARFOIS | Necklace NEW LOOK
On Shoegarfreeruby: Dress TOPSHOP | Coat H&M | Shoes MINNA PARIKKA | Stockings, belt, necklace NEW LOOK | Headband FOREVER 21 | Earrings SM |


The black ensemble is a peg we named “Inferi” just to bring out the other side of the Pink Tarha.  It’s an “all-black, harsh winter.” (Echos lang, haha!) During the shoot, it was still cold in Saudi Arabia so “winter” came to mind.

Mga kabowgera! 😛

The number one tip for plus-size ladies? Go black! It’s a fail-proof way to dress up or down. It’s classic, elegant, and timeless. Sometimes it gets boring (especially for us who wear the black abaya everyday!) but what are your accessories for? Pile on the bling!

Black is back!
Layered dresses and sky-high shoes

On Shoegarfreeruby: Black dress MISS SELFRIDGE | Shoes JEFFREY CAMPBELL | Socks H&M | Headband FOREVER 21 | Cameo earrings SOUVENIR SHOP (Dumaguete) | Bracelet MISS SELFRIDGE
On Eyecandy: Black tulle-tiered dress MOONSOON (on sale for SR180 from SR520) | Gold stud gladiator heels NEW LOOK | Gray cheetah blazer RED HERRING | Feather headband UK (gift) | Chunky charm necklace NEW LOOK
On Sundrenched: Black dress NEW LOOK | Black cardigan H&M | Navy lacey wedge NEW LOOK | Necklace PARFOIS | Headband FOREVER 21

Remember ladies, have one beloved LBD in your closet!

As you can see, we come in big sizes (ranging from UK 12-18). Well, project na lang ng project! Haha. Confidence lang yan! Lol. When it comes to body issues and insecurities, we have a lot. (Sino ba ang wala?!) But you will not see us obsessing about these insecurities. Of course, we try our best (operative word: try!) to reduce weight for health reasons but for now, we work on what we have and hopefully, we show you ladies that outer beauty can only do so much. You don’t really read us because we’re sexy or we fit the mainstream idea of “beauty”, right? So there you go. Love your bodies and work it! Go, go, go!

It also helped that we were so hands-on in this little shoot of ours. We know each other’s style and because we’re friends, wala na kaming hiya sa isa’t isa! Haha. Sa sobrang hands-on namin, kami na lahat ang gumawa! 😛 If you want to stage your own photo shoot with your friends, make the Pink Tarha ladies your consultant. We can help you with your themes, wardrobe, make-up, and well, a little bit of photography. LOL. Jk.

Up next is the collage with our newest member, Sampaguita Pride!

Yes, we did a repeat performance of the chaos that is a Pink Tarha shoot! Lol.


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