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Fresh. Natural. Earth-friendly. Does pizza come to mind upon reading these words? No? Well, it better be now that Pizza Fusion has reached the sandy dunes of Riyadh!If you’ve been reading The Pink Tarha, you’ll know that I’m all for any thing organic but I mostly use organic stuff for bath and beauty rituals. I’m not into organic food, believing that they’re bland, flavorless, and pretty much boring. Pizza Fusion taught me that hey, organic food is good! Pizza Fusion impressed The Pink Tarha so much that Sampaguita Pride braved the noon heat just to eat their pizza, then she and Eyecandy waited out more than the salah minutes under the sun, and E and I, while passing a popular pizza brand branch exclaimed “Goodbye D!” … at the same time! (Wave length much?) You can’t hear our exclamations but better believe that this is it! 😛

First, what is organic food? Basically, it’s the basics. These are fruits, vegetables, poultry and meat that were produced and raised without pesticides and other chemical fertilizers. They’re not genetically modified (wow, that is one scary adjective when used on food!). Organic food is better because it does not contain harmful ingredients and bringing these products about does not harm the environment. They also contain more nutrients – delicious benefits, yum! Pizza Fusion offers just that: freshest veggies, tastiest 100% certified organic tomato sauce, juiciest meats, and crispiest hand-stretched all-natural dough.

Pizza Fusion deserves Eyecandy’s unbelievable, sometimes obscene (LOL) amazing vocabulary in describing food but she’s currently on vacation so you might have to pardon my use of less stellar (er, more prim and proper) words. So… let’s start!
Flatbread and dips (marinara and olive tapenade), free

Looks boring? It tastes better! This flatbread is warm, light, and crispy and it goes well with the dips made from fresh tomatoes and olives. We love how simple yet tasty this is. Kulang na lang cheese, pwede na s’yang maging pizza! When we first ate this, we chowed ’em down like crazy. By the time the other dishes came out, we were semi-full.

Mini Meatball Sliders, SR20

Homemade mini meatballs topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, served on toasty bread. Another winning combination that made us full! The meatballs are tender and savory and the bread is crunchy. Appetizers pa lang, busog na kami!

Chicken Carbonara, SR34
Grilled chicken, cream, parmesan cheese, and fettuccini pasta. 
This pasta is love! It’s creamy and scrumptious. The white sauce weaves in and out the al dente pasta making every forkful simply divine! Pizza Fusion uses free-range chicken for their dishes and pizza. What is free range? I have no time to explain but in short, the chickens were raised having fun outdoors. Lol. They were not, uh, abused and imprisoned in fenced areas. So, we’re prolly eating “happy” chickens. 😛 Read more about “free range poultry” here.
Large pizza, double flavors
We ordered their 746x24cm pizza good for 2-3 persons and chose 2 flavors: the four cheese&sundried tomato and the BBQ chicken. We further personalized the latter by adding bacon and pineapple.
Four cheese and sundried tomatoes
We did not enjoy the four cheese as much as we enjoyed the BBQ chicken. The former was a little bit too salty for our taste. The latter is the clear winner because of the various flavors playing in our mouth. And true enough, the onions, herbs, and pineapple in our pizza were fresh and delicious! The bacon had a lot of flavor. Their meats are hormone-free! Okay, we did not totally got that at first (thought the cows were menopausal) but research tells us that the cows were raised without steroids added growth hormones and antibiotics so they’re like all natural.

By the way, their pizzas are not round!

Family Pizza
On a separate occasion, we ordered the Philly Steak and we were surprised on how big the steak shreds were! It’s topped with roasted bell peppers, roasted onions, parsley, tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and gorgonzola. Obviously, they are not kuripot with the ingredients! It’s full to the edge! We enjoyed the full-flavored meat!Try their Big Kahuna pizza also. It’s filled with bacon and pineapple. Salty, sweet, and sour… you won’t know what hit you (in a good way)!

Personal pizza, from SR18-25

Pizza Fusion has cocktails to wash down all the food wolfed down. We tried two of their own concoctions and their iced tea (a staple in all restos). They were delicious and refreshing. Perfect for the summer heat of Riyadh!

Banana Berry Shake
Apple Fusion Sangria
Iced tea with crushed ice and froth
But it’s this drink that totally got me speechless:
All natural soda
Have you tried Coke Cherry? This is not like it. Coke Cherry tasted like cough syrup (at least for me). Boylan’s Black Cherry Natural Soda is something I really, really appreciated. When I sipped this, it tasted like the usual cola with a wallop of cherry flavor bursting in my mouth. It didn’t taste like cough syrup or anything “artificial.” It tasted like maraschino cherries dripping with syrup. But this time, the sweetener used is cane sugar. I love it! And the bottle looks so retro and vintage that Eyecandy started collecting them. I wish I have a stack of Boylan’s natural sodas at home but they’re expensive at SR8 a piece. Available flavors include cane cola, creme vanilla, root beer, and ginger ale.

If organic tastes this good then can we request every restaurant to turn organic? Pizza Fusion’s motto is saving the earth, one pizza at a time. We don’t know about saving the world but this pizza place sure did save us from commercial pizza brands that we’re tired of. Try it! I think they’re still offering their 25% off on all dine-in and take-out orders. Their delivery service will start next month. 🙂

Pizza Fusion
Thalateen St., Olaya
Riyadh, KSA
Also in Jeddah:
Al-Rawda (02-2616933)
King Road (02-6050698)
Palestine St. (01-2614033)


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  1. Organic is now very popular because many health expert believed that foods with fertilizer,insecticides, and artificial feeds are the cause of cancers and other diseases.

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