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It was Sampaguita Pride who informed us about Kaya Skin Clinic. If you notice in some websites you visit in the Internet, even Facebook, Kaya Skin Cilinic has advertisements in their sidebars.  Kaya Clinic is the largest international skin care clinic chain in the Middle East with branches in UAE, Oman, and KSA. They have three here in Riyadh. Their website looks professional and photos of their clinics show clean and sophisticated receptions and rooms. I needed an appointment pronto!
The clinics are uniform in their interiors and design. (Photo from

Now, I’m not vain or anything near that but I throw a fit (hindi raw vain) when I see pimples in my face. But please understand that when I was younger, I had acne of the rather worst kind, of the traumatic kind that trumped my confidence during my high school and college years (if I had confidence in the first place). Thankfully, I got over it when I graduated college through several visits to a dermatologist in Makati. The pimples rarely appear in my face now but there’s nothing I can do about the scars. I still get mild breakouts from time to time and I panic because I get the huge, red, ugly (and papansin) kind of pimples. So yeah, my face is miles away from being perfect.

Last month, I decided to change my facial wash and toner… what a mistake! I had four huge pimples popping out in my cheeks and jaw overnight. (Wow, sensitive ang skin! Lol!) Since I haven’t been to a derma in a long time, I clicked one of the Kaya advertisements when I encountered it in one website and signed up for a free consultation. After a few days, I received a call from one of their agents in Jeddah. I told her I’m in Riyadh. She told me to wait for a call from their Riyadh branch. I received a text message two days after. It says that I will only have to show the text message to their receptionist in their clinic in Oruba Road to get my free consultation. I didn’t took a chance of showing up in their doorstep without an appointment so I called the branch in Oruba Road and booked.

It was a Thursday afternoon when I visited the Kaya clinic. Their reception is a little bit small but it’s directly in front of the door. The two receptionists didn’t seem to know what they’ll do with me at first. Lol. One gave me an information sheet which I answered in their female waiting area. The interiors of the clinic is clean, bright, and sleek. After a while, I gave back the sheet and I waited in the lounge again. Someone offered me drinks but I declined. After a few minutes, they called me and I entered the office of their resident dermatologist, Dr. Wael Abou Diab. He’s known as one of the best dermatologists in the Middle East.

The consultation lasted 10 minutes. He looked at me, asked what my skin problem was, and took out his prescription pad. He asked me to buy a new facial wash and toner. And I should come back after a month. He also told me that I can book for a facial if I wanted but that it wasn’t that necessary. When I was out the door, I’m relieved that there’s no major thing to be done but I kept on thinking “That was it?!” I didn’t come to Oruba alone on a Thursday afternoon without some thing done to my face pronto! (I lack EQ!) I signed up for their Kaya Advance Facial just because. Ayun, dahil sa lack of EQ ko, I paid SR300 for it! Expensive! 

Mataray ang kagandahan n’ya! (One of the models in a Kaya ad.)

The Kaya Advanced Facial includes microdermabrasion to give your skin a radiant look that regular facials cannot achieve. Microdermabrasion exfoliates away the dead skin cells. Next, a Viennese facial massage is performed, to both relax and rejuvenate the skin. Blackheads and/or whiteheads are then removed with the aid of a comedone extractor. Finally, a lightening face mask is applied to brighten your skin.
I didn’t wait long. A Filipino nurse ushered me in a well-lit room with a few machines around a medical bed. The process was straightforward, nothing too fancy. The Filipino (hello Louis if you’re reading this!) told me that Kaya actually started in India. The biggest branch is in Mumbai. The services are rather expensive because they use the latest in skin technology and they use imported skin products (made in France and USA). They only get nurses as skin practitioners and they were trained for three months in Mumbai, India. O diba, bongga! (Hindi daw nila nakita ang Taj Mahal kasi malayo ang Agra sa Mumbai, hehe. Talagang tinanong ko daw!) The comedone extraction was a little bit painful but I already expected that. (Nateary-eyed ako habang inaalis ang mga blackheads and whiteheads! Ugh!) After the 1-hour procedure, I had a rosy glow (sabi ko nga baka dahil namamaga lang ang mukha ko, haha!). I didn’t expect much from my first facial but my face feels cleaner and brighter. This is good if you want a radiant face for an event happening asap. 
To really see the long-term effect of a facial, it should be done on a monthly (or twice) basis. But with the price, hindi ko carry ang maging habit ang facial. Lol. But I might be back to try their painless hair removal laser. Kaya is known for that service and they have a lot of customers. They have a wide array of anti-aging, acne and hair loss treatments. The clinics are also open for men. Even princes and princesses visit Kaya for their result-oriented skincare. 
So, you don’t have something better to do on a Thursday? Here’s a suggestion:
If you’ve visited Kaya, share your experience in our comment box.


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  1. Grabe, ang ganda nga ng model. Taray! Anong nationality nya kaya?<br /><br />PS. Ang ganda rin ng mga Pink Tarha girls, noh! 🙂

  2. Anonymous Reply

    tHANK YOU JENEL … TOUCH NAMAN AKO .. balik ka ulit sa clinic ha.. tc godbless<br /><br /><br />Regards,<br />louie

  3. Anonymous Reply

    hi pink tarha. dear do they do laser hair reduction in KAYA clinic? do they have dermotologs? if you know about that please let me know sweety. thanks from now. 🙂

  4. @Anonymous: They do laser hair reduction at Kaya. They offer packages for it for 4 or 5 sessions depending on their client&#39;s need. What is dermatologs? Do you mean dermatologists? Yes, they have dermatologists that will examine you first for facials or other skin problems that you might have. Hope this answers your question. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! 🙂

  5. Anonymous Reply

    hi pink tarha. I would like to know any contact number of kaya skin clinic here in riyadh, just near Olaya. And the exact address where easily for me to find.. thanks in advance 🙂

  6. Hello Anonymous 9:58PM!<br /><br />Kaya doesn&#39;t have a number for their clinics. Every first timer goes through an appointment form. You can fill up the form in their website: and someone will call you. Even if you&#39;re not booking for appointment and just want to inquire, you can do so via the form. Once they call you, you can ask your questions. :)<br /><br />

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, Pink Tarha.. Could you help me to have an idea how much the probable cost of painless laser hair reduction, esp. beard area, in Kaya Clinic and the Consultation fee as well? Co&#39;z Im interested on it. hopefully you can help me too. Thank you so much and more power. You are doing great job guys. 🙂

  8. Hello! Consultation at Kaya Skin Clinic is free. Just visit their website ( and fill up their form and they&#39;ll get back a schedule on you. You can ask them about their prices on your consultation day. They also have packages for their laser service. :)<br /><br />Thank you very much! 🙂

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Here&#39;s where you can find all their contact information:<br /><br />Good luck!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    hi there, I am trying to get a free consultation but I am not getting thru!! they still offer 50 % off but don&#39;t know something wrong with web page I suppose. can you help??<br />thx for your help in advance<br />

  11. Soumya Reply

    I have taken painfree laser hair removal from kaya. Complete 6 sittings. So I am in a position to rate kaya’s hair removal.
    They will sell you a package on their whim, not caring about what will suit you. Because higher sale gives them a higher commission. It is a very unscrupulous policy. As the staff will only care about their commission and not your well being.
    Kaya’s laser does not work. I have only 20% or may be a little less, reduction in hair. And more hair growth on areas which had fine hair. On complaining, I was told later that it is a side effect of kaya’s laser.
    For rest of my review you can follow this link:

    And trust me, do not go to kaya ever. Rather go to some established dermatologist. They will help you in a much better way and in way less money than you will spend at kaya.

    • Janelle Reply

      We haven’t tried Kaya’s laser hair skin removal. We’re sorry to read what you’ve experience with them. They should have at least addressed your concerns properly.

  12. arjay Reply

    ..hi there are they accepting male patient…i hAve acne skin problem mostly at my back…and how mich will it cost ?

    Pls response thank you so much

    • Janelle Reply

      It’s for ladies only and they’re a bit expensive.

      • arjay Reply

        …but i reAd thAt tHey aLso acceptinG maLe…

        And onE of the staff there call me and set an appointment for me but my problem is she told me that she would sent me the location at my email but until nOw i didnt received any info from them..

        Pls…help me if you have a direct nO. From any personel there would you mind to give it to me so that i will keep in touch with them…

        Thank you so much..
        Or here is my no.. 0506861857
        Just kindly pm me here thanks again..

        • Janelle Reply

          Hi Arjay, set another appointment with them and just look for the location of Kaya Clinic in Google Map or Foursquare. Waiting for them to get back to you may take 10 years. Haha!

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Yes, they do accept male patients… i went to orouba branch a couple of times already. I was not satisfied with how the consultation works. I considered my condition as mild acne ( i got like 6 pimples i think when i went there) and the doctor suggested for me to take a medicine to dry my pimples out ( i forgot the name) which u can only buy and take once you have your blood tested. I read that it will cause you to have severe skin dryness , etc. I did not agree on it and told him i prefer to have salicylic acid peel just to dry out the pimples (i used to have glycolic peel whenever Im having breakout). Luckily, it worked on me-oh wait, i just remembered that i still have one session remaining from my package. The author is also right about how expensive their service and products are.

    • Anonymous Reply

      oh dude, he prescribed u accutane? thats for severe acne. it will dry you out. i am also looking for a clinic here in riyadh. can you offer some insights? please feel free to email me on thanks

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