Eyecandy Day!

Today is October 5, guess who just turned a year older, wiser and prettier? None other than the Queen of food, fashion and eloquence, EYECANDY!
E, sans make-up… still beautiful.
She was my first friend in Saudi Arabia. We met 18 years ago in grade school. At an early age, Eyecandy loved to meet people and make new friends. Perhaps a tell tale sign of her PR-savvy skills later in life. 
Who says she looks like a guy? Shame on you! 😛
Eyecandy is a wonderful friend, a loving daughter, a caring sister, a great mentor, a patient and hardworking colleague and most importantly, a beautiful person with a big heart.
She may not be perfect but she makes every day as perfect as can be, not just for herself but for the people she cares about.
E, thank you for being your fabulous self! We love you!  
Ready to face the world, always!
Happy Birthday, Eyecandy!

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  1. We gonna party like it's your birthday!~ May your heart welcome more happiness in the future. And let there be a storm of wonderful opportunities that would rain on you this year. So far my 26th year has been fab, I hope yours would be too. ^.^


  3. Happy Birthday Eyecandy from MYB

  4. Thank you for your greetings, fellow bloggers! ^_^

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