Top 5 Fitness Centers for Women in Riyadh

Who’s raring to go to the gym these days? Did you know that according to Forbes, Saudi Arabia ranks 29th on a 2007 list of the fattest countries with 68.3% of its citizens being overweight? Yessir! It will probably go higher if you include The Pink Tarha ladies expats in those numbers. 😛 I think we were ones of the few expats who kept on complaining that there’s no form of exercise that are available to us immediately. How come guys have many gyms at their disposal? 

Anyway, we eat a lot but we don’t move around a lot because our jobs consist of being glued in front of the computer 8 hours a day. But who are we kidding? It’s our fault that we’re not into physical activities mostly. Well, we did try. A few months ago (or years pa yata), we were going to the gym in the workplace but we got busy with other things (including eating Riyadh). So, for those who don’t have gyms in their workplaces and are willing to shed moolah to become fit, healthy, and fabulous, we scouted Riyadh for gyms and fitness centers for women. Admittedly, we’re not the best persons around to advise you on fitness so let these professionals be your guide.

Here’s the top 5 fitness centers for women in Riyadh (in no particular order because we don’t have the right and capacity to rate them; we haven’t tried them personally).

Kinetiko is a one-stop center. We haven’t seen the place but according to their website, they offer wellness training programs and performing arts. They also have a cafeteria that caters nutritious and healthy dishes that are fit for their patrons. They also have an internet access and a sportswear boutique. Their Fitness Klub has a lot of classes that focuses on what you want to improve on: BodyBalance, a yoga-taichi-pilates program that helps build strength and flexibility, KardioKombat, an intensive body workout using boxing and kickboxing moves, Triskel, a strength training class using the Lotte Berk method, and the new trend in fitness, Zumba which combines mambo, reggae, and merengue. And there are more types and other formats of classes that suits what you want and need. The Fitopia Akademy  uses dance to make you fit. Classes include the Classic (barre exercises), Fame (hip-hop), and Latino’d (rhythms). If you want to get the best value then the Smartpack which combines more than one type of class, is for you. Kinetico has different membership packages ranging from one month to a year. We asked via email and their one-month membership known as the Kinteco Klub Basic is worth SR1,200 (all-inclusive). It’s a little steep compared to what we pay for in our workplace’s gyms but our gym doesn’t offer all these different classes and more. Contact them here.

Curves is one of the newest fitness centers in Riyadh and Sundrenched recently visited the branch in Panorama Mall to know more about it. One thing that is noticeable in Curves is the lack of the usual gym equipment and machines like the treadmill or the elliptical. Curves offers a 30-minute workout through an interactive circuit that has 8 machines using hydraulic resistance targeting specific areas of the body and in between the machines are recovery boards that lets you walk, run, jump, and jog in place. To see what we’re saying here, click this link.  

The 30-minute workout

Curves in Panorama is a little bit smaller than most gyms but since you’ll only need the circuit, then it’s fine. They have lockers and changing rooms too. The advantage of going here, aside of course from becoming fit, is that it’s located in Panorama’s Ladies Section where a beauty salon, coffee shop, and fashion boutiques and stores are within reach. This program will be more fun if you do it with your friends. When S went there, she noticed that most patrons are young ladies. Of course, women of all ages are welcome. A 3-month membership is SR2,700. But the more than SR5,000 annual membership is said to be the best plan with its various benefits and perks. Contact Curves here

Yibreen is said to be the ultimate indulgent experience as it combines the relaxing benefits of a spa and salon and the rejuvenating benefits of a gym all in one place. Yibreen, a name referring to a lush desert oasis in the heart of Saudi Arabia, has a lot of fitness programs and classes. Programs include fitness evaluation, personal training, nutritional therapy program, and swimming lessons. Classes include Kick Aerobics, Funky Step, Mat Pilates, Ashtanga Yoga, Liquid Bliss (aquacise), Body Blitz (circuit training), Arabian Belly Dancing, and Kick Boxing. Combining all of Yibreen’s services, you have to shell our SR9,500 for their annual membership package which gives you a personalized fitness evaluation and program, 20% discounts on all spa and salon services, 6 guest passes, 3 personal training sessions, and 1 nutrition consultation. If you want lesser on the three latter benefits, then membership fee is down to SR7,000. Contact Yibreen here.

Al-Manahil is more known for their spa and salon services but they also have a sports complex that caters to women’s fitness and health needs. They’ve undergone renovations recently and has upgraded their services and facilities. Like the other fitness centers, Al-Manahil’s staff are ready to assist you in losing weight, toning up, and making you feel good. Fitness classes include Step for agility and stamina, Step N Tone for firming, Cardio Combo for aerobics, Retro (a combination of dances like hip-hop, jazz, salsa, and more), Tae Bo, Oriental ( a combination of hip-hop and belly dancing), and Spin (indoor cycling). They also have the Walking Club which lets you burn calories and enjoy the sceneries in and around the Diplomatic Quarters. Al Manahil also offers swimming, tennis, and taekwondo classes. A 1-month membership is SR1,900 while a 3-month membership is SR2,500, which is a better value for your buck. Contact Al-Manahil here

We don’t know much about Elle et Vous because there’s little info on their Facebook page. All we know is that it’s also primarily a beauty salon with a gym inside. We do think that it’s a good idea to combine a beauty salon and gym. In that way, women can find every thing they need to remain beautiful and healthy. Elle et Vous boasts of a professionally-trained staff and state-of-the-art tools and equipment. According to their site, they just opened fitness classes so that’s a good thing.

There’s one called the Al-Multaqa Centre for Women in Riyadh but we haven’t found any extensive info on it and it’s not located in the city center so we’ll just add any thing once we learn more. We heard Luthan Hotel and Spa might also have a gym as most hotels have in-house gyms but we doubt if they have fitness classes.

We want to go to the gym and enroll in fitness classes but looking at the prices, they’re a little bit more expensive than what we imagined. Some of you might find the prices steep too so we have other “free” fitness ideas for you… WALKING! Walk around King Fahd Medical City or the bigger Prince Sultan University. You can ask your friends to come with you and after a round or two, you can go to Mama Noura for some shawarma fix. Kidding! Have a healthy fruit juice instead! You can also join a hash (walking/running/traveling in the desert organized by a club) or the Riyadh Road Runners.

Okay ladies, let’s get physical! And a-one, a-two, a-three…

Beauty Fitness Centers Top 5

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Luthan Hotel and Spa, located beside the Nayarra Wedding and Banquet Hall (Along Al Uroubah Road, before approaching King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital if you are coming from the Kingdom Tower you will find My Car showroom on your left side turn to that corner and you will find Nayarra, a white palace like structure, "Luthan Hotel and Spa" is just behind Nayarra. It's a boutique

  2. Anonymous Reply

    hi..wud u know if there is a gym for women here in al new here so i haven't explored the place too much yet..thanks 😀

  3. Anonymous Reply

    hi girls ,do u know anything about weightwatchers in Riyadh?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    hi do u know anything about weightwatchers in Riyadh?

  5. Hi, sorry, we don't have any information on Weight Watchers Riyadh. Is it a group or a community? We know of Diet Watchers, the diet food store though, if that helps. 🙂

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Are there any packages offere by the above mentioned gyms?? Recently there was a deal offered by kinetico for morning sessions sr 650

  7. Hi, we&#39;ve provided a few packages asked from the gyms during the course of our research for this entry but yes, they might not be updated anymore. Kindly click on the links and contact the gyms for more information. <br /><br />Thanks for reading the blog. 🙂

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I was searching on Google for gyms for women and I found this very interesting gym found in both Riyadh and al khobar: Spectrum. I don&#39;t know much about it but here&#39;s the website: . I hope to hear from anyone who tries it 🙂

  9. Hi<br />Well all of them sound a bit seductive but it&#39;s kinda too expensive for me.. and what I&#39;m looking for actually is a gym with child/baby care? do they exist here? thanks! <br /><br />ps: this is the wife of abu Adel haha, i&#39;m obiously looking for a gym for Ladies 😉

  10. Hello! Almost all gyms and fitness centers here are expensive. We haven&#39;t encountered one that we deem affordable, except maybe for the gym in our work place. We also don&#39;t know of gyms with baby care and we don&#39;t think working out while minding a baby works. You&#39;ll get distracted from your exercises. 😛 But, try Al Manahil. They offer many services for ladies. You can inquire if

  11. Anonymous Reply

    With the prices for the gyms for women and then add on that the cost of a driver taking you to the gym, no wonder all the women I see are fat. Best solution…spend your money on P90X and the accessories and workout in your home.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    I know an INDIAN fitness specialist near MALAZ offers monthly course for only 500 SR. 4 EXERCISE SESSIONS aweek,diet planning,HOME REMEDIES to follow.I LOST 6kgs in 1 m0nth,total 23 kgs in 6 months.her email is

  13. Hi, if u are looking for a jym and a day care, you can go to Panorama For Women, they have their own jym which is Curves, and they also have MyGym to take care of children.

  14. Just like to share our latest post about a fitness center here in riyadh.. located in Kuwaiti Housing

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Woah! SOooo expensive?? but whyy…surely it should be affordable to look after yourself! I am also new to riyadh but would never really pay this much to go to a gym..I am looking for classes though, not really to use the gym equip. Would prefer something fun &amp; as a group, maybe aerobics or power yoga or something! Does anyone in Riyadh do power yoga?

  16. ZEINA A.S Reply


    • Anonymous Reply

      What do they offer for women? Do they offer a family membership for men, women and children? And is this the one with the outdoor wave pool? Where is it located and what are membership fees? Thanks.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,<br /><br />Just came across your site, do you have an address for these gyms ? I&#39;m hoping to move to Riyadh soon and would like to plan ahead thanx

  18. @Anonymous 8:48PM: Kindly click on the links above to go to the website of the fitness centers/gyms. 🙂

  19. Comment from DANIYA ALDEREYAAN (via email)<br /><br />Hi Pink Tarha!<br /> <br />I wanted to add this comment to your page about fitness centers but I couldn’t do it, could you help me out because it’s a shame that people don’t experience and or know about this place.<br /> <br />Spectrum wellness for women is a full service wellness center for women. It has a fitness center, spa and hair salon

  20. @Daniya: Thanks for the info. When did Spectrum start? We haven&#39;t heard of it until you mentioned it in your email. Maybe we&#39;re not that abreast of the fitness centers in Riyadh that well. We&#39;ll visit Spectrum and check it out soon. 🙂

  21. zaira Reply

    do u have any gym near or in alwazarat ??

  22. Anonymous Reply

    I am looking for a lady swimming instructor To teach at my compound if any plz let me know

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Hi all, I&#39;m certified fitness Instructure (Eurpean BSA License)and have been working since 15 Years as fitness and privat trainer, Events fitness instructure, in several gyms (women &amp; mixed – e.g. Fitness Company, Holmes Palace etc.) in Europe. Based on privat reasons I&#39;m looking for any opportunity to work as a fitness trainer &amp; Step, Pilates,BBP,etc. Instructure in Riyadh. So if

    • plz may i know where this located in riyadh???

    • FARHEEN Reply

      Are you interested to visit our female university in Riyadh and give a one free session about fitness?
      If interested, please reply at earliest.


      • Reina Reply

        Hello Farheen, we are not necessarily fitness experts so we’re not the authority in giving sessions on fitness. I suggest you contact the gyms we’ve listed to see if one of their own instructors would be willing to do that for you. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! xo, -R

  24. jana Reply

    thank you for your blog ….<br />but do you have any idea about the fees in the gyms listed above especially curves thnak you 🙂

  25. @Jana: The fees are listed above. Thank you for reading The Pink Tarha.

  26. pearl Reply

    Hi…Thanks for your;s really useful. ..iam looking for a ladies swimming classes near al Mansourah….can u help?

  27. Anonymous Reply

    Hi im a fitness trainer here in qassim. I want to work as a fitness trainer in riyadh u know some gyms hiring now??? Thanks alot

  28. U forgot to mention EMPACT its really goood as well the others .

  29. hi do u know about nuyu??

  30. hi do u know about nuyu?? m confused about their membership charges and their monthly charges please telme if u hv some info about them

  31. hi do u know about nuyu?? m confused about their membership charges and their monthly charges please telme if u hv some info about them

    • Dal Reply

      They’re so bad. It’s a horrible place, wouldn’t even call it a gym. Seriously very little equipment, no machines, crowded and small. More of a kids playground I would say. Not to mention the trainers are meth addict looking cellulite asses, rude and dumb. Please stray away for your own safety.

  32. Anonymous Reply

    Yibreen has a very rude lady employed as manager.<br />She shouts at customers.<br />I had been there to return a product I purchased and there she was asking me to leave the premises or she would call the security guard.<br />She was asking me to GET OUT pointing at the door.<br />I had purchased a loreal color vibrancy shampoo and conditioner for SR 620 and since I was not getting my hair

  33. Anonymous Reply

    Al Manahil is the best. Sincerly I have tried so many but NO place like it with his calm environment in the heart of nature!

  34. Anonymous Reply

    Hi all, we are in need of a FEMALE FITNESS INSTRUCTORS and Female Swimming Instructors who are willing to work in Madinah. Employer is Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, under Staff Recreation Department. Opportunity is open only for Moslems. Should anyone be interested please email us your application and CV/Resume at<br /><br /> and/or<br />barabatju@

  35. azhar Reply

    i find the male aerobics classes gym please give the name and location gym

  36. l am Instructor of Japanese Martial Arts , l need the work with you

  37. raja sibtain Reply

    l am rajasibtain from Mazal City Riyadh, l teacher to your students for the body FEMALE FITNESS the way of life, l am Japanese karate Federation member since 1977,
    the best regard.
    Call # 0966-580831428

  38. hala Reply

    Hi any help i need to go to the gym but i need gym could i take my son with me ?he has 9 months now there is any gym with kids area here in riydah ??

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Hala, unfortunately we haven’t heard of any gym that will let you take your child. We’ll ask around though. 🙂

    • Dr umm mariam Reply

      Hi Hala,
      Aalam wanasa is a ladies city in usman bin affan road, near masjid Owaidha . It has a ladies fitness centre , cafe n a daycare . But am not sure abt the ages accepted by them . 011 229 4488, u can contact here.
      The charges r seperate for gym n daycare

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