How to Register as Overseas Absentee Voters

When I was on vacation in the Philippines last November, my sister handed me an envelope that arrived a few months before. It contained my absentee voter’s ID. Wow, finally, another government ID that I can present whenever an official ID is needed (hindi na lang passport ang official ID ko, yey!). In fairness, I didn’t expect it to arrive at all. Looking at it, I remembered the day I dragged my father to register for the absentee voting here in Riyadh and the day I get to vote again, It was my first time to vote outside the Philippines. How time really flies. 

It was in 2010 that we elected the Philippines’ president, vice-president and 12 senators. What do you think of their performance now? Do you like it? Abhor it? No comment? If you want to have your say on the next legislative elections on 2013, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has opened the OAV Registration last November 12, 2011 and it will go on until October 31, 2012 . If I were you, I won’t wait until the deadline to visit the embassy to register. Register now! Habang maaga pa at wala pang pila, gooo! 🙂

Here’s how (madali lang ‘to, promise!):
1. Visit the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh on Saturdays to Wednesdays during working hours (8:00AM to 5:00PM) or Thursdays (8:00AM to 12:00Noon).
2. Bring your passport or iqama for registration.
3. Look for the registration booth and follow their procedures.

You can only register if you are:
1. a Filipino (syempre)
2. at least 18 years of age on the day of the election (May 13, 2013)
3. not disqualified by law
4. registered overseas absentee voter with approved application to vote in absentia
* If you’re a registered absentee voter who didn’t vote in the 2007 and 20120 elections, you need to register again because your name was already removed from the National Registry of Overseas Absentee Voters.

Fast and simple! You’ll be finished in no time at all. Read my experience in 2009. It’s probably more or less the same.

Once registered, you’ll be able to vote in the senatorial and party-list representaive election. For more details and information, contact AttachĂ© Maribeth T. Ferrer at telephone number 01-480-1918.

Here we are again convincing you to register and vote. You might wonder, “Why would I waste my time in going to the embassy to register and then to vote in 2013 for a government that doesn’t exactly know I exist or a doesn’t take care of me or is corrupting my country?” First and foremost, this is not a waste of time. Like what I said to my father when I was convincing him to register in the OAV, we are given the right to vote. We should claim it! This is one of life’s free things that gives us the power to decide what we want and who we want to lead and serve us. It does sound nationalistic (chos!) but it’s true. Your government doesn’t know you? Well, it’s time they should! It doesn’t take care of you? Well, it’s time to choose people who will! It’s a corrupt government? It’s time to clean house then! When you register, vote, and see the performance of the people you voted and did not vote, you can brag of their achievements as leaders or can tease your father (who voted differently) for voting such a corrupt official. Hahaha

Even if we’re far away from the Philippines, we are given a chance to ‘say’ something about our government. The OAV gives us that voice. REGISTER NOW! 🙂

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  1. Hi, Pink Tarha girls. Thank you for featuring OAV Registration in your blog. I encourage all bloggers to also promote OAV Registration in your area. Voting is a right of all Filipinos. Thanks again. – Vice Consul Red Genotiva, PHL Embassy in Riyadh

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