A Day at Ogawa

The Pink Tarha was invited to test out a product line called Ogawa, a Malaysian brand that specializes in health and wellness products for a stream lined clientele. It’s an international brand with branches in Asia and is considered the number one company for massage equipments in Australia. It is a winner of various brand awards like Super Brand, Golden Bull and Putra and they have 5 branches in Riyadh and more across the Kingdom. It is now part of the Bed Quarter, a premium mattress and related products retailing company in the Kingdom.

Ogawa is an international health and wellness company being introduced in the Kingdom.

Upon arriving at the Bed Quarter & Back Care showroom, we were toured around the King Koil and Tempur showroom – sister companies of Ogawa. We especially enjoyed testing out the memory foam mattresses of Tempur. As it goes, Tempur uses materials that NASA developed for astronauts. They had a “space room” that allows you test the mattress. You could lie there and really get a feel of the mattress and your back’s position.

The Tempur Mattress brand is used by hotels and resorts

Luxury Mattresses worth half a million pesos, wooow!

Finally, we were led into Ogawa showroom. Ogawa means stream in Japanese, a perfect word that sums up the Ogawa experience. A stream denotes relaxation and listening to the soft gushing of its water provides instant stress relief. The Ogawa showroom already lays out that kind of calm with its minimalist and light design and ambiance. Oh, we loved the “grass ceiling” design! And we love one of the sayings in the wall: “The first wealth is health.” Indeed!

Luxury massage chairs and equipment found in the showroom

Ogawa product manager Mr. Shahid Ghafoor showed us the amazing products that they had starting from versatile small massage pillows that knead through your back while you’re sitting, foot massagers that rolls out the aches after a day on heels, hand held massagers, eye and head massagers and their magic slimming belt for weight loss. They even had executive chairs that had built in massagers. Perfect for workaholics who need to de-stress as well! Yes, they can de-stress while working! 😉

The portable massage equipments

E and P getting their foot massages. Bliss!

S trying out the executive chair with built-in massager.
Ogawa’s Magic Slimming Belt… what we need!

We were especially interested in the Magic Slimming Belt that uses infrared and pressure to tone belly muscles.  The eye massager, called Eye Tune, was a treat as well. E enjoyed the slight pulses and pressure from the headgear. It’s great for people who often get migraines and eye strains. We all want one!

Works as an eye and head massager.
We also tested the gaming chair! Oh yes, gents! They’ve got gaming chairs too. This one comes with speakers and docks to connect your MP3, DVD players and gaming consoles. It’s curved so that it allows you to rock back and forth while it massages your back! This is one of their most popular products. At just SR750, I think it’s worth every penny! This would look perfect on a recreation or entertainment room with a really wide TV!  I would probably recommend this to my gamer and movie-holic friends.

This gamer’s chair comes with built in speakers and connects to most consoles.

P on the gaming chair 

Then we tested out the Zero Gravity massage chairs. The concept goes that by elevating the lower part of the body, the weight and strain is reduced to almost zero. I tested out a product that was 2nd to the newest. What can I say, but WOW! Sitting back, the machine adjusted itself based on my body’s length and weight. As I looked at its monitor, I could see exactly which part of my body it was working on. 

The monitor indicates the settings and the type of massage the machine is performing.
The machine used 40 airbags to move my legs and squeeze my feet.  I could, literally, feel my blood circulating on my feet! On my back, the machine kneaded and then pounded the aches away. I also loved the heat therapy that came with the massage. I could feel the chair twist my hips this way and that, that I felt that every inch of my back was kneaded and squeezed just so.  I must admit that I really enjoyed this as I had a month’s worth of stress and tension up on my back. After just 15 minutes on the chair, I am now a fan. 

E and P on the Zero Gravity Massage Chairs with  Mr. Shahid explaining the chairs’ functions
Eyecandy and Sundrenched tried the Smartaire 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair, the latest product of Ogawa. They thoroughly enjoyed their indulgent experience at the chair. Just 15 minutes and they were sold! Sold on the idea that it’s the best massage chair they’ve ever tried in their life. The holistic approach and various massage techniques employed by the SmartAire 3D are astonishing. The Ogawa chairs relaxes the spine, relieved muscle tension, and improves blood circulation in a snap! Who needs to visit a physical therapist?! 😛 

After an enjoyable visit, the management gave us a sample hand massager to tryout. We even received some discount coupons for our readers, so if you’re interested to try and buy anything, we can share more info and coupons with you! We would like to thank Mr. Shahid for graciously inviting us to their showroom and for a wonderful day at Ogawa! We loved everything!

A thumbs up from S!
Visit their showroom and try their products for yourself. A free 15-minute massage in their best chair is waiting for you. 😉

Rowdah Showroom

Contact Mr. Shahid Ghafoor at +966 509 404 802 or shahid@bedquarter.com for more information.


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  2. Hi Dexter! Glad you enjoyed your visit there too. We went there on Thursday morning. :)<br /><br />Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha!

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    How about the prices? the quality? is it that good? and can you please give me details of the discount coupons? how and where to get them?

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    Order a few for the office

  5. The prices are competitive and worth its high quality. Some are inexpensive and affordable. If you&#39;re interested in any of the products, we can email you the prices. We&#39;ll also give you coupons. 🙂 Contact us at thepinktarha@gmail.com.

  6. We should order for the office!!! :)))

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