EVER HEARD OF the story of the Princess and the Pea? 
Once there was a lost princess who, under unfortunate circumstances, found herself ragged and wet in the doorway of the King and Queen’s castle asking for a place to stay. It just so happens that the King and Queen’s son, the Prince was looking for a princess to marry. But because of her appearance, the King and Queen didn’t believe her to be a real princess. So, the clever Queen (as all clever mothers are) decided to put her to the test by placing a small pea underneath twenty mattresses and made the girl-who-claims-to-be-a-princess sleep on it. The next day, she was proven to be a true Princess when the Queen asked her how she slept, she uttered: “Oh, I am all black and blue for something hard must have been under my mattress!”
So what is the connection with what I’m about to tell you about? It’s simple.
Bed Quarter Co., which is the exclusive distributor of the No. 1 Mattress and Pillow brand, TEMPUR recently opened their largest showroom in the world (yes, the WORLD) along Orouba St. and S and yours truly were invited to grace the luxurious event last Wednesday. All of their big, corporate leaders were there to launch the opening, including their Chairman and Regional Director. 
Actually, as S and I were approaching the entrance, the two of us were still amused with ourselves with what we had apparently gotten ourselves into (yet again!). From the outside, we could see the big balloons and laser lights welcoming the guests in, and from where we were standing, we could see the men in suits and other women clad in regal abayas standing inside. We were a bit intimidated at first, but hey, they must have invited us coz they think we’re worth it, so might as well make the most of it right? And in true Pink Tarha fashion, we went in, escorted by our good friend from Ogawa, Mr. Shahid (who was the one who invited us to come btw). 
The fancy decor outside was festive. 
During the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Chairman, Engr. Al Mazro and Regional Director, Mr. Nesim Majzoub
Cake-cutting was in place too, with Engr. Mazro teasing the crowd that whoever can finish the cake can take home a free mattress. Too bad I just had dinner before going to the event! Hehe.
By the time we got inside, we found ourselves shaking hands with managers, directors, media personalities and other business owners. We calmly grasped our ground, smiled and made small talk with the people we met who were also present to support the event which really, showcased the entire set of TEMPUR mattresses and pillow products. 
TEMPUR has three collections of mattresses, categorized and described as follows:
We were lucky enough try out these mattresses inside their state-of-the-art “Sleep Experience Centre” – which is basically a small room inside the store that allows the customer to test their product mattresses for 15 minutes. It was a once-in-a-lifetime try for me and S so we really internalized our moment inside the room, which featured the Tempur Original Collection mattress and the Tempur Cloud Collection mattress (plus a video presentation to explain what the mattress can do, voiced by a very soothing, spa-sounding woman). At this point, I did my best not to fall asleep while the event was still going on outside. Heaven knows I wanted to spend the rest of the night sleeping on that AMAZING mattress – truly fit for a princess! 
S and I (Princesses in our own worlds) trying out the Sleep Experience Centre.

 TEMPUR’s mattress collection (Tempur Cloud, Tempur Original and Tempur Sensation)

You have to try it to believe it!
The reason I included the word “royalty” in the equation earlier is because TEMPUR is a top-of-the-line product that really caters to a “quality” sleep experience. Most, if not all of us, tend to take our sleeping conditions for granted, but the company that developed TEMPUR believes in the science of pressure-relief technology, having acquired material that is recognized and certified by NASA and the US Space Foundation (now, that’s out of this world!) and they value the importance of support, relaxation and comfort in the most basic activities of our daily lives – such as sitting and sleeping. Given the quality of their products, purchasing a TEMPUR mattress or product should really be seen as investment to good health and good living habits.
If you want to try out these amazing mattresses, you can visit their showroom at Orouba St. and/or contact them at 01-4607579 (don’t forget to try out the Sleep Centre when you get there!). They also sell several TEMPUR accessories that are composed of travel pillows (from bicycle saddle cushions to car seat supporters) and home pillows for superior sitting and sleeping support (great for those with constant back pains or mild osteoporosis). For more details, you can visit their website at
So, who wants to sleep like a princess (or a prince) for life? You better think (and thank) TEMPUR for that. 🙂


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