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The Pink Tarha was invited to attend a mini event at the Lush store in Faisaliah Mall yesterday. Lush is not new to us and we’re sure it’s not new to you too. It’s hard not to notice this store because it smells and looks good. The smell of the whole store can get overwhelming but the displays of soaps and bath bombs are always a treat to the eyes. Everything is cute, beautiful, and colorful. The aroma inside is fruity, floral, earthy… all the senses are tickled fancy in this place. Every time I enter this store, I get the urge to buy everything! (Buti na lang di ko afford lahat, haha!)
The lovely soap market!
A good turnout of lovelier ladies
A piece of cake! 😛
Lush is launching their campaign against animal testing. This has been the company’s advocacy ever since but they are amping up their efforts this year. Lush believes in non-animal testing policy. Most of their products are made of natural ingredients, essential oils, and a small palette of synthetics that are safe to use. Lush firmly believes in this policy that they haven’t used ingredients from companies that are involved in animal testing and haven’t opened stores in countries that permit animal testing in cosmetics and toiletries production. 
Find our stickers! 😛
Being committed to this advocacy, Lush doesn’t stop from there. They want to push for concrete laws that properly protects animals rather than have other companies invent their own rules on such practices. “{Lush} firmly believes that the Lush Non-Animal Testing Policy has been a beacon, showing what a committed company can do if their heart is in the right place. Animals deserve proper protection which forces the worst of companies towards kinder behavior.” 
Soaps. Lush’ main product.
Chop, chop! 
A bestseller!
Love the combination of subtle colors

We’re all for simplifying things. We applaud Lush in their campaign to protect animals and continue making fresh handmade products using essential oils, fruit and vegetables, and small doses of synthetic ingredients that are tried and tested. We also like their non-obsession on anti-aging stuff. Our generation is paranoid in having wrinkles and in aging (aminin!) and we tend to get swayed by cosmetic companies who promise the fountain of youth in their products. But we all age and the most we can do is take good care of our skin at any given age, diba? Let’s not get obsessed on all these anti-aging schemes. Mas nakaka-wrinkles yata ang pagwo-worry about it! As Lush said, “Why search science for new ones, when we haven’t yet used all that nature offers?” 
We’re all for nature!
Fizzy bath bombs!
Not edible. Repeat: not edible!
Think Pink!
Perfect for the summer tan! Glowing gold?!
Lovely Phoenix Rising
Pop in the Bath: bergamot and mandarin
Dorothy: rainbows, bubbles, perfume
Nice floral touches
I’ve already used products from Lush. They are quite expensive but they work like a charm. My favorite soap is called Honey I Washed The Kids (cute ayt?). It’s a creamy caramel bar that smells so good I wanna eat it with my coffee! Haha. I also enjoy smelling Karma, the “scent of Lush.” My face regimen is composed of putting this icky, green stuff on my face. It’s Lush’ Herbalism, a purifying herbal cleanser for oily and problematic skin. After using this, I can really feel that my face is cleaner. It’s a great exfoliator; just don’t rub your face harshly. I also like Angels On Bare Skin, a rose and lavender cleansing wash, but it’s always OOS when I visit Lush. Their multi-use moisturizer Lemony Flutter glides like butter in my hands and cuticles.
Their Easter display
Nope, they don’t smell like carrots. LOL.
The eggs

Lush also offers gift bundles packed with products that go well together. Perfect for special occasions, which reminds us that Mother’s Day (international date) is near! So don’t forget to pick up a wonderful de-stress gift for your moms! 

A different kind of flowers for your moms
Adorable gifts!
Limited edition floral gift boxes
Of course, with all the other brands out there, to each his/her own. Admittedly, The Pink Tarha ladies use other brands for our skin care and make up and we often neglect to check if the brands we’re using are free from animal testing or are using organic, natural products. Most of the time, our mantra is, if it works great in our skin, that’s  what we’re using! Which makes sense actually because we’re the ones who know our skin. I know my face breaks out every time I use a new product. It gradually adjusts to the new product over time. So whatever works for you, go! But if there are little ways we can do to help this world become better place for all living things (and our skin becoming better in the process too), then why not? These little acts of kindness and concern make life lush after all! 🙂
E at the ‘we are not soap’ counter
Solid shampoos that last
Facial washes, lotions, etc.
The non-soap products
Lip tints/balms/scrubs
Trying out a hand wash
What’s your take? If you’re against animal testing too, sign the petition today! Have you tried Lush products? What are your favorites? Visit Lush stores in Faisaliah Mall and Kingdom Centre.




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  1. I would have a lot of fun at the Lush Store and I would lose it because I love Lush Bubble Bars.

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