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Two weeks ago (I know, this is an awfully late entry again but please continue reading and let me make up to you…), I attended the Ladies 4 Networking Breakfast at the Outback Restaurant in Localizer Mall. It was my first time to attend such an event in Riyadh and I didn’t know what to expect. The invitation from Ms. Sabina, the beautiful event organizer whom we first met at the Lush event against animal testing, says that the event is a way to promote and discover products, businesses, and brands. Entrance fee is SR 15 inclusive of light breakfast from sponsors Golden Brown and Cannelle, goodie bag from Make-Up Forever and Candy Bouquet/Chocolate Dream, and short workshops. 

This event is of course, for ladies’ only. I arrived around 9:30 in the morning and the place is already packed! One part of Outback’s bachelor section was turned into a session hall while the other half was turned into a mini bazaar where tables were set-up to accommodate ladies selling their wares. The family section was for breakfast. 


{Disclaimer: Dear ladies who attended, I did not take a photo of your faces. And I did not take this photo to be distributed in the intarwebs or offend anyone. This photo is to just show how many ladies attended the event.}

Before the start of the talks, prices were raffled off. I was lemming for the MUFE bag but no such luck. 😛 I took the time to go around the bazaar to check out the products. Here is a list of the vendors for your reference. Because you, dear readers, are fond of asking us where you can buy this and that, this list of entrepreneurs might be right up your alley! 🙂

Spencer W. Tart Artworks

Pieces of Arabia
So detailed!

Artist Spencer W. Tart lived in the Saudi Arabia in 1979. His works featured prominent scenes from the desert and the Middle East. His watercolor and pencil paintings have been exhibited and sold in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar. Not surprising as his works are so detailed and captivating. Judi Mathur is the artist’s local agent in Saudi Arabia so if you want these Tart limited edition prints, she’s the lady to go to. Contact her at +966540613705 or jvvanura@gmail.com.

Art Classes + Moroccan Argan Oil

Are you an artist yourself or would just like to pursue your passion or interest in the arts? Then, Saida is the answer to your prayers. She offers art classes including silk painting, decoupage, porcelain flowers making, pewter and drawing techniques, and painting using oil, watercolor, pastel and acrylic. Her classes are perfect for your kids too.

The fountain of youth?
And have you heard of the Moroccan Argan Oil? The beauty world is all abuzz about this youth elixir. It treats skin, nails, and hair problems like psoriasis, eczema, etc. and aids in blood circulation. If you’re interested on either the art classes or the Moroccan ‘liquid gold’, contact 0564005054 / saidaohaibi@yahoo.fr

Pottery, Art, and Accessories


Intricate details
Love the colors!

Interested in bringing home more crafts, this time in pottery and accessories? Najah Arts is the place to find them. I’ve seen this lady in the bazaar in our workplace and her creations are fabulous. From eye-catching necklaces to delicate ceramics, she has it. Contact artist Najah Yaiche at latunisoise@hotmail.com or 0569974814.

Alternatifs and Edens Corner

Riyadh is not far behind when it comes to recycled, organic, natural, and sustainable products. Admittedly, they are hard to find. That’s why, a “Green” event supported by ladies who are promoting a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle is a breath of fresh air.

Lovely, lovely

Edens Corner offers minerals and stones set in your favorite jewelry. Be it rings, necklaces, and even cuff links. They have lapis lazuili, meteorite (wow!), tourmaline, sapphire, peridot (my birth stone, yey!) and more. Some of their products can be found in Sada Shop.

Natural, organic skin care
ALTERnatifs is a local business that brings organic and sustainable products here in Riyadh. They sell Australian line Miessence whose products range from skin care to bosy care to hair care and even a babies’ line for your sweet little darlings. 

More products
In cute tins
What interested me the most in Alternatif’s offerings is the Natural Patches of Vermont. These patches are more than just your ordinary Salonpas. NPV brings the therapeutic benefits of aromatherpay and essential oils. The Arnica or soothing aches and pain and the Lavender for a sleeping sleep are the formula I’d like to try next time. Contact Alternatifs manager Ferial M. Abbas at +9661201441 or ferialalternatifs@gmail.com.

Cake Detail Baking Classes

What’s a ladies’ bazaar without the goodness of baking? Cake Detail offers baking and decorating classes for beginners and advanced students. Their cakes on display were amazing! I didn’t have time to take photos though but you can visit their Facebook page for more details. If I have more time in my hands, I’ll take a class on the Wilton Method. Classes are kept small so you’ll be sure to be given utmost care and attention. Contact baking and decorating instructor Muna Snobar at cakedetail@gmail.com.

Candy Bouquet

Speaking of things all good and yummy, Chocolate Dream/Candy Bouquet was also present in the event. These are good alternative to folowers. Imagine, you don’t have to bring flowers and chocolates separately. They come in one gorgeous package! Perfect as gifts for all occasions! Contact Candy Bouquet at 01-4197237. They have a branch in Dabab St. 

Magrabi’s Lasik Technology

Maghrabi’s presentation

Magrabi Hospital, one of the main sponsors of the Ladies Networking event, presented their newest lasik technology. There were doctors and several nurses on standby to check the grade of the eyes and give free consultation. Their slideshows were informative. I’ve always wanted to have my eyes corrected through lasik but the 8,000 to 10,000 SR price is too much for my meager income. I’ll have to, ehermn, save more. For consultation, contact the Magrabi Eye, Ear, and Dental Hospital at 01-4705656.

Tchibo, another event sponsor, is a German company that recently opened their branch in Granada Mall. And even before I came to knew that fact, I already visited that store and found it practical: it’s like the IKEA of apparel. Shirts, pants, and lingerie are available in packs and boxes at affordable prices. They also have some home stuff like pillows, towels, pots and pans, and fairy lights!

Make Up For Ever

Newest MUFE lippies; samples in photo

The highlight of the event for me was the Make Up For Ever‘s how-to talk. Surprisingly, most of the ladies opted to have breakfast already. I stayed at the session hall to listen to MUFE’s make-up artist. MUFE trainees were there offering samples of their products. One applied the Aqua Lash eyeliner on my lids and mascara on my lashes. They instantly brightened up my eyes making it look bigger and sexier. Hello, lashes! I’ve always been fascinated with how Arabic women put on their eye makeup. They do a terrific job! I also tried their newest Natural lipstick, which is smooth and fine. It’s my new My-Lips-But-Better lipstick.

Yummy cupcakes!

I went to the breakfast hall to find cupcakes and assorted pastries. I gobble up Golden Brown’s blue velvet and banana cupcakes (my fave) and a cheesecake. Delicious! I thank Sabina for a great morning and went on my way. Ooops, lemme show you what’s in the goodie bag:

MUFE samples and chocolates from Chocolate Dream

So, if you’re interested in any of the activities and products above, please contact the numbers and email addresses I’ve provided. And don’t forget to tell them you heard about their products and services from The Pink Tarha. Haha. If you’re a seller or vendor and want your services and products to be featured in The Pink Tarha blog, don’t hesitate to email us at thepinktarha@gmail.com.
Happy Wednesday!



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  2. Hi there! She said they usually hold it every month. If there's a bazaar invite from her, we will surely announce it in our Facebook page so please stay tuned. 🙂

  3. I was there, it was fun

  4. Hi Dany! It would have been awesome to have met you personally in that event. 🙂 Maybe on the next ladies' event? 🙂

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    How can we contact the MUFE makeup artist??:( and is there a training or a workshop or something? Please tell it would be a dream come true for me!

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  9. Hello Anonymous 11:14PM and 11:19PM: <br />We do not know when the next event is. We only get an email from the organizers a few weeks before the event itself. If you&#39;re interested to be in the mailing list, kindly email sabinamg@yahoo.co.uk to be informed of the events. Kindly ask nicely. <br /><br />Also, whenever we receive these invites from her of women events in Riyadh, we post them in

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