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We are always cruising along Tahlia St. that every time an opening soon sign is erected, we see it and get excited. When Oi Lounge’s opening soon sign was up, it was the wonderful play of colors that caught our eyes, including the sushi illustrations that went with it. We were on the lookout for its opening. When it finally did, I asked a friend to treat me there for her birthday (demanding pa ako?! haha!).
Modern Japanese restaurant
Oi Lounge brings to Riyadh the concept of having sushi and maki plates in a conveyor belt. The plates parade before you and you just have to snatch what tickles your fancy. The prices ranging from SR24 to SR100 are according to the color of the plate.
Conveyor belt with plates rimmed with color
The interiors of Oi! is very nice. It’s clean and elegant yet fun, pretty, and trendy. The mix of violet, green, orange, yellow, and pink reminds us of tea time ala Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And if it’s not glaring enough, there’s a huge tea pot in the floor…
I get it, you are a Japanese restaurant.
Cute color accents on a predominantly white Ichida lounge
Love the wall decals.
The royal purple couch beside the conveyor belt
We took a booth with violet couches near the conveyor belt and ordered away. Here are the food in our table:
Sanni Combination: salmon, tuna, and shrimp in a roll (SR
Shezuan Ramen: egg noodles with spicy broth (SR)
Tendon, a rice bowl with tempura (SR35)
Beef Teriyaki (SR75)
For a Japanese restaurant, Oi! Lounge serves a very different kind of maki. We like that the fishes and shrimps in the maki are fresh and tender but the rice used was too soft, wet and lacking in vinegar. Isn’t vinegared rice used in sushis and makis? If this is an original take to the maki, then we wanted the tried and tested ingredients please. The ramen is bland and boring. It is true to its spicy claim though. The tendon was okay: the tempura pieces are hot and crisp. It’s the beef teriyaki that took us by surprise. The grade A strip loin used was really juicy and tender and went well with the sweet teriyaki sauce. Even the veggie salad on the side was yummy. If we’re ever to come back, this would be the sole reason. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to shell out SR75 for beef teriyaki every time.
I can write a love letter for you.
Oi Lounge is a surprising gem in Tahlia St. Its waiters and chef are friendly and courteous. We’d love to be back but not until we tried other Japanese restaurants in the city. ~ Sundrenched

Oi Lounge
Address: Tahlia St., Riyadh, KSA
(near Centria Mall)
T: +966-1-464-4661
W: www.oilounge.com


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  1. YUMMY!! I'm not big on Sushi BUT this makes me want some now! Can't wait to try this restaurant! Thanks, ladies.

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    can you tell me where can I find Nori paper, mirin and sake.

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