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*** This entry is written by our friend and contributor, Jamila, and Sundrenched. 
You know what they say about nails? “You can tell a lot from a person’s nails. When a life starts to unravel, they’re among the first to go.” So don’t let others see your nails in such a desperate state. Invigorate them in Four Nail Spa and Salon
The new nail salon found in the center of one of the newly-renovated amenities center in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre has an inviting interior, though small, that makes you want to hang out and stay all day. Even though they offer facials and hair treatments, we like the idea of a place that focuses on nails. It sets Four, simply named after the owners’ favorite number, apart from other salons. Four Nail Spa and Salon is indeed a little sanctuary in this hectic city. 
Shabby chic interiors
This spot is for you.
Four Nail Spa and Salon has a signature manicure/pedicure that costs SR110 and SR140 respectively. We tried both one afternoon and found them engaging and delightful. We were asked to dip our hand and feet in water with rock salts. 
The basin where thou feet are washed.
Rock salts to soften the skin.
They use Green Bar, Inc. products in their services. Both the manicure and pedicure started with an application of Green Bar’s Flower Polish that acts as a cuticle remover using botanical oils such as organic castor and lemongrass. Loved the flowery, herbal scent! It was something new as we’re used to using the pink liquid cuticle remover at home and in other salons.

S’ finger nails being groomed.
The nail shaping and buffing went by quickly owing to the experienced salon staff. They work efficiently and diligently. The scrub with sugar, henna, rose, lavender, and local cider was gentle yet effective in exfoliation. A relaxing massage followed. It was so great, it was bitin. Would love to go back even for the massage alone! 
The TITO nail polish range.
Four Nail Spa and Salon boasts of the nail polish line they use. TITO Nail Lacquers are chip-resistant and long lasting polishes made in France, which the salon owners carefully chose from several exhibits they’ve been to (talk about passion for nails!). 
Subtle, neutral colors
Vibrant, summery colors
Tito is available in 99 colors from the pastels Baby Steps, Bluebell, Iris, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the deeper shades of Scarlet, City of Gold, and Bootylicious. What lovely names too! Haha! They’re perfect for the dry weather in the desert! And literally, a spectrum of colors is at your fingertips. French Nail and nail art are offered as add-ons for SR 20 and SR45 respectively. 
Love looking at this case.
Pastels Bluebell (light blue) and Iris (light pink) in the middle are trendy.
And true to its promise of being chip-resistant, I (Jamila) played the guitar during the weekend with my summery Daffodil (a lemony green opaque) polish and it did not budge at all! Sunrenched had the Macau on, a shimmery blue green polish, and it looks glam. She’s wearing it for days now and it still looks great, except maybe for the fading in her nail ends. 
The salon boasts of clean stations and sterilized tools. But they let you bring your own tools too if you’re more comfortable in using them. They also offer a nail kit stuffed with a clipper, buffer, brush, pusher, etc. for a little over SR100, which they can use in the salon for you and you can bring home after. 
Fit for a lady.
Details that create a fresh, clean ambiance.
The only problem we had with the signature mani/pedi is the unmovable basin area, which looks adorable btw, that hindered us from enjoying the massage as it kept on getting in the way. It says a lot about the narrowness of the simple yet chic couch and the smallness of the place. Pack five customers in there plus the staff, it will probably feel like a sardine can already (but a beautiful, fragrant can). Nevertheless, we were told that since services are by appointment, they control the stream of customers fairly so you won’t feel overwhelmed by many people in a small place. And they’re expanding and branching out too (soon!). 
Products from the organic, all-natural Green Bar, Inc. line.
Four Nail Spa and Salon retails the products they use in their nail care and facial. You might want to check out the Bahrain-made 100% natural Green Bar, Inc products. Bestsellers include the multipurpose Green Balm, exfoliating Flower Polish, hair revitalizing Botanical Protein, and Body Oils in various scents (Apricot&Grapefruit, Lavender&Hazelnut, etc.). 
The products used in their mani/pedi.
There’s also GlamGlow, a green tea and volcanic rock mud mask used in their facial service (SR95). This mask is used by celebrities like Natalie Portman (her fave!) and Nina Dobrev (woot, woot!). 
The mud mask that’s receiving so many raves.
Beauty products at your fingertips.
What we also loved about Four Nail Spa and Salon is the fact that they carry some of the beauty products that are hard to find in Riyadh. They have the popular EOS lip balm and Urban Decay‘s eye primer (Sundrenched squealed in delight at the vision of these products. She’s the makeup crazy one here!). Also Burt’s Bees kits, Carmex, and Sally Hansen nail polish strips. The owners, three beautiful and nice ladies, of Four Nail Spa really research the best stuff and try to bring them all here in Riyadh. It speaks volumes of their dedication and commitment to their new business. 
Say hello to Shellac!
They’re also offering a service called Long Lasting Nail Polish (SR130 mani/ SR160 pedi) that uses Shellac, a chip-free, extended-wear “power polish”. It involves a CND UV Lamp to cure polish layers giving you a durable, scratch-resistant, and high shine finish (yes, we’re still talking about nail polish here, haha!). This, along with nail gel, will be available soon. 
Aren’t they sweet and welcoming? 🙂
Likewise, their hair treatments will be available mid-August. They’re bringing INOA, a revolutionary odorless, ammonia-free hair color, in their service menu along with an experienced, professional hair colorist that will tend to your tresses with expertise and care. They will mainly use L’Oreal in their hair treatments (SR125 up). 
Along with the dainty lady-like ambiance of the place, we love the sweets that they serve, along with flowering tea, a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers. This small ball of tea leaves, imported from New York and are popular in Japan, unfurl when dropped in hot water. We’re so curious how our strawberry-flavored flowering tea unraveled that we had to see the “process.” Look here: 
The flowering tea unraveling before our eyes.
The tea we tried was mild and fragrant. And while sipping tea, how ’bout some updated and new glossies? Love that their magazines are not old and ratty.
… because we, ladies, would like to be updated! 
Have a seat, my lady! (Best enjoyed with a friend beside you. 😉
So what are you waiting for? If you want something cozy and chic, if you want to stay away from the usual salons that use commercial and all-too familiar brands that are already boring the hell out of you, then… Four Nail Spa and Salon is for you. It is quite small (for now) but it provides services that create huge results. It is highly recommended that you book an appointment first before going there. Get in touch with them through the numbers below. They’re open from 10:30am to 4:00pm Saturday to Thursday this Ramadan.
Oh, and we’re not done yet. Up next, we’re having a giveaway courtesy of Four Nail Spa and Salon for one lucky liker and follower. Stay tuned!

Four Nail Spa and Salon
Amenities Center
(behind the Social Club and between the supermarket and tennis court)
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center
(we’re told you will not have any problems coming in the hospital to visit the salon)
W: www.four.com.sa
E: info@four.com.sa
M: +966-50-165-4444
T: +966-1-464-7272 ext. 78731
FB: facebook.com/FourSpaSalon
TW: @4spa


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    ang ganda at sosyal naman ng lugar na yan.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Majority of Nail Spa's and Salon's here in Riyadh are overpriced. How can a regular employee earning $400-$500 a month afford to pay $40-$60 for a manicure or a pedicure twice a month??? Times two if they plan to avail both??They are even more expensive than the salons and nail spa's in Hollywood. For them to ahve more loyal customers they should somehow make the prices reasonable.

  3. Thank you for your comments! <br />@Anonymous 5:59: We agree that nail spas and salons here in Riyadh charge higher, maybe because of their target markets too. Most women here, esp the locals can pay. Most services are overpriced but you cannot see any salon offering cheaper ones. That&#39;s why if you&#39;re going to a salon, you choose the one whose services are worth it. Those who uses high

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, thanks for sharing! Could you please let me know if they offer hair-cutting?

  5. ^Hello there! They said they&#39;ll be offering haircutting services mid-August. To be sure, kindly call the salon first and ask. The numbers are above. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! 😉

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