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Kitsch Cupcakes. For the first time, it’s not the cupcakes in the store’s name that got my attention first. It’s the “Kitsch” that made me look twice, thrice… If you look in the dictionary, which I did because I had to get what I know of it straight, kitsch means “something of a cheap design or appearance.” One dictionary even go as far as defining it as “a tacky or lowbrow quality or condition.” Now, this is not an adjective I would want to name a cupcake store after, or any store for that matter. So how does Kitsch Cupcakes use this name and give it another meaning? 
For Kitsch Cupcakes, kitsch means uber-trendy, original, and out-of-the-box. This cupcake store, one of the most popular in the UAE, enthralls with 14 flavors. FOURTEEN. From the popular and classic Red V (red velvet+cream cheese frosting) to the contemporary Skinny (low fat, low sugar cupcake) to the signature Kitsch Special, a death by chocolate combination of chocolate cake and Nutella icing. It also offers cupcakes for those allergic to eggs (The Chick Friendly) and dairy (The Cow Friendly). 
Finally open! 
It’s been a long time since I first saw the sign of Kitsch Cupcakes in Tahliya Street but it’s only recently that they opened their doors. I’m there on the first week! (Yeah, I’m still not over cupcakes… are you?) I’m a little bit surprised to find their cupcakes priced at 10 riyals each. It’s quite expensive, especially when the ongoing price in most cupcake stores I’ve tried is between SR6 to SR8 for the standard size. Kitsch Cupcakes’ is not sized out-of-the-ordinary so why the SR10 price tag? It must be the taste then. Buying a box of 12, though, will make the cupcake’s price go down to SR8 a piece. 
Did you ask for more choices?!
Yum, yum, yum!
Red velvet, did you call my name by any chance? 🙂

I immediately gobbled a red velvet, my measuring stick for all cupcake stores I’m trying. Kitsch’s didn’t disappoint. The red velvet cake tasted fresh and lovely; its icing complemented the cake nicely. And the heart sprinkles? So cute atop the glistening swirl of soft, mild-tasting cream cheese frosting. It took me three bites to eat it and even after that, I was clamoring for more. Alas, I had to move on to the other flavors! The Kitsch Special took me aback; it was chocolate after chocolate after chocolate! The cake was feathery; a bit of nudge and it crumbles apart bit by chocolatey bit. I find the Nutella frosting so rich and decadent. This is sin in all its glory. A sin to my waist and thighs, that is. 
Dates and pistachios
My kind of “strawberry field”
How sweet is your tooth?
The other flavors came and went quickly. I remember traces of the peanut butter icing of Little Nutter, the cookie crumbs of the Oreo, the chunky, gritty cake of Naughty Bunny (carrot cake+cream cheese frosting), the overwhelming waves of choco icing of Triple Chocolate, and the sort-of artificial strawberry flavor of Berry Dream. It’s not difficult to figure out that all that icing on a cupcake lent too much sweetness. Still the cake base were finely-crumbed and consistent in all. I suggest you eat in equal parts of icing and cake. Or shed half of the layer of the icing before diving in. 
I let the salesman choose for me.
Except for the red velvet, which is always a given.
There’s no such thing as too much sprinkle topping!
No, I’m not a chocolate lover.
Did I mention that Kitsch Cupcake is decorated in white and pink? And that its cupcakes are housed in a long box and a long paper bag decorated with pink polka dots? White and pink like your first love? Hmmmn! Kitsch promises cupcakes made out of love, infused with the highest quality ingredients, and baked daily in the premises. 
True enough, Kitsch took the tacky and cheap out of the kitsch, and left it with a meaning of bliss. 
How much is that cake in the window?
How angry are those birds in their glass cage? 😉
Kitsch Cupcakes also offer decorative cakes (from SR135 up), giant cupcakes (SR135), cookies (SR6) and fudge brownies (SR12). If you can’t go out, don’t let that stop you from getting a piece! Kitsch Cupcakes delivers. See their landline number below. 

Kitsch Cupcakes 
Tahlia Street, Riyadh 
T: +966-1-4633838 

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  1. i like the cup cake , is there any decoration tutorial??hheheehhe.. <br />or u sell it too??

  2. Hi Say! You can find cake decoration tutorials in the Internet. 🙂 Kitch Cupcakes doesn&#39;t sell cupcake-making and -decorating kits but you can find them in Tamimi Supermarket if you&#39;re interested in baking and decorating your own. 🙂 Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! 🙂

  3. i&#39;ve seen this place a few times and i&#39;ve been dying to check it out! i haven&#39;t found a cupcake in riyadh yet that outdoes sugar sprinkles, but that doesn&#39;t mean i won&#39;t have fun giving them all the chance. 😉

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