Here’s a Heads Up!

We’ve been hearing about Heads Up Salon for quite some time now so I decided to visit them one Thursday morning months ago for some nail pampering and eyebrow threading. The violet and white scheme of the salon is already evident in their signage outside. So it wasn’t a surprise for me to see the violet interiors when I entered. I was greeted warmly by the staff, who were still getting ready when I arrived. Talk about being such an early bird. Excited ateh?!

The reception area, with outdated magazines to read

The waiting area

I think it’s the massage chair that I loved the most in my experience with Heads Up. Haha. While sitting pretty and my nails being groomed by the efficient nail technician, I can feel the chair automatically kneading and massaging my back. It provided additional comfort and relief for my tired, stressed body. This is such a wonderful free service that I forgot I was there for a manicure and foot spa. 

The lovely massage chairs, haaaay…

My nail technician was gentle with my nails and cuticles. The foot spa entailed the usual foot soak, scrub and a little bit massage plus nail grooming. The soak and scrub were nothing special; you can even do it at the comfort of your homes. The foot spa was a little bit bitin, as most foot spas are. I mean, who can get enough of such a good thing? If it’s possible, I would spend a day in a spa having my whole body subjected to all kinds of pampering. Wouldn’t you? 

Heads Up Salon is where I get my eyebrow threading too. The ate who does this is very skilled with the thread. It’s pretty much painless compared to other salons I’ve been in. She does the job fast and she listens to me when I say I don’t want my eyebrows to be too thin. For SR30, I say it’s worth it. 

The eyebrow and facial wax area | Various products

A friend was brave enough to try the Brazilian Wax in Heads Up. I cringe at the thought of this procedure because I cannot imagine the pain but she said it didn’t hurt as much as she expected it to be but it does hurt. I actually tagged along weeks ago when she did her second Brazilian to hear her scream . This time, she wasn’t that pleased with the wax used. It hurt and her attendant was a little bit less energetic and attentive but still trying her best.

The hair salon

What hair style will you be having today?

I’m sure you’re dying to hear how my hair cut in Heads Up went. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there for a haircut. You might be wondering why would I feature Heads Up without trying their hair cut first. That’s like going to KFC without ordering their chicken. (Kung maka-relate sa food pa talaga?!) Well, their lone hair cutter was having her day-off so maybe next time. Have you had your hair cut in Heads Up Salon? Give us your feedback in our comment section, please. 🙂

The violet interiors

Heads Up offers hair coloring, hair treatments, nail designs, waxing, sugaring (halawa), bleaching, facials, massage, and make-up. Their prices are pretty much affordable when it comes to the standard fees of salons here in Saudi Arabia. Foot spa is SR120 while plain manicure is SR60. A haircut is SR50 to SR60 while hair color is SR200 up depending on the hair length.

Book an appointment by calling their number below so you won’t have to wait that long in case the salon is busy or the personnel are on leave. Most of the staff are Filipinos.

It also amuses us when we enter a salon and they pretty much has a solid color theme. I was telling the fellow tarhas that when we open our own salon, it wouldn’t be hard to guess what our chosen color is if that comes into fruition. 😉 ~ Sundrenched

Heads Up Salon
Near RKH/Military Hospital and Al-Rajhi Supermarket
Suleimania, Riyadh
T: +966-1-476-1484


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  1. Kailangan pa po ba magpa-appointment bago magpunta dun? Or okay lang kahit walk-in nalang? Gusto ko ma-try services nila lalo na sa hair cut 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Hi Sarah! It's better to call them for an appointment so that you won't wait long just in case there are a lot of people. And the hair cutter might be on a day off so it's better to be sure she's there. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Reply

    siz how much mag pa brazilian wax.. are they ising hot wax!? heheh.. guato ko ma try…hihihi

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Do they have services for men too? Other than haircut, what other services do they have available for men? Is there a different door/intrance for men/women? Thanks for the info in advance.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    I heard that a branch for men also opened up here in Riyadh. Can someone tell me a bit about that, like location and/or a number I could call? <br /><br />Thank!<br />

  6. Hi Anonymous, the branch for men is located beside the Alrajhi Supermarket in the Military Hospital. (The Alrajhi Grocery beside it; not the one in front where the Head&#39;s Up for women is located). As for contact details, we have no idea but we&#39;ll ask around. 🙂

  7. Anonymous Reply

    any idea how much for hair wax of ua and half legs?<br />

  8. Anonymous Reply

    that salon sucks!!!<br /><br /><br />expensive<br /><br />untrained staff<br /><br />lack of staff<br /><br />only the ambience is i could say…nice enough…

  9. Anonymous Reply

    How much po ung brazilian wax n underarm wax nila dun? Is it expensive? Thanks

  10. Alexandria Reply

    Hi do u have hair rebonding service? Thanks

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