Random Thursday {September 13}

What time is it? I know, I know. It’s late and I’m still typing this entry away. The Pink Tarha is getting busy for the upcoming workshop. It’s our first time to hold it so imagine the rush. That’s next week, folks! And we’re excited!!! 
Anyway, on to this day’s random finds and photos…

Oh breakfast, what would we do without you? Chos. One of the most popular breakfasts in the city can be found in a furniture store. IKEA’s SR6 breakfast is composed of two long sausages, beef breakfast, loaf bread, eggs, jam, and butter. Plus coffee and tea, of course. In my case, I pair it with cold iced tea. Greasy, cheap, filling… what more can you ask for? 

Posting photos of malls in Riyadh proves popular in our Facebook page. A few OFW kids who grew up in the city and are now back in th Philippines, or somewhere outside Saudi Arabia, are the ones who share these photos and say they miss it. The Faisaliah Mall’s Ramadan decor proved to be popular garnering more than 50 likes and 30 shares. I’m sharing you Riyadh Gallery‘s fountains this time. It’s a little oasis in the usually crowded shopping center.

Homaygahd, Jollibee’s chicken joy! JOY, JOY, JOY! What more can I say? 🙂

This is the popular King Fahd Road. (Ehrmn, this Random Thursday entry is becoming a compilation of “popular” things. Hehe.) I took this one Ramadan morning and I couldn’t believe it… the road is empty. EMPTY. This doesn’t happen on an ordinary day. If you go out now, you’ll be stuck in one of the worst traffic you’ll ever be in the desert city. Oh well… let’s charge it to a day in the life of a Riyadhizen. 😛

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Eyecandy and our friend, KSA-born and raised Jamila, loves the kunafah, a traditional cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup. The one above is from Kusebasi and it’s quite good. The cheese is chewy and the long threads of “noodles” were crunchy. I’m not fond of Arabic sweets because they’re soooo sweet! Proof? How about soaked in sweet syrup? As in soaked?! Haha.
That’s it for today. Hope to be churning more entries this week! 🙂 ~ Sundrenched


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Ohh I love IKEA&#39;s breakfast! Back when I was still studying in Riyadh, my family would visit IKEA on a friday morning so we could have breakfast there. Huhu Riyadh Gallery. I&#39;m one of those &quot;A few OFW kids who grew up in the city and are now back in the Philippines&quot;. <br />Wallahi, nothing beats the lifestyle their in Riyadh. I miss Riyadh &gt;:)&lt;

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Heyy!! I wanted to ask if u know any asian supermarket in riyadh,aside from the ones in batha..<br />Thank you very much

  3. @Anonymous 1:18PM: Hello there! Being used to Riyadh&#39;s lifestyle will make you really miss it. Hope we&#39;re helping you wax nostalgia over the city where you grew up in. 🙂 And do come back! (Inangkin ang Riyadh? Haha!) TC!<br /><br />@Anonymous 5:40PM: What do you mean by &quot;Asian markets&quot;? Stores selling Filipino stuff/brands? Apart from Batha, try the local Al-Rakhi Grocery

  4. Whoops, that&#39;s supposed to be Al-Rajhi Supermarket/Grocery. 🙂

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