How To Visit the UAE from KSA

Get a visa, of course! The thing is… are you eligible for a visa on arrival? Or do you need to apply for one before going? ;)I’m sure most of you have read Eyecandy’s Dubai entry and we’ve received a few inquiries regarding UAE visas. Some, we couldn’t answer and some, well, we suggest answers. But here’s a mini primer, which we hope can help you.
I also had the chance to visit the United Arab Emirates last April to attend my high school friend’s wedding. I stayed mostly in Abu Dhabi and visited Dubai for a day (more on my trip on a later entry). The visa policy of the UAE is quite straight forward. Let me zero in on their policy about residents of GCC countries but are not GCC nationals. Ergo, we Filipinos living in Saudi Arabia (or any other non-Arab, non-Western expats for that matter). It’s as simple as this:
GCC Residents who are not GCC nationals but who have high professional status such as company managers, business people, auditors, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, or employees working in the public sector, their families, drivers and personal staff sponsored by them, are eligible for a non-renewable 30-day visa upon arrival at the approved ports of entry. 
Did you understand it? Let’s break it down a little further if it’s still quite confusing.
(Disclaimer: This analysis is based on our experience and understanding.) 
– What is a visa on arrival? 
This means that you’re not required to apply for a tourist visa before you go to the UAE. You can just get the visa once you arrive in the airport. You don’t have to go to the UAE embassy to apply for it (like what you do for a US or Schengen visa). You need to pay less than 200 dirhams at the airport of your entry for the visa.
Who can get a visa on arrival? 
You can get a visa upon arrival only if you’re a high professional (listed above) and it says so in your iqama. Those who are working as, say, engineers, but have ‘drivers’ in their iqama cannot get a visa upon arrival. Don’t laugh. This iqama confusion and misrepresentation happen sometimes so better have your professions in your iqama checked.
– You are of a high profession and your family is going with you… can they also get a visa on arrival? 
Yes. As long as they are your eligible dependents (meaning, it says so in their iqama that they are your dependents).
– Can we travel by land to the UAE?
Only if you’re eligible for visa on arrival. Most tourist/visit visas which are released through travel agencies or sponsors should travel by air. From Riyadh, it’s a 12-hour journey to Dubai on cars and buses. It’s around an hour if you travel by plane.
– You are not of a high profession but you work in the public sector (ex. government hospitals), can you get a visa on arrival? 
Probably. Eyecandy’s iqama states that she is a librarian and she works for a government hospital. She got a visa on arrival. A reader said they were medical secretaries but they work for a government hospital, they also got visa on arrival. To be sure, visit the UAE embassy in the Diplomatic Quarters (this is what E did) or call them in their phone number below.
– What if you’re not of a high profession but still wants to visit the UAE? 
You will require a visa before going and a sponsor for your visit. The sponsor will be the one to apply the visa on your behalf. Valid sponsors may be as follows:
a. Hotels and tourist companies can apply, on your behalf, for a tourist visa (valid for 30 days), or a service visa (14 days), or visit visa (30 days extendable).
b. Airlines and airline handlers on behalf of their crew members for a 96-hour transit visa
c. Other organizations based in the UAE
d. Individuals (relatives or friends) already UAE residents may apply on your behalf.
The easiest way among the four is the first option, especially when you have no family or friends in the UAE who can help you. Use an authorized travel agency in the UAE to apply the visa for you.
When I was still clueless about all this process, I inquired via email in one of the travel agencies in Dubai. Here’s what I gleaned on my email with South Travels JLT. (Disclaimer: The Pink Tarha is not related to South Travels JLT.) 
*This is for the visa valid only for 14 days.
– They can process a visa request for $180 (per passport).
– The visa they process is valid for arrival by plane only, NOT by bus.
– Visa processing takes 3-4 UAE working days (take note that in the UAE, their weekend is Friday and Saturday).
– Visa processing will start 10 days before the guest’s arrival.
– Submit the following via email attachment:
* Clear copy of passport page with your personal information
* Clear copy of iqama page
* Colored passport size picture
* Confirmed return airline ticket
* Duly filled up application form (that will sent to you by the agency via email)
– There’s no guarantee that your visa will be approved, and immediately. And like any other visa application, yours can also be denied on various grounds. Visa approval is still subject to UAE Immigration Rules and Regulations.
South Travel JLT answered all my questions regarding the visa process and they were really helpful. However, it turned out I wouldn’t be needing their service.
I’m quite sure you will still have lots of questions. You can read this primer from UAE Interact, which we used in this entry. And you can inquire with various authorized travel agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Most of them answer inquiries. But to be really, really sure, you can also visit the UAE Embassy here in Riyadh to inquire. Don’t be afraid to ask.
United Arab Emirates Embassy in Riyadh 
Diplomatic Quarter Abu Baker Al-Karakhi, 
Q. Omer Bin Omaiah Street, 
P.O. Box 94385, Riyadh, 11693, KSA 
T: +966-1-4881227

NOTE: To all those who are asking if their job positions in their iqama will entitle them to a visa-on-arrival, we cannot say for sure. We can not confirm this so please, call the UAE Embassy for proper verification. We don’t want you to get in trouble just in case we say yes, you are entitled to it, and end up having problems when you arrive in the immigration.

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  1. The dotor is thin Reply

    Just visited recently in Abu dhabi, upon arrival go to the leftmost immigration booth, get the form for visa on arrival, after filling the form, go to the eye scan room, it's also on the left, after the scan the stamp on the form then you line up at the immigration booths (any). We paid 105 dhms each including my 1 year old baby. Please prepare exact money in dirhams, we had to wait while

  2. the doctor is thin Reply

    Hola! I recently went to Abu Dhabi. Just a tip: upon arriving at the Abu Dhabi airport, go to the leftmost side, ask for a visa on arrival form from the immigration booth/officer. Then fill it out or better yet, fill it out while waiting in line for the eye scan which is also on the left. After the scan, they stamp the form and you can line up at the immigration booths (any). We paid 105Dhms each

  3. Anonymous Reply

    and also a tip..dont forget to bring a clear copy of your residence card/iqama..My first experience was quite horrible as I forgot to bring a copy of iqama then I called my friends back in Riyadh to fax it to the immigration office…still fax copy was not clear, had to resend again…stayed overnight in the immigration waiting room…

  4. Anonymous Reply

    am a dental assistant here in jeddah, but am holding a housemaid iqama..i want to travel to dubai do they allow me to get a visa? what supporting document should i prepare aside from invitation letter from my sister in dubai? please help..<br /><br />ms. uy

  5. Hi Ms. Uy,<br /><br />In your case, you can&#39;t get a visa on arrival because of your housemaid iqama. It&#39;s the work/profession in the iqama that they&#39;ll check not your real profession in Jeddah. Your sister will have to get you a visit/tourist visa from a travel agency in Dubai. See steps in &quot;What if you&#39;re not of a high profession but still wants to visit the UAE?&quot; above

  6. Hi gents <br />Thanks for ur valuable info, next week i m going to dubai via emirates with my family. i have &quot;Sales Representative&quot; profession in my iqama so i can get visa on arrival &amp; for the fee some people told me it is 180 riyals each pasport please reply.<br />Waiting ur response<br />Thanx<br />Khurram

  7. Hi Khurram, <br />&quot;Sales representative&quot; might not be valid for a visa on arrival. You might need to secure a visit visa first before going there. But to be sure, kindly call the UAE Embassy. Telephone numbers are above. Thank you! 🙂

  8. Anonymous Reply

    hi mam. 🙂 i would like to ask. i&#39;ll be visiting my dad in ksa. he&#39;s an engineer there. he&#39;s sponsoring my visit. then i&#39;m planning to visit my boyfriend in dubai. is it possible that i can still travel to dubai/uae even if i just hold a visit visa in ksa?. thanks in advance. <br /><br />tin.

  9. Hi Tin. <br /><br />You have to get a separate visit/tourist visa from the UAE. Your boyfriend can help you facilitate this via a registered travel agency in Dubai. You have to have that visa before going to the UAE as you will not be entitled to a &quot;visa on arrival.&quot;<br /><br />Hope our answer helps. 🙂

  10. Anonymous Reply

    thanks for the helpful info. :)<br /><br />tin.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, I am a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department of King Fahd University of petroleum and minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia. It is a government university. My profression on my Iqama is Researcher (Baahas). Am I eligible for Visa-on-Arrival and how can I officially confirm?

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,<br /><br /> I am Planning to go to Dubai my Profession in the Iqama is Electronic Technician, Please suggest me is it possible to get Visa on Arrival.<br />

  13. @Anonymous 5:20PM: Sa amin pong palagay, baka po hindi sapat ang inyong profession sa inyong iqama para makakuha ng Visa on Arrival. Tumawag po sa UAE Embassy para sa mas sure na kasagutan. Salamat po.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Hi.. I am planning to visit Dubai on last week of March with my saudi friend. I am a nurse working in a goverment hospital. Am I eligible to get the on arrival visa? Thanks.

  15. @Anonymous 8:51AM: To our knowledge, yes you can. Best to call the UAE embassy too. 🙂

  16. hello. I am working as a Lecturer in a government university in KSA. My profession in my Iqama says &#39;Lecturer&#39;. I have been in KSA only for 6 months. Can I get a Visa-on-arrival at the Airport?<br />Please help.

  17. Hello Atkum!<br /><br />Sorry but we&#39;re not sure for &#39;lecturers&#39;. Maybe you can ask your fellows in the university or call the UAE embassy.

  18. sir i am a doctor i am having exam in al ain and i am pakistani saudi iqama holder and also my wife she is a doctor also i want to travel by road along wtih my family i.e my wife my daughter and my mother in law what documents should i take along with me <br />thank you<br />DR SHAJEE SIDDIQUI<br /><br />

  19. Hello Shajee, if you&#39;re a doctor and your wife is also a doctor, you both are eligible for visa-on-arrival because of your profession. However, please make sure that your iqamas really say &quot;doctor&quot; as your profession. You can take along your daughter and mother-in-law as long as their iqama says they&#39;re your dependents. <br /><br />For further inquiries and more informed answers

  20. Hello <br />Mam,<br />We, Filipino Husband &amp; Wife working here in riyadh and plan to visit in Dubai as tourist for 2 days but our visa in our iqama are not professional but we&#39;re both working in the goverment hospital , it&#39;s possible to get visa on arrival .<br /><br />Thank you &amp; regards<br />Ed Ramos

  21. Hello sir,<br /><br />We&#39;re not sure. It might still depend on the work indicated in your iqama. Kindly ask the passport/travel office of your government hospital. Thank you.<br /><br />

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Hello. Im a filipina nurse working in a government hospital. Im flying from riyadh to qatar staying there for three days..then qatar to phils. From phils I have a return flight from manila to qatar to riyadh. I have all the requirements ready for instant visa on arrival. What problems do you are possible on my plans?

  23. Anonymous 4:29PM: Hello, we&#39;re not sure as this entry is about UAE. We haven&#39;t been to Qatar and we&#39;re not sure if they have the same policies as UAE.

  24. Anonymous Reply

    hello.. i would like to ask you . i have high skill electrician profession in my iqama, while i work as store manager in jeddah saudi arabia. i would like to visit dubai during my EID vacations. so is it possible to get visa at dubai airport. ? <br /><br />&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt;&lt;&gt; please guide. <br /><br />nasir.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    hello.. <br />i work here in jeddah saudi arabia. as store manager but my profession is iqama is ELECTRICIAN. may it possible to get visa at dubai airport. cuz i have plan to visit dubai during my EID vacations. <br /><br />nasir

  26. @Nasir: It&#39;s better to go to the UAE embassy or consulate to ask. Electricians might not be able to get a visa on arrival.

  27. Anonymous Reply

    I am lecturer in one of the university in saudia and my relatives living in dubai , to i need invitation letter from them?

  28. Anonymous Reply

    I am from India, Working as a Registered Nurse in King Faisal Hospital. My Iqama profession is Nurse. Can I get visiting visa from Airport? Pls. let me know. thank you in advance

  29. Anonymous Reply

    I would like to inquire about my plan to pass by for a visit in abudhabi before going back to the philippines.I&#39;m a midwife by profession but I&#39;m presently working as a nurse aide here in saudi arabia.How can I get the visiting visa if during that time I already exit from here?My husband is also working in abudhabi as an engineer.

  30. @Anonymous 7:04PM: You need a visit visa. Ask your relatives living in Dubai to help you secure a visit visa through certified travel agencies there.<br /><br />@Anonymous 12:52PM: Yes, you can get a visa on arrival since you&#39;re working as a nurse and in a government hospital.<br /><br />@Anonymous 4:22PM: Ask your husband to get you a tourist or visit visa from certified travel agencies in

  31. Anonymous Reply

    Hi! I&#39;m holding a residence iqama as a dependant with my husband here in ksa and I have a plan to visit uae. Is it possible if I can get a visa there upon arrival?

  32. @Anonymous: No, you cannot get a visa upon arrival in UAE. You need to get a tourist visa before your flight. I suggest you arrange it with a certified travel agency in the UAE or fly Emirates or Etihad Airlines and they have that tourist visa service.

  33. Anonymous Reply

    Hi there, we are here in Dammam and I am holding iqama as dependent to my husband, he works as nurse by profession for moh. we are planning to visit my cousin in uae this comin&#39; june since it&#39;s his annual vacation. would it be possible for us to get visa upon arrival?

  34. @Anonymous 2:35PM: Yes, you can have visa on arrival. (Make sure that your husband&#39;s iqama says nurse. 🙂

  35. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,I am going exit this coming august,but before i go to philippines,my family friend will sponsor me to get the visiting visa for abudhabi.Aside for my visa and return flight ticket to philippines,what other documents should i need to present in the immigration?

  36. Anonymous Reply

    thank you dear, all the best to you and to your family..

  37. Anonymous Reply

    Hello! I&#39;m going exit from my job this coming august, but before i go to Philippines,my family friend will sponsor me to get the visiting visa.Aside for my visa and return flight ticket to Philippines,what other documents should I need to present in the immigration?

  38. Hello Anonymous 12:14AM: Sorry for the late reply. Hmn, I don&#39;t see anything else that you need. As long as you have that visiting visa from your friend, your passport, and your onward ticket to the Philippines, I couldn&#39;t think of anything else that you might need. Have a safe journey! 🙂

  39. Anonymous Reply

    My family is travelling to Dubai but I am not with them. My profession is Computer Programmer on Iqama.<br /><br />Q1. Will they get the Visa on arrival.?<br /><br />Q2. If yes than Is it possible that I can get the visa on arrival forms in advance &amp; filled it for them so that once they arrive they don&#39;t have to fill the form.?<br /><br />Thanks

  40. Hello Anonymous 9:55AM:<br />First and foremost, what is your nationality?<br /><br />Second, is your family your dependents here in Saudi Arabia? If they are your dependents here in Saudi Arabia (and it says so in their iqamas, they cannot get a visa on arrival in the UAE. You have to be with them, provided that &quot;computer programmer&quot; would suffice to get visas on arrival. To be sure,

  41. Anonymous Reply

    If u work at private hospital as a nurse,can u get visa on arrival?

  42. Anonymous Reply

    Hi I am a Lic. Pharmacist here (philippines) i am planning to visit dubai for 3- 4 days only travel along with my family…I want to secure visit visa first before going to dubai, what are the specific requirements to get tourist dubai the way, we&#39;ve been travelling abroad for sightseeing purposes only. thanks a lot in advance for your help.

  43. @Anonymous 6:54PM: We&#39;re not sure po. Kindly contact the UAE embassy. <br /><br />@Anonymous 5:07PM: Check our steps after &quot;What if you&#39;re not of high profession but wants to visit the UAE?&quot; Or you can check this link: <br />You have to get someone to sponsor you and apply you a visit visa in Dubai. Either your relative, friend

  44. Hi. The profession in my Iqama is Systems Analyst. However my question is, do I need to bring my original Iqama for Visa on Arrival in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or a colored photocopy will be enough? Thanks

  45. @Nosreme: In our understanding, once you get an exit/re-entry visa in KSA and your passport, you have to surrender your iqama to your company so you won&#39;t be able to show that to the immigration in the UAE. You have to have a photocopy of it. But if your company lets you keep your iqama upon giving your visa and passport, then take it by all means and show it also.

  46. Hi I&#39;m a nurse at Government,. Iwant to visit UAE or any part of UAE can i avail visa arrival?

  47. @Lester: As far as we know, yes you can get a visa on arrival.

  48. Hi im a nurse working under the ministry of health here in saudi planning to go to dubai this month of may, can I get a visa upon arrival? Ministry of health will take my iqama as an exchange of my passport..can I just bring a clear copy of my iqama? Together with my passport? Would that be enough?

  49. @Leah Castro: Yes, a copy of your iqama would suffice since you need to turn your iqama over to your workplace when you&#39;ll be getting your passport.

  50. Hi pink tarha,<br /><br />i contacted the south travel that you mentioned., in my understanding in your blog correct me if im wrong, once that the travel agency will apply a visa in your behalf it will not need a sponsor coz the travel agency itself will be your sponsor for your visa right? But when i contacted the travel agency they asking about my sponsor, and if i dont have i need to have

  51. Hi Mr. Joey, in my understanding, there&#39;s no need for a security deposit (because what is it for?). I don&#39;t know if that&#39;s a new rule/requirement since my inquiry to them was more than a year ago.<br /><br />Unfortunately, even if you&#39;re an electrical engineer, you can&#39;t have a visa on arrival in a maintenance technician iqama. They would be looking at the job/profession on

  52. Anonymous Reply

    Question regarding Dubai VISA-ON-ARRIVAL:<br /><br />I am holding a Saudi Residence Permit (IQAMA) with Computer Programmer profession written on it. I would like to know if it is possible to grant a VISA-ON-ARRIVAL when I arrive in Dubai for tourism purposes. I need your assistance, friends…

  53. Anonymous 4:41PM: We are not sure if the computer programmer profession is considered as high profession in the UAE. Do you work in the government sector? If you are, there&#39;s a higher probability that you can get a visa-on-arrival. Kindly refer to the UAE embassy for more specific details. Thank you.

  54. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you for your answer. I am working in a hotel in Jeddah and it is a private company. Thank you again.

  55. Jojo Reply

    Hello maam im a computer operator in KKIA under air craft maintenance department but under Al majal G4s, can i aquire a visa-on-arrival going UAE?

  56. Hi Jojo, is Al Majal G4s a subcon for KKIA? And in your iqama, does it say that you&#39;re a computer operator? We&#39;re not sure if this is qualified as a high profession as compared to doctors, engineers, nurses, etc. You may want to call the UAE embassy for a specific answer. 🙂

  57. Anonymous Reply

    hi! i&#39;m a filipina nurse working in a private clinic here in kuwait. me and my co nurses wants to tour in dubai for 3 days it possible to apply for visa upon arrival in dubai? thank you and God bless!

  58. Anonymous 12:45AM: Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! However, we have no idea how it works in Kuwait. It might be the same as the process in Saudi Arabia but Maybe you can call the UAE consulate or embassy on your place for specific answers. 🙂

  59. Anonymous Reply

    Hi there,<br /><br />I am a Quantity Surveyor in Saudi Arabia. Holding valid Saudi iqama and the profession is on iqama is also Quantity Surveyor. I want to visit UAE and planing to go by road so what are the requirements and can i get the visa on arrival.

  60. Anonymous Reply

    hello! my husband from riyadh wants to visit me here in dubai, his profession on his iqama is assistant physiotherapist. will the uae immigration approve his visa on arrival?<br />

  61. Anonymous Reply

    hello there… i am a nurse working in a private clinic here in riyadh… in my iqama it also shows that my profession is a nurse… can i avail the &quot;visa upon arrival&quot;?

  62. @ANonymous 12:57AM: Yes, we think you can avail of a visa-on-arrival. For a more concrete answer, you can call the UAE Embassy in Riyadh. Or the Emirates Holidays Office. 🙂

  63. Anonymous Reply

    Hi. i live in Riyad and visit uae by my car and iam on my wife aqama she was a doctor in Ministry Of Heanth.I travel alone with my Kids so plz tell me can i got visa on border or i will arrange visa from Dubai or i apply visa through embbasy..

  64. @Anonymous 2:39PM: First and foremost, what is your nationality? If you are not a GCC citizen or resident, then are you a dependent of your wife? (Your iqama syas you are a dependent?) If yes, you are a dependent, then you cannot travel to the UAE without a prior visa esp. when you&#39;re traveling without your wife. If you are traveling without your wife, you need to secure a tourist visa first

  65. Anonymous Reply

    Hi there. I&#39;m planning on visiting my friend who lives in al-ain. I plan to fly to dubai and catch a bus from there to al-ain. The thing is, i&#39;m a 17-year old male, so will they give me a visa on arrival? I think you have to be 18 or travelling with someone above 18. I&#39;ll be travelling alone. Can you tell me what to do? Should i get a letter from my friend&#39;s dad confirming im

  66. Hi Talha! Thanks for visiting The Pink Tarha!<br /><br />Are you a Saudi or a resident of the GCC? If yes, then you can get a visa-on-arrival. <br /><br />If you are not a Saudi or a GCC resident, then you have to read the entry above. You do not have to go to the UAE Embassy to apply for a visa. You have to apply through a valid travel agency like Emirates Holidays. If you have a dependent visa

    • Anonymous Reply

      Yeah, I&#39;m from Pakistan but I&#39;m a GCC resident, I live here full-time in riyadh. I was told that the only way to get a visa-on-arrival is if you&#39;re traveling with your sponsor (i.e. my dad). What if I&#39;m traveling with a friend who&#39;s above 18? I still wouldn&#39;t get a visa on arrival. Basically there&#39;s no way I can get a visa since I&#39;m traveling alone, and under 18?<

  67. Hi Talha!<br /><br />Yes, you can only travel if your dad is with you since you are his dependent. However, if you have a friend in UAE, maybe she can help you obtain a visit visa from there. She can contact a certified travel agency, submit your details and get a visit/tourist visa for you. If you have that visit visa prior to your going to the UAE, then you can travel to the UAE, even without

  68. Anonymous Reply

    Hi im a filipina.. Working in Riyadh military hospital as a phlebotomist… But my profession in my iqama is &quot;operating room technician&quot;.. Am i eligible to get an entry visa upon arrival in abudhabi intl airport? Will be having a 3-day visit this last week of june and already booked a hotel and my roundtrip ticket thru saudia airlines. One more thing should i present my orginal iqama or

  69. Hi Elise! Sorry, we cannot determine which professions they consider as &quot;high professions&quot; apart from the ones we quoted in the article. We are not working in the UAE embassy so we don&#39;t want to assume that we know specific rules they have in granting visa-on-arrival. Kindly call the UAE embassy or the Emirates Holidays for your inquiry. They can answer your question better. Thanks.

  70. The visa-on-arrival costs around 100 dirhams. Usually, you have to surrender your iqama to your company when you get your passport so you should bring a copy.

  71. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,I am little bit confused to travel uae on tourist visa from saudia.I got my tourist visa from tourist company in uae few days back.And i am expact here in ksa from the last three months.So do i need to visit Embassy for any further documnets or its ok with my tourist visa?.I will leave ksa from dammam airport for aqama is valid more than 10th months and profession on my aqamma is

  72. Anonymous 1:57PM: As long as you have a tourist visa, you can enter the UAE regardless of the profession in your iqama. Bring your passport (of course) and a copy of your iqama just to be sure.

  73. Anonymous Reply

    thanks for reply.<br />-My purpose to visit uae to get a good job there. if i will get the job in uae may it effect my saudi visa or may i will cancel my saudi residence visa first?

  74. Anonymous 2:19PM: We&#39;re not knowledgeable on this but as far as we know, if you decide to go out of Saudi Arabia, you need to come back before your exit/re-entry visa expires. For example, if your Saudi visa is valid for 3 months, you need to come back to Saudi within 3 months of leaving so it doesn&#39;t get canceled. Otherwise, you cannot return to Saudi Arabia anymore.<br /><br />It would

  75. Anonymous Reply

    good morning to every one,i want to ask if we can get visa during our arrival in Dubai,our visa is Dental Tech. in one of a government hospital in riyadh,we&#39;re planning to visit there during our vacation on Eid?

  76. hi…<br />I want to visit my girl friend for 14 to 30 days in abu dhabi before going back to the philippines… and I will be final exit in ksa…what should I do to visit abu dhabi…what thing I will prepare?<br /> ty….:-) <br /> edsel

  77. @Anonymous 11:45AM: Sa amin pong pagkakaalam, pwede po dahil kayo ay sa government hospital nagtratrabaho. Pero para na rin po sa kapanatagan ng inyong loob na talagang maaari nga kayong makakuha ng visa-on-arrival, mangyari lamang pong tumawag sa UAE Embassy. <br /><br />@Edsel: Hello po sir. Ang kasagutan po ay nasa blog entry sa itaas. Kailangan n&#39;yo po ng visit/travel visa galing sa

  78. I&#39;m a Graphics Designer here in Riyadh. In my Iqama , my profession is stated as Advertisement and Media Designer. Do you think I could get an on arrival Visa?

  79. Hi Jack! Unfortunately, we are not working in the UAE embassy so we don&#39;t know the verdict for specific professions, unless they&#39;re really high like engineers and doctors. Try calling the UAE Embassy or the EMirates Holidays office. Thanks.

  80. I&#39;m an engineer working here in KSA planning to visit Dubai in Ramadan. My Iqama ID is stampped as an Engineer), thus I can easily visit Dubai without much hassle. Just bring my iqama and some pocket money. Is that right?<br /><br />My very simple problem is this, can I pay in SAR (since I dont have dirhams) for the entry visa processing fee?<br /><br />Thanks for the post. Very much

  81. Hi Jerico! Sorry for the late reply. Since you&#39;re an engineer, I think you&#39;ll be able to get a visa-on-arrival. Not sure if you can pay in SAR but they have forex in the airport. Thanks for visiting The Pink Tarha! 🙂

  82. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it. Keep it up.

  83. Hello Pink Tarha. I&#39;m so happy to find this site. Me and my 2 other colleagues (all Filipina) were going to Dubai this Eid holiday. We already purchased our ticket and hotel reservation. Our iqama ID stamped as Medical Technician since we are working in a hospital here in Saudi Arabia.<br /><br />My question is, our flight will be from SAudi-Sharjah cos we didnt get a direct flight going to

  84. Anonymous Reply

    Hey Pink tarha,<br /><br />I am an engineer but my iqama is expiring on 24 october 2013. i want to travel to dubai on 8th august 2013 till 16th august 2013. Can i get an on arrival visa in dubai ?<br /><br />Do they have such criteria ?

  85. Thanks to this site. We are also going to Dubai this Eid holiday but our question now is, since we didnt get a direct flight from Saudi to DUbai, our ticket is only until Sharjah. Do you think they have the same policy in obtaining visa upon arrival in Sharjah airport? Hoping for your kind reply. Thanks

  86. Hi Anne, we think that the policy above is done all throughout the United Arab Emirates so whatever your point of entry is, you can get a visa-on-arrival as long as you are eligible for it. If you need more clarifications, you can call the UAE embassy. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! 🙂

  87. Hi Anonymous 11:31AM: You can probably get a visa-on-arrival in Dubai because your profession is engineer and we don&#39;t think there will be a problem with your iqama because as you said, you will travel on August and your visa will expire on October so technically, when you travel, your iqama is still valid. You can also inquire at the UAE Embassy for further clarifications. Thanks for reading

  88. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha,<br />Thanks for excellent service,<br />I&#39;m Pakistani engineer (also Stated on Iqamah)and wants to travel dubai via road from DMM in August during eid holidays. i would appreciate if you could answer few questions using your experience,<br />1- How long normally immigrations process takes at border. is it a comlicated process or smoothly done.<br />2- is it advisable to go by

  89. Dear Mr. Aqil, thank you for reading The Pink Tarha. Your questions are quite specific and unfortunately, we haven&#39;t tried going to the UAE by bus so we cannot answer them. We only went there via plane. Hopefully, there will be some readers who can see your questions and will provide valuable assistance to you and your family. Thank you.

  90. Anonymous Reply

    hi,my name is ricky Im working as material planner and my IQAMA profession is Planning manager,i want to visit my wife and my son they are uae resident.can avail the visa on arrival.please advice and document needs to bring.

  91. Im very much excited to go to dubai. .but how??? Im a nurse here in KSA .in a private hospital. This comming November im planning to go for exit but I want to drop by and stay even just 1 week in my cousin in dubai. .I badly need your help..<br /><br />Tnx a lot 😉

  92. Hi Ricky, like we replied to the other questions above, we cannot determine what professions will be qualified for a visa-on-arrival apart from doctors and engineers (those professions, we&#39;re sure that they&#39;re eligible for VOA). In your case, we don&#39;t know if &quot;material planner&quot; is considered as a high profession for them. Kindly contact the UAE Embassy in Riyadh for a

  93. Hi Pink Tarha!<br /><br />I am currently workink in KSA and my contract wil end by december of this year. I have plans of going to Dubai thru a sponsor (relative). However, there are issues daw regarding going to dubai on final exit. They said that the employer most of the time wont allow you to get a final exit going to dubai aside from Philippines because this is the repatriation process. So I

  94. Hi Jerika, we&#39;re at a loss on how to answer this query. But here&#39;s our insight: <br /><br />For PLAN 1, your employers are the ones buying your flight tickets right? So in the airport, it will be weird to have a ticket for a different flight which goes to the UAE instead of the Philippines. The tickets, exit visa, other documents etc. will be checked in the airport. And usually, when an

  95. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,<br /><br />I am working in Riyadbank and my profession is &quot;Computer Programmer&quot;. I am planning to visit Sharjah to visit my relatives on 5th August to 12 August 2013.<br /><br />I am going to Sharjah by SAPTCO Bus.<br /><br />Please let me know whether I am eligible for onarrival in UAE.<br /><br />Prashant

  96. Anonymous Reply

    hi jerika, im also in your situation before. what i did is that i ask my employer to buy me a ticket from riyadh to dubai and dubai to manila. i told them that im going to visit my cousin here in dubai for 7 days but actually my plan is to find a job here. and it works. now im working here in dubai. i did not use my ticket for dubai – manila.

  97. HI all .. please let me know ASAP … I am working in Ministry of Interior in Qatar as &quot;Administrator&quot; this is the profession on my visa but I am working as an engineer. I am travelling to Dubai via car. Just need to know if I will get VIsa-ON-Arrival.<br /><br />THanks in advance<br /><br />Regards<br />Abby

  98. Thanks @Anonymous 7:35PM for your tip to Jerika. :)<br /><br /> @Abby: We have no idea how it works for Qatar. And &quot;administrator&quot; is a vague term so we&#39;re not sure if it will be considered as high profession to be eligible for a visa-on-arrival. 🙂

  99. Thank you so much pink tarha. I got the idea of not checking in any luggage, instead, im going to hand-carry all the things i need. So i&#39;m gonna ship all of my stuffs to phils instead. I also have decided to go to Dubai using the stop over thing. However, i&#39;m also thinking if it&#39;s easier to tell that i&#39;m gonna visit dubai for a short period of time, or don&#39;t ever mention to

  100. Hi, <br /><br />Me &amp; my brother are having Iqama under our fathers name as student. We both are planning to visit Dubai for five days without our father accompanying us. Our father travels to Dubai usually though. Is it Possible we can get visa on arrival and what will be the cost? <br /><br />or we need a prior visa???<br />looking forward for your reply.<br /><br />thanks<br />NR

  101. HI NR, like what is written above, if you&#39;re a dependent of your father in your iqama, then you need to secure a visa first before you can go to Dubai or the UAE. The process on how to get the visa is above. Please read the entry. Thanks.

  102. Anonymous Reply

    Hi I am wife of a Saudi national recently living now in Riyadh. I am Reham, Filipina and holding a wife residents Iqama. My husband and I are planning to visit Dubai. Do I need to get a Visa upon arrival? <br />Hoping for your positive response. Thank you!

  103. Hi Reham, as far as we know… if you&#39;re traveling with your Saudi husband, then you won&#39;t need a visa because of his nationality.

  104. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you so much for the information you have shared. I appreciated it. More power!

  105. I&#39;m very excited to going to <a href="; rel="nofollow">tours dubai</a> Funtours offer the finest tourism services in the region of UAE, Dubai Desert Safari, Hatta Mountain Trek, Morning Safari Dubai, city tours<br />

  106. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha!<br /><br />I am currently workinkg in Riyadh<br />I am Indian by nationality<br />My Profession is System Analyst on my IQAMA<br />Last year I went to Dubai via Road (BUS) and I got the visa on arrival<br />I paid 110 SAR at the immigration counter<br />I got the visa, this time am planning to go with my family via Air<br />My question is that how much would be the visa fee per

  107. Anonymous Reply

    hi Pink Tarha,<br /><br /> Hello maam im a Firefighter in Briman, Jeddah Jail under Al majal Al Arabi Grp, but in my iqama position is engineer electrical technician can i aquire a visa-on-arrival going UAE? iam filipino, i would like to visit dubai before i exit to philippines

  108. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,<br />I am Pakistani and living in Riyadh KSA, can I get the UAE visit visa on arrival, my profession on Iqama is, مشرف في تجارة التجزئة(Supervisor in Retail Business)

  109. NOTE: To all those who are asking if their job positions in their iqama will entitle them to a visa-on-arrival, we cannot say for sure. We can not confirm this so please, call the UAE Embassy for proper verification. We don&#39;t want you to get in trouble just in case we say yes, you are entitled to it, and end up having problems when you arrive in the immigration.

  110. Anonymous Reply

    Hello pink tarha. Thanks for that post. Really informative. I do have a question though, a friend told me that recently dubai has removed the option for a friend to apply for a visit visa, only a relative is allowed. I was wondering if there are any other changes with their policies regarding the issuance of visa. Im working in ksa, under the ministry of health as a nurse. My iqama also

  111. Hello Anonymous, we haven&#39;t been to the UAE for a visit recently (just for a stopover) so we&#39;re not sure. However, with our job, we think you can get a visa-on-arrival.

  112. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha..<br />Im a Filipina Nurse working in Military Hosp in Tabuk KSA.. I want to visit Dubai this December.. Im I eligible for visa on arrival since you posted that if we are working in Govt company we can avail the visa on arrival, correct? waiting for your responce

  113. @Anonymous 9:01PM: As far as we know, yes, you can get a visa-on-arrival based on your profession.

  114. I was surprised to learn the same about your blog— I loved it.I am a big fan of your blog.i am so excited by read of your blog&#39;s content.really great post.Thanks for sharing.<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Arun Panchariya</a><br />

  115. Rchie Reply

    Hi,<br /><br />I would like to inquire about visa fee upon arrival travelling by land. I tried to call the UAE embassy provided above but there is no english language option.<br /><br />Thank you.<br /><br />Rchie<br /><br /><br /> <br /><br />

  116. @Rchie: It&#39;s around 200 riyals a few years ago. Haven&#39;t traveled by land recently.

  117. Anonymous Reply

    Just wanted to share some info.<br /><br />I was able to get a tourist visa from Flydubai for 350 SAR. I got my visa in just 4 days. They only need a copy of your passport, iqama and an ID photo. The only condition is that you have to buy a ticket from them for your flight. All in all, it was a smooth transaction. I&#39;m going to Dubai on October.<br /><br />- J

  118. Hi,<br /><br />I just want to say thank you for giving us all the good and best information that most of us really needed it badly… My question just got answered by simply reading the thread messages and comments here… I just want to suggest to those who will try to ask questions here, read first the queries/comments and maybe you&#39;ll find the answer to your question right away. You will

  119. hello sir <br /><br />i am working in riyadh. my iqama profession is tour programmer. can i travel to uae with on arrival visa. what mode of travel i can choose to travel

  120. Anonymous Reply

    Hi!.im a philippine passport holder living/working in ksa. i wann visit dubai for a few days. my iqama says dentist,qualified ba un to get visa on arrival na lang? Im travelling with a friend pero her iqama saya dental assitany pwede rin ba sya dun… thanks

  121. Hi admin,<br /><br />Can you please check and let me know whether below profession will get on arrival.<br /><br />&quot;Telecom engineering technician&quot;<br /><br />Thanks//

  122. i an indian saudi iqama holder with dentist as proffesion want to travel to dubai from india .can i get visa on arrival.

  123. Hi by profession I am a mechanical engineer staying in Saudi Arabia for last 7 months. Can get a visa on arrival in dubai? My iqama also shows my category as a mechanical engineer. I checked the emirates site there I read that min I have to stay in Saudi for one year then only I am eligible to get visa on arrival. Is that right?

  124. Hi My name is Wasim and I want to go go on Visit to Dubai for a month, My Profession is Accounting Technician,Can I get a Visa on arrival for 1 month? please advise. thanks for your help

  125. Anonymous Reply

    Hi<br />I am an Indian national residing and working in Saudi Arabia as a Mechanical Engineer(iqama Category : mechanical engineer) for last 7 months.<br /><br />If I carry my original iqama and Saudi govt. Stamped exit- reentry visa on my passport to visit Dubai for say 5 days, can I get UAE visa on arrival at Dubai airport?<br />

  126. TO READERS:<br /><br />Unfortunately, we cannot entertain and answer your questions if your profession is valid for a visa-on-arrival. WE ARE NOT THE UAE EMBASSY. Our NOTE below the entry reads as follows:<br /><br />NOTE: To all those who are asking if their job positions in their iqama will entitle them to a visa-on-arrival, we cannot say for sure. We can not confirm this so please, call the

  127. Hi this is Amin Shaikh an Indian currently resided in KSA, Riyadh. My profession in Iqama is General Accountant, I have few questions as follows :<br />1) I will go to India first and from there to Dubai = Is there any problem in obtaining on a visa on arrival?<br />2) Is my profession eligible for on arrival visa?<br />NOTE : I am holding a valid GCC visa.

  128. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Admin!<br />I am a holding a Philippine Passport. In my iqama stated that I&#39;m a teacher and planning to visit my husband in Abudhabie for 15 days my question is.. am I eligible for a visa-on-arrival?Thank you so much.

  129. Anonymous Reply

    Greetings, <br />My profession in my iqama is &quot;Financial Analyst&quot;, will I get the visa on arrival?<br />incase I dont get the visa there how can I comeback to city from there?<br />I am planning to go by SAPTCO bus with my family.<br />Please help<br />Regards<br />M Khan

  130. HI I am working in Abdul Latif Jameel (Komatsu) and i have a meeting there, my profession is Electrical Technician so can i get Visa on arrival ? please reply me ASAP as my flight is 12 Nov 2013.

  131. @Sheikh: I don&#39;t think an &quot;eletrical technician&quot; as profession in your iqama is enough to get you a visa on arrival. It must be of higher professions like engineer, doctor, etc.

  132. Anonymous Reply

    Hi<br />Im a house wife my husband is an engineer n now a days in dubai for a meeting.i want to join I need a visit visa or I can get visa on landing. <br />Thanx

  133. @Anonymous 12:46PM: If your husband is an engineer and it says so in his iqama, then you and him can get a visa-on-arrival. However, he needs to be with you when you go to the UAE so that you can avail of the visa-on-arrival. You can&#39;t go to UAE alone and get a visa-on-arrival without your husband.

  134. Anonymous Reply

    Can I get visit visa online. How long will it take.

  135. Anonymous Reply

    sir I am working as doctor in saudia. I want to resign and go to dubai in search of job.<br />when I complete my resignation and get final exit can I go directly to dubai on visit visa????<br />my iqama will still be valid for more than 6months after my resignation completion

  136. Anonymous Reply

    Dear Sir,<br /> I am living in riyadh.I am planning to visit UAE in the month of April 2014(from 11 April 2014 to 15 April 2014) with my family.I am a resident of Saudi Arabia holding iqama here.My profession in Iqama is Public Accountant .Can you please tell me what are the requirements, If I want to obtain Visa from UAE embassy(Riyadh).My Iqama is expiring on 24 June 2014.I am not sure that

  137. Anonymous Reply

    hi, I am working in Saudi Telecom Company as Telecommunication technician as my profession in my Iqama. I would like to know if i am qualified to get visa upon arrival in Dubai, pls i need advise. thank you

    • far Reply

      I wan to know do i need exit re entry visa from saudi if i ve saudi iqama and doctor.can i go without exit re entry visa from saudi.

  138. Hi Far, everyone who is going out of Saudi Arabia, regardless of the country where they&#39;re going, needs an exit/re-entry visa.

  139. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha,<br />I want to visit Abu Dhabi, I am working as nurse in Saudi Arabia and I will be going for vacation to Philippines on December 28, am I allowed to take visa upon arrival when I come back from Manila going to Abu Dhabi then Madinah? <br />Thanks and more power!<br /><br />

  140. Hi Ms. Pink Tarha,<br /><br />Im Ismael – Filipino. Is Quality Control profession in my iqama valid for visit visa upon arrival to UAE. I am a QC Inspector in Construction Engineering. Salamat!

  141. Dear Ms. Pink,<br /><br />Also, You have mentioned that Technician is not allowed to get visit visa upon arrival in UAE. However, in Bahrain – Mechanical Technician is ok…is it because they are different state. All I know technician is ok…Am I correct?

  142. @Anonymous 8:07PM: We&#39;re not really sure about nurses because it depends. As far as we know, nurses can get visa-on-arrival if they&#39;re working on government hospitals. Not sure for private clinics/hospitals though. Kindly call the UAE embassy. Thanks.<br /><br />@Ismael: Bahrain and the UAE are not just different states, they are different countries with different rules on tourists. As

  143. Dear Ms Pink,<br /><br />I am living in Jeddah. planning to visit DSF last of January .My profession in Iqama is Architectural is enough to get visa on arrival ?need to verify iqama copy from chamber of commerce or company stamp?

  144. Anonymous Reply

    Hello admin,<br /><br />Im a nurse working at a government hospital in saudi.My iqama says nurse as my profession. Am i eligible for visa on arrival to dubai? Thank you.

  145. Hello,<br />Can the wife of a Saudi resident (having the profession Engineer in iqama) be issued an on-arrival visa at dubai airport, if she is travelling ALONE?

  146. @Rizwan: Draftsman might not be enough to be valid for a visa-on-arrival. Kindly call the UAE embassy for a concrete answer.<br /><br />@Anonymous: As far as we know, yes you are eligible but kindly check with the UAE embassy again for a more concrete answer.<br /><br />@Hammad: Is your wife Saudi also? As far as we know, the UAE grants the citizens of the GCCs a visa-free entry.

  147. Anonymous Reply

    Hello Pink Tarha. I will travel to abudhabi from KSA. I am a nurse working in a government hospital in KSA. can i have the arrival visa in abudhabi airport?

  148. @Anonymous 11:48AM: As far as we know, you can get a visa-on-arrival.

  149. Anonymous Reply

    Hi pink tarha. I just want to ask for how long does a visa-on-arrival last? Does the duration of your stay vary depending on the amount paid for the visa? Or is it fixed for a specified period of time? Please shed a light on this as I am planning to go visit my sister in Dubai. And hopefully, if God permits, mag-work na rin sana dun with her. Anyhow, thanks in advance.

  150. Anonymous Reply

    Hi mam.. can i bring my car to frm previous travel thru plane, i can have my visa on arrival there. How about if i travel by land?? Is there any requirements aside frm visa thanks..

  151. Hi! I&#39;m a filipina Nurse here in Najran,ksa..i will just like to inquire on how I can get a visit visa to dubai?..because my boyfriend is there and I want to stay there after my contract here..thanks so much! I will wait for your feedback

  152. TO ALL NURSES from PRIVATE CLINICs in KSA, It is ok to get a Visa on Arrival in Dubai just bring along your iqama. It would cost you around AED 200… I just wanted to share I visited Dubai together with my Dentist but I already got a tourist visa ahead since I wasn&#39;t sure… In the immigration they told me next time I can just get a visa on arrival…

  153. @Lee Watch: Thanks for sharing the information.<br /><br />FOR EVERYONE: As we&#39;ve said, we will no longer answer inquiries on whether your profession can get a visa-on-arrival. We are not the UAE Embassy and we do not know for sure. So please, call the UAE embassy to ask. Thank you.

  154. @Anonymous 1:02AM: The duration of stay depends on the visa that you will be getting. The usual length is one month.<br /><br />@Anonymous 8:42PM: When traveling by land and using your car, you must have the documents of your car. Make sure that it&#39;s yours and paid. If not fully-paid then you may need a permission from your insurance/bank. If it&#39;s a company car, then you need the

  155. Anonymous Reply

    Hi pink tarha. Iam a cabin crew working for an airline here in ksa. Just recently, we&#39;ve been issued an iqama so im not sure if we can get visa upon arrival going to dxb.Do you think its possible? Thanks!:)

  156. Hi there,,<br /><br />I need to visit Dubai for a few days , but am not sure about my passport period,<br />is it 6 months at least or 3 months ! <br /><br />Thank you

  157. heLLo… <br /><br />i&#39;m planning to go to Abu dHabi to visit a friend but i&#39;ll take Flydubai airlines for their promo fare.. can i get my visa on arrival in DUbai airport in going to abU dhabi or its just the same.. I mean visa on arrival taken in duBai can also be used when you go to abu Dhabi?? thank you..<br />

  158. Do I need to visit dubai with my father from ksa if I m under his sponsorship?? Can I get on arrival visa if I travel alone ?<br />Thanks

  159. @Wajeeha: The answer to your question is in the entry. Kindly read it first. Thank you! 🙂

  160. Anonymous Reply

    Dear Sir<br /><br />I am Indian but live in KSA with my wife. My Iqama is &quot;sales reps&quot;. my question is, can my wife visit Dubai without me? would she get visa at the airport?<br /><br />thankx<br />

  161. @Anonymous 12:33AM: If she&#39;s under your sponsorship, no she cannot have a visa-on-arrival.

  162. I am currently KSA residence, do i requires a prior hotel booking in order to obtain a UAE visit visa from dubai airport. I am travelling for weekend.

  163. @Nudi: It will be more convenient to have a ready proof that you have a place to stay in the UAE when the immigration officer asks.

  164. Anonymous Reply

    Hi pink tarha,<br /><br />I just want to ask your opinion. I am under family visa(dad&#39;s an engineer). My qatar id says im unemployed (not sure of the exact title) but i have a work permit from my employer that says im an engineer. Do you think ill be able to get a visa on arrival? I&#39;d also like to ask abiut my mom. Can she also get a visa on arrival? Coz as per their reqt, all dependents

  165. Hi,<br /><br />i will be travelling to Dubai from dammam in a month or so. I am an engineer by profession and the profession in my iqama also states the same.<br /><br />Is it necessary to have your original Iqama while issuing a visa on arrival or just the copy of it will do the purpose??

  166. Dear Sir,<br /> What are the formalities for moving to UAE from Saudi through my company car?<br />my iqama Sales Rep.<br /> Pls reply…Thanks..

  167. Dear Sir,<br /> <br /> What are the formalities for moving to Dubai from Saudi through my compani car ?<br />My iqama profession Sales Rep.<br /><br /> Pls reply …..thanks

  168. to get transit visa, is there any rule required minimum validity in ikama for saudi ikama holders?

  169. i have 4 months validity in my ikama. is there any problem to get transit visa to dubai?

  170. to get transit visa, is there any rule required minimum validity in ikama for saudi ikama holders?

  171. Anonymous Reply

    Hello admin…I am a housemaid in jeddah,ksa…my friend working in Dubai will send me a visit visa….would it be possible for me to visit Dubai after my contract ends? What would be the possible steps to get there? Should my employer know about this?

  172. Anonymous Reply

    Hello admin…I am a housemaid from jeddah ksa…my friend working in Dubai will send me visit visa…would it be possible for me to visit Dubai after my contract ends? What would be the best steps to get there? Should I tell my employer about this? Pls reply :)<br />

  173. I am currently a nurse working in KSA, Dammam. I have Nurse written as profession in my iqama. My iqama is going to expire November 17, 2014. I will go visit my girlfriend in Dubai. May 5, 2014 will be my planned flight to Dubai and return to KSA will be on May 11,2014. Can I get a visa on arrival? I&#39;m just worried that my Vacation is almost exactly 6 months before my iqama expires. (

  174. I read your message regarding that you will not entertain anymore questions regarding profession. I apologize for my previous query. I would just like to know about the iqama validity. Mine is expiring November 17, 2014 and I will be going on vacation May 5, 2014 for one week. I would like to know if it is still valid for me to be able to get a visa on arrival. Hope you will entertain my question

  175. Hello admin. i keep calling United Arab Emirates Embassy in Riyadh but no luck. i just want to ask, my profession in my iqama is Secretary, Am i eligible for visa on arrival to Dubai? Appreciate your help..

  176. Anonymous Reply

    good am po admin marketing specialist po ung nkalgay sa iqama ko..eligible po ba ko n makakuha ng visa on arrival?…thanks po and god bless..

  177. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,<br />I am Pakistani ,I have a electronic engineering iqama,I am planning to go Abu dahbi by car ,there will be on arrival visa or should I arrang first from embassy.secoundly do I need a trrafic latter for my car,<br />Regards<br />Sulman

  178. Anonymous Reply

    may i ask about the validity of the iqama to get arrival visa? kung one month before expiration ng iqama ko i&#39;ll visit dubai mabibigyan parin ba ako ng arrival visa?

  179. Anonymous Reply

    My profession in my iqama is &quot;General Accountant&quot;, will I get the visa on arrival?<br />incase I dont get the visa there how can I comeback to city from there?<br />I am planning to go by SAPTCO bus with my family.<br />Please help<br />Regards<br />Hameed.A

  180. Lance Reply

    Here&#39;s a curveball for this very popular question: US citizen on a 5-year business visa (not an iqama) in KSA driving to UAE shouldn&#39;t have any issues, should he? Car is leased from Avis, so it carries insurance, and I have an international driving permit.

  181. aps Reply

    hi, i’m apple and i’m currently working here in ksa under moh and i’m planning to exit this december. is it possible that i will not go to philipines instead i’m going to dubai? pwede po ba un? kahit ako mgshoulder ng pamasahe ko? and is it possible i can get visit visa from here ksa to dubai? hope you can help me. thanks a lot! God bless

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Apple, you can ask your company about it, especially if they’re the ones who will shoulder your airline ticket. Of course it’s possible that you go to Dubai provided that you have your visa to enter United Arab Emirates. Yes, you can get a visa here in Riyadh through travel agencies and airlines that service the UAE like Fly Dubai, Emirates, and Eithad. How? You can ask them because we haven’t tried doing it. If you have a friend in Dubai, then you can also ask her to help you secure a visa from travel agencies there.

  182. danilo rivera Reply

    hi im danny im working here in ksa as a aluminum technician as my iqama say so can i get a 4day visa upon arrival there in dubai airport

  183. Aftab Reply

    I have a Engineer profession in Iqama, My concern is about the validity of the iqama. How many months minimum validity should ne there in iqama, before renewal.

  184. Fahad Khan Reply

    I am working in Saudi Arabia Having Profession on my Iqama as MARKETING SPECIALIST, & I am Indian National, I want to Visit DUBAI in Eid holidays for 10days by my own car.

    1. Can we get the Arrival Visa on the UAE border.
    2. What are the other Procedure OR Documents to carry

    NOTE : This is my 1st visit to Dubai UAE.

    With Warmest Regards,
    Fahad Khan

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Fahad, like what we said in the Note section of this entry, we can no longer comment on whether or not you can get a visa-on-arrival to Dubai based on anyone’s profession because 1. we are not sure (we’re not working in the UAE embassy) and 2. they changed and edited some of the professions a while back. Kindly call the UAE embassy for inquiries. Thank you.

  185. Hello Pink Tarha
    I am planing to travel dubai this october from riyadh through flight , i am indian and i have a profession of Aluminium Technician on iqama , will i get visa on arrival or do i have to apply it through online visa service
    waiting for your response thank you

  186. Lybz Reply

    Just wanna ask if valid po ba ang certified copy of iqama on getting an arrival visa in dubai? I am a nurse from KSA and currently having my vacation in the philippines and planning to spend a week in dubai before going back to KSA. I dont have my original iqama since it has to be surrendered in exchange of my passport.
    A reply is much appreciated coz this worries me so much.
    Thank you

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello, as far as we know, you need to bring your iqama with you. Because when you tell your company that you’re going to Dubai, they will know to allow you to carry your original iqama when going there. That’s as far as we know… because when we went to Dubai, we had our original iqamas with us. You can also ask the UAE embassy for clarifications.

  187. Toph Reply

    Can I get a visa going to UAE (dubai) if I have Marketing Representative Iqama? Is that consider as a professional or not? I am a Filipino Citizen? Thanks

  188. rashid Reply

    A/A.. i am working in saudi as manager.. i have official visit to dubai.. after making re entry can i go to india 1st than travel dubai and make visa on arival over there and than come back to saudi..


  189. Abdul Reply

    I am a doctor by profession, indian national, resident of saudi arabia, iqama valid for 5 more months.
    I’m travelling from saudi to dubai and then to india… I.m planning a stop over in dubai for a week.
    I’ve managed to get my original iqama too
    Will I get visa on arrival ? and will it be valid for 7 days atleast..
    Please reply

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello Dr. Abdul, as per the note we placed at the end of the entry… unfortunately we cannot be sure of what to advise since we are not from the UAE embassy. Kindly inquire with them. Thanks.

  190. Jhune Reply

    Hi Admin….Just to inquire if my profession in iqama is Electrical Maintenance, is it possible to get visa on arrival in any port of entry?..meaning we are planning to go with Saptco BUS, I have 3 dependents (my wife and 2 kids. Thanks a lot

  191. Jhune Reply

    Hi Admin….sorry I forgot to inlude..that we are going to Dubai.

  192. Umar Reply

    Hi, I am working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and my IQAMA profession is Computer Programmer.
    Can i get on arrival Visa? I heard from some peoples that they stop giving on arrival visa??
    Please confirm me if anyone have information?




  194. Jongraffy Reply

    Hi! I plan to visit Dubai this July with my wife. I am a resident (engineer profession in iqama) while my wife only has a visit visa. Can she also have a visa upon entry? Thank you very much.

  195. hafeez Reply

    GREETING,I plan to visit Dubai this July,2015 with my wife & child. I am a resident (engineer profession in iqama), is it possible to get visa on arrival on border?your kindly reply highly appreciable.

  196. abbas Reply

    Hi guys, i am student live in ksa under my dads sponsership. Can i drive and get visa? Any one experienced this student thing?

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Abbas, you can’t get a visa on arrival if you’re a dependent. You need to get a visa prior to going to the UAE.

  197. Adam Reply

    I am secretary iqama working in Jeddah it is possible that i will get visa upon arriving in Dubai

    • Janelle Reply

      You might want to check the UAE embassy on that because we have secretary friends who just got a visa beforehand and didn’t risk in getting one upon arrival.

  198. carlos antonio Reply

    magandang buhay miss janelle! buti napunta ako dito sa site mo at nasagot na ang ibang mga katanungan ko hehehe.. 100% sure po ba kapag engr visa is ok lang pabigla bigla dumating sa uae? balak ko kasi magstop over ng about 5 days sa uae to visit some friends bago magbakasyon sa pilipinas. okay lang ba yang ganyang plan ko? salamat in advance!

    • Janelle Reply

      As far as we know, engineers can get a visa-on-arrival in Dubai but if you want to save time, get a visa prior to going because the line in visa-on-arrival in the Dubai airport is looooong.

  199. jenny Reply

    hi ms janelle! im a dentist and wer planning to go to dubai this sept with our 3 kids. i wanna know if my husband can get visa upon arrival considering that he’s a nurse in a private hosp? one more thing our bunso is under his name(dependent) because he was born here. (my 2 grown kids are my dependents.) wer fr riyadh..thanks and hope u can reply..?

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Jenny, I’m not sure with regards to your husband’s status. Also, there were some changes in the Visa restrictions of UAE and we’re not updated anymore. The last time we went there, we just got a visa before going there just to be sure even if we’re working in a government hospital. Also, the wait to visa on arrival is quite long than those who already have a visa prior to arrival in Dubai immigration.

  200. Emil-Jubail Reply

    As this post has been published not quite a long time ago, has the process of obtaining an exit/re-entry visa to UAE (particularly Abi Dhabi) changed recently? I heard of a multiple-re-entry Saudi visa – what is the validity per visit? If single-entry only, how long can you stay in Abu Dhabi? Will this visa allow you to go to other countries like Qatar, Dubai or Oman? Thanks for your help – enjoyed your blog as I got interesting places to explore in Riyadh, though I’m residing here in Jubail.

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello! I’m not sure if I understood your questions correctly.

      The multiple exit/re-entry visa is the visa for Saudi Arabia. You can go in and out of Saudi Arabia several times, as long as it’s still valid (usually for 1 year). This is the visa you need when going out of Saudi, regardless of what country you are going.

      You need to get another/different visa (tourist visa) when you visit the UAE or any other GCC countries. Entry to these countries depends on your profession in your iqama. If you’re a professional (engineers, doctors, etc.), then you can get a visa-on-arrival. If not, then you need to apply for the tourist visa before going.

      I am not aware of any multiple visa in the UAE that will let you go in and out whenever you want. Every time you enter UAE, you need to get a tourist/visit visa (whether before or on arrival).

  201. Arun Reply

    I want to travel to Dubai in Nov but my iqama validity on the date of travel is 2 months and 20 days. Hence i am unable to apply for visit visa or not eligible for on arrival visa. But my travel agent in dubai told that we will arrange visa. If they provide me valid visa, still i need to have my iqama validity for min 3 months? Will the imigration staff in ksa airport will stop me from travelling?

  202. toni Reply

    hi… I am planning to Dubai by land. I m from Riyadh. I am a nurse in a government hospital. my problem is my iqama will expire on November 2015… and I cant get an online visa because of the validity of my iqama. can I get an entry visa to Dubai if I will travel by land even if my iqama will expire? need your anwers badly. thank you

    • Janelle Reply

      We’re no very knowledgeable about land travel to Dubai. But since you can’t get a visa because of the expiry of your iqama, then we don’t see any reason why it will be any different if you travel by land. The problem is still with your expiring iqama and not with the way you’ll travel to the UAE.

  203. Mary Ann Ray Reply

    hi my bother in law (filipino) will visit dubai from damman ksa and he is project engineer by profession which is mentioned in his iqama also but working in private sector .. is he valid for visa on arrival …. appreciate your prompt reply

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello Mary Ann, like we said in previous replies, the visa policy of UAE has changed over the years and we’re no longer sure if the policy we wrote about before is still true to this day. As a precaution of the changes, we always suggest that it’s better to get a visa before going to the UAE and not leave chances to the visa on arrival.

  204. J Reply

    Hi, I am planning to visit Dubai for a few days. Is there a travel agency here in Riyadh that you can recommend who can check my Iqama profession, book a flight and hotel? My Iqama profession indicates that I am an engineer and I am currently registered in the Saudi Council of Engineers.


  205. Jake Reply

    hi Janelle! Im Engineer in profession in my iqama. and im planning to visit Abu dhabi- UAE this July 6-9, 2016 EID al Ftr .
    1. Can i get a visa on the border (Ghuwaifat Border ) if i will travel by land?
    2. If not, can i get a visa in advance then use it in the border of Ghuwaifat? (i will travel by land).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jake Reply

      Im from riyadh!

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Jake, we’re really not sure about visas for the border via land travel because we don’t have an experience on that. But what we’re sure now when it comes to the UAE is that if you’re a GCC resident, regardless of your profession, you now have to get a visa prior to going to the UAE. There’s no more visa-on-arrival. You can get the visa via their immigration website, authorized travel agencies, or the airlines used for flying. Not sure if this applies to land travel too though.

  206. JD Mags Reply

    Hi, do you have the list of Allowed High Professions to get visa upon arrival?

    Thank you!

    • JD Mags Reply

      General Accountant and Financial Analyst? Are they allowed?

      • Janelle Reply

        Their policy has already changed. They’re no longer giving visa on arrival. Everyone, except GCC citizens, needs to obtain a visa prior to arrival.

    • Janelle Reply

      Their policy has already changed. They’re no longer giving visa on arrival. Everyone, except GCC citizens, needs to obtain a visa prior to arrival.

  207. Everdine Baquiran Reply

    HI! I am a nurse here in saudi MOH, and i had sponsored my husband here as a tourist visitor Multiple visa for a year and i just wanted to ask because i want to bring him with me in duabi,UAE.for a visit, How can we get a visa for him?going in dubai as for me, there is no problem because i am employed in Saudi MOH but for him? how? Thanks

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