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We cannot deny our love for cupcakes. Sometimes, we don’t understand it either and there are some people who don’t get the concept of cupcakes. They’re like small cakes poured in small cups right? No, my dear. They’re more than that. 
To illustrate our point better, let us introduce you to the charming and gorgeous (yes!) Ms. Cecile Bautista Perez who is a self-proclaimed fan of The Pink Tarha. She effortlessly turned us into a fan of her newest baking venture, Dolce Cecilia, by letting us taste her cupcakes. Because that’s what she bakes and she bakes it really well. Our taste buds are satisfied!
Gorgeous cupcakes!
We first had a sampling of Ms. Cecile’s cupcakes in Eyecandy’s birthday party. I tell you, I nearly stood near the dessert table beside the cupcake stands all night long… if only I didn’t arrive late. Haha! Her cupcakes have that taste which reminds us of cupcakes in the Philippines. It’s not too dense, not too heavy. During E’s birthday, I was immediately smitten with the icing of Dolce Cecilia’s cupcakes. They’re not too sweet and overpowering. The softness of the cake came through without having to wade in and out of fluffy icing and fudge. It’s so simple that it’s a no-brainer to finish a cupcake in two huge bites. 
Good Lord, help me choose!
Chocolate? Red velvet?
How summer can these colors be?!
I’ve eaten her cupcakes in several occasions (the latest being The Pink Tarha Mornings 2 which I will write about very soon). The cupcakes’ taste and texture weren’t consistent from one event to the other but they’re still good. The red velvet, in particular, is moist but it doesn’t taste like any of the red velvets I’ve tried in the city. But then again, you know how red velvets are… they’re always open to interpretation. 🙂
At The Pink Tarha Mornings 2.
What a spread! Guess which one I took first?
Cecile started her love affair with her oven (yes, she is having an affair!) 3 years ago after resigning from her regular job in the hospital. Baking became her stress reliever and boredom buster. She summoned her inner Martha Stewart by surfing the net and watching the Food Network to start whipping up some delicious dishes for her family. When her friends started placing orders and insisted on paying, she realized the potential of baking and cooking and capitalized on it. Now, Cecile is one of the known Filipina homemakers of Riyadh. Indeed, for Ms. Cecile and her Dolce Cecilia business, life is sweet! 
Oh, and savory too. Because apart from her favorite moist chocolate cupcakes, she also offers mouthwatering savory dishes. Her bestsellers include Baked Macaroni, and Kani and Tamago Maki. 
Dolce gusto!
Lolli cakes!
Dolce Cecilia also offers to-die-for cake pops in various designs and toppings. So if you have a design or theme in mind, this is the best way to serve dessert to your guests. The Pink Tarha were mesmerized at the outer layer first of her cake pops before we got hooked with the balls of cakes inside. Amazing proportion, just the right size! And guess what’ll be perfect as gifts and give-aways this coming holiday (or just any occasion you can think of)? Molded chocolates, of course! Oh, and her nibblers of lemon bars and ube bars are new and perfect for events and gatherings. 
Perfect for gifts and give-aways!
So what are you waiting for? Find out why we’re so hooked in cupcakes. And cake pops. And bars. And maki. Here’s the price list for Dolce Cecilia:
Contact numbers are below.
Live the sweet life! Live with Dolce Cecilia. ~ Sundrenched

(PS. Thank you to our friend and ‘ate’ Jennie Duero-Ebora for introducing Ms. Cecile to us. She was responsible for forcing Ms. Cecile to attend the first Pink Tarha Mornings workshop. Haha!)

Dolce Cecilia
Ms. Cecile Bautista Perez
T: +966-50-8716437
F: https://www.facebook.com/dolce.cecilia

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Teary eyed! Thank you very much ladies! You are also instrumental in Dolce Cecilia&#39;s &quot;success&quot;! Watch out for other items in the menu! muah! hugs!<br /><br />Cecile P.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    the article is as sweet as the cupcakes! lovett!<br /><br />elen bartolome

  3. Anonymous Reply

    the article is as sweet as the cupcakes! lovett!<br /><br />elen bartolome

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I&#39;ll make sure to try them and tell friends as well (when I come back to Riyadh).. They look amazing!!

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