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IF YOU HAVEN’T noticed by now, it has become The Pink Tarha’s mission to try out every cupcake place there is in Riyadh. And in the last six months, more and more shops have sprouted all over the city that we must catch up!
S and I were cruising along Orouba Road one night as we were actually headed to Tokyo Restaurant to get some dinner. While we were waiting for that traffic-inducing U-turn at the end of the Orouba Road, we noticed this pretty and preppy window display of sweet treats on our right, with a faux garden complete with a white picket fence. Intrigued, we read the sign above it that read, “Helen’s.”
Now once something piques our interest, there’s no turning back. So we decided that we would cross over there after our Tokyo dinner and see what’s there to see. I’m very happy we did. 🙂
Helen’s is a bakery that caters to (you guessed it right) cupcakes, cakes and pies. According to the manager on duty, the owner is an American lady who resides in Jeddah and initially set up her business there. This branch in Orouba Road opened only four months ago.
Entering Helen’s is like entering a doll house. — that’s not quite finished yet. Its dainty interiors and cutesy color palette makes you feel almost Laduree-ish, but while the walls and shelves are well-decorated, the floor space is still a bit bare in the middle and it would appear that there should be some seating installed there.
It’s a girl thing.
A feel-good, feel-pretty-and-posh corner.
So what else did we find inside? Cupcakes and cakes and pies of course! They all looked inviting and we definitely took home some of them to try. Though I would have to comment on the name tags displayed behind their display case…it’s a little too Microsoft Word Art for me. Considering the posh ambience of the place, maybe they can design better name tags for the cupcakes and cakes that’s more of say, 2010 and above? I mean, I really like their company logo design already…it’s a pretty font of European flair followed by a darling calligraphy of the name in Arabic underneath (I’m into this details because I work as a Desktop Publisher). Looking at the name tags just kind of bummed me out a bit. But that’s just me. ANYWAY, this is about their cakes, cupcakes and pies and what they taste like. So let’s carry on…
From Top to Bottom: Carrot | Red Velvet | Chocolate @ 7SR each
Mini Lemon Loaf 12SR and Mini Banana Loaf 15SR
From Top to Bottom: Pina Colada, some kind of Choco Cup and Oreo cupcakes 7SR each
Red Velvet and Carrot Cake, 15SR per slice
Oreo cheesecake 15 SR per slice
One whole Carrot Cake for 170SR.
Strawberry Cheesecake, 15SR per slice
I bought a piece of the Mini Lemon Loaf, a Pina Colada cupcake and mini-versions of their Carrot and Chocolate cupcakes which they were giving away for free taste tests. S bought their Trio Milk Cake (sorry not pictured) and a slice of Red Velvet cake.
Their very purrrty packaging. And the logo design I was telling you about.
Now let’s proceed to the tasting. S said that she enjoyed the sweetness of the Trio Milk Cake (15 SR) and that while it may come across as overly sweet, with the right cup of coffee, it can be perfection. Trio Milk Cake, by the way, is pretty much like bread pudding with cinnamon powder on top. We would definitely recommend that. As for the Red Velvet cake, she wasn’t really over the moon for it. It was okay. You’d have to pardon us on this account because S and I didn’t realize that we would write an article about it until I was blown away by own purchases.
Mini Lemon Loaf — Tangy and will make you say ‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!’
What I liked: The moist texture. The tangy twang about it in every bite. The bread alone is a great balance of sour and sweet. I, for one, am not fond of the sour, and S was even surprised that I purchased this. But ever since I purchased those Calamansi Muffins from Cafe Real in Boracay late last year, I’ve been bent to tasting more lemon-y flavored pastry especially if downed with a cup of tea. 🙂
What I didn’t like: The frosting was too sour for me. Again, that can be just me not being an entire fan of sour-tasting food. But without it, I will definitely eat as many mini lemon loafs as I can.
Chocolate and Carrot Mini Cupcakes (for taste tests only)
What I take from both these cupcakes was that they were dry on the inside. Now it could be that they weren’t fresh anymore when we got a hold of them, maybe I should try ones that are right off the oven. But apart from that, I think the chocolate flavor has a different kind of chocolate-ness about it. The carrot cake would be a fair choice but nothing to special for me and S, especially since we like our carrot cake with cream cheese rather than sweet frosting.
Saving the best for last!
And last but not the least, I present, THE PINA COLADAAAA! Totally, totally unique…I have yet to taste a pineapple flavored cupcake until that day. And it. is. so. good! Cake-wise, the inside was moist enough but not crumbly, with teeny bits of pineapple here and there. The balance of the flavors are right on cue on this one. And definitely a must-order! Three out of three people who I shared it with said “Wow!” and “Yummy!” and asked, “Where did you buy this?” ‘Nuff said I guess. 😉
While Helen’s may be a bit more pricey than the other cupcake places that we know of, for that Pina Colada, I will buy it. For that Trio Milk Cake, we’ll take it! Besides, that’s why you call it a treat right? Because it won’t be everyday that you’ll indulge on cupcakes, right? (Riggghhhhtttt? :D)
Anyway, you can find Helen’s just right across Tokyo Restaurant in Orouba Road (after the Panda Supermarket). If you have an eye for the pink and pretty, you surely won’t miss it. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and on their website: http://www.helens-kitchen.com/
For advanced orders, you may call them at +966-1-416-9734.
Until our next cupcake hunt!

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