The Korean/Japanese Food Store in Riyadh

18 years in the business and it was just my first time to step into this store last Monday. Wooow! To think that we almost always pass by near this place when going home. Finally, after hearing it from countless friends and acquaintances, even getting queries on it from our readers, I get to visit the Korean/Japanese store in Riyadh.
The Korean/Japanese Food Stuff Store (I can’t read the name of the store, sorry!) is located near the new Holiday Inn, in a building sandwiched between the King Fahd Road and Olaya Street. If you’re coming from Faisaliah, going towards Khurais Road, you just have to pass the intersection and turn right on the second small street where TNT sat on the corner and across is Sunbulah Grocery. You’ll find a map at the end of this entry.
Somebody please read the name of this store!
Without further ado, here are the things you can buy from the Korean/Japanese Grocery. I didn’t understand half of the stuff I took photos of because they’re either 1. in another language or 2. I didn’t know such food stuff existed. I cannot answer your questions regarding prices because they were not readily available on the shelves. Most items are tagged though, I just didn’t get them. 😛
Warning: LOTS of photos coming up!
A typical grocery but with organized and wide enough aisles
Special tea?
Various rice: for sushi, brown rice, and beans
Crumbs for tempura!
Japanese curry meals
Noodles, ramen, and crackers
Weee, spicy cham pong!
Mustard powder for uhhh, I don’t know. 😛 Lots of various seasonings!
Noodles oodles!
Lots of stuff I don’t know, hehe.
For the Korean version of pasta?
Spicy kick!
Now you can make maki!
Let’s go to the “wet market” of sauces and refrigerated stuff…
Is that Datu Puti I’m spotting below? 🙂
Cooking oils, vinegar, soy sauce, various mixes for viands
Sauces, sauces, sauces to cook Korean food, hehe.
E will be glad to find chili oil! For dumplings!
Oooh, Bulgogi sauce! And tea, coffee, etc.
I spy mochi! Niiice!
Red bean siopao… wonder how they taste?
Is that preserved chili or something?!
Tofu aka tokwa!
Flavored tofu and more seaweed sheets
Korean appetizers
Fish roe and tender beef
Fish cakes for ramen!
I didn’t get what these are, sorry!
More seaweed shreds
Juices and tetra packs…
Lots of food stuff to see and buy, yey!
They also have huge freezers for frozen fishes and prawns. There are frozen dumplings too. This store also has ready-to-cook Korean dishes. I bought a pack of their bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), a Korean dish I luuurve for SR40. It’s supposed to be barbecued but since I can’t do that, I just cooked it in a pan. I ate a lot of rice with it! Nomnomnom! 🙂
I cooked bulgogi! Yeee! HAHA!

The SR40 pack is good enough for a dinner of a family of 3-4. We also bought a pack of instant cham pong noodles. Cham pong is a popular Korean noodle dish with red, spicy seafood broth. We have yet to try it. Prices of the goods in this store are fairly reasonable, especially when you take into account that most of the items are imported from Korea or Japan. Some are from the States.

There’s also kalbi/galbi (barbecued marinated beef short ribs) but it’s not available. If it becomes available again, you MUST try it. It’s one of the most popular dishes in Korean Palace Restaurant (but it’s also not currently available there).

You can also order gimbap/kimbap, the Korean version of maki. Order a day in advance so you’ll have it freshly-made in the morning. And of course, there’s always the kimchi, Korea’s national dish. A dish of fermented vegetables (mostly cabbage or radish) with a variety of seasonings.
Don’t forget a souvenir:
Mobile phone charms
I enjoyed my visit to this Korean/Japanese store and I’m sure you will too. So what are you waiting for? Oh right… you don’t know where it is… here’s a map I made:
Click image for a larger version.
Don’t forget to greet the salesman ‘Anyong haseyo!’... even if he’s not Korean. Hehe. 
Korean/Japanese Food Stuff Store
Olaya Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-1-293-2978
M: +966-50-529-0596


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    hello. the name is Hanarumh supermarket.

  2. Cool! Thanks for the info. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Reply

    The red boxes you thought were preserved chili paste is Gochujang, the red chili paste you have with Bibimbap. The brown box in the middle is Doenjang, its sort of the Korean version of the Japanese miso

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Wow! Thanks for sharing…I've been looking for Japanese breadcrumbs! Hehehe…

  5. Anonymous Reply

    do they sell kewpi japanese mayonnaise do you know?

  6. Anonymous Reply

    not sure this posted already – but do you know if they have kewpie mayonnaise?

  7. Anonymous 2:31PM: Unfortunately, we don't even know what kewpie mayonnaise is. Haha. No, we're not sure if it's available here. Sorry.

  8. thanks God, after years of asking someone back home to bring me these stuff, its just now I browse into the web of searching store here in bad…thank you for the info…you saved my life ay!

  9. Anonymous Reply

    are the prices reasonable for the products? 'coz i've been asking friends to buy these stuff for me back home. so good to know there's a place like this. you saved my life aye!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Thanx for info. But do they sell anything else exept food? For exp korean cosmetics. ^^

  11. @Anonymous 10:57AM: Prices are reasonable when the import fees are taken into consideration. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! :)<br /><br />@Anonymous 1:55PM: I haven&#39;t seen Korean cosmetics in the store.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Most of the time my menu ask for Hoisin sauce= do you know if by chance they have this sauce here? Thanks==

  13. @Anonymous 12:59PM: Unfortunateky, we didn&#39;t see Hoisin Sauce here. Try Lulu Hypermarket in Olaya Street. 🙂

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Do they have nissin cup noodles here (from japan)?

  15. saw your blog and i literally drag my sister and brother to go there… i have been craving for seaweeds for a very long time… will surely come back.. thanks for posting the map… more power to your blog..

  16. @Anonymous: There are cup noodles but we&#39;re not sure if they&#39;re Nissin. I&#39;ll check it out again if I get to visit soon. :)<br /><br />@Kat: Aww, thank you! Hope your siblings didn&#39;t blame us for them being dragged to the store. Haha! Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha. 🙂

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for posting this. I hear that there are three Korean Grocery stores in Riyadh and two Korean Restaurants. If anyone who knows the places, I&#39;d appreciate if they can share. -Korean food lover.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for this complete information.

  19. Anonymous Reply

    This is interesting. I brought some items like chili paste, soybean paste, dried laver and chili powder from the Phils coz I like preparing Korean food, and I couldn&#39;t find any of these from the leading supermarkets here in Riyadh. I saw some photos of corn and rice syrup, things I am looking for. Thank you for the information. More power.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Well, who could have guessed that this was possible? I used to work in Korea and I have been craving Korean food but in my neck of the woods (South-Africa) there are no Korean shops, so I can&#39;t wait to get to Riyadh (I&#39;m arriving later this month) and start shopping at Hanarumh supermarket (I could even still read the Korean!) The first thing I&#39;m buying is kimchi and kotchuchang (the

  21. Anonymous Reply

    Whoooo!!!! found ya. been craving for kimchi and lots of korean foods. forgot to get before coming to riyadh. i&#39;m gonna drag my friends there soon. 😀 thanks a lot

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Does anybody know where can i learn korean language in riyadh?

  23. Anonymous Reply

    do they have meiji chocolates here?

  24. @Anonymous 1:16AM: Nope, they don&#39;t have Meiji.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    谢谢你们! maramin salamat for this wonderful information! Well done !

  26. Anonymous Reply

    yippeee!!!tnx for this…it&#39;s only across our street and never been there!!!!!!!!what a dork right??!!..will go there now na..

  27. Anonymous Reply

    hi, just want to ask what time does the store open?<br />Plz rply…thank you inadvance.ツ

  28. Anonymous Reply

    OMG! I&#39;ve been looking for something like that! I love making Japanese dishes, but couldn&#39;t any store where i can get the things i needed( i mean basic ingredients used in Japanese food). I wonder if i can find the ingredients needed for dashi broth there or dashi powder! :/ Can&#39;t wait, i&#39;m gonna check that store out soon! Arigato(thanks) really!! 😀

  29. aloha Reply

    are they open during fridays?

  30. Vea Reply

    Can you please post their store hours…. Thanks a lot for the info…

  31. lola Reply

    Hi, I can’t find seaweed or nori to make sushi in Riyadh, can anyone give me the address of this place please? Thanks!!

  32. joaquin david Reply

    Any one looking for chef Korean you can called me for your events and parties 050794925

  33. zola Reply

    What are the timings of this store ?

  34. Anon Reply

    yass thank you so much for this!!
    Do they have rice paper? And are there any Thai stores in Riyadh?

  35. samer Reply

    Hello plz i need your phone number as quiqly as you can

  36. The name of the store is HAN-AH-REUM HAN-GOOK SUPERMARKET.
    Han-Ah-Reum is a Korean phrase meaning “one arm full of groceries”.
    Han-Gook is a modern name of Korea used by South Koreans.
    The last word is actually supermarket but the way they write and actually pronounce it is “syupeomakes”
    You’re welcome!

  37. Lorenzo Reply

    Does anyone know if this store is still open?


  38. Jhaiko_17 Reply

    Is it all Halal sealed korean products?

  39. Do they sell mochi? And also is the store still open?

  40. John Reply

    hello. do you have branch here in jeddah?

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