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We have to be honest. We only got to know All Kinds of Cookies because of their offer to send us a “gift” for our fourth anniversary celebration. We didn’t find them in Facebook or in Twitter or any social media site before. Which is quite odd, really, because after we tasted their cookies, All Kinds of Cookies should be known Riyadh-wide! Or Kingdom-wide if they open branches! 😉
All Kinds of Cookies is a home-based business that makes a variety of cookies that cannot be easily found in local coffee shops and bake shops. It is owned by Sarah Shuwaier and Amber Rasz, two American women who married Saudis and now consider Riyadh as their home. Sarah is the baker and Amber is the one in-charge of their online sites.
Sarah started baking out of boredom and eventually, it became a passion. She started making them for family and friends until she was bugged endless by these loved ones, who can’t get enough of her cookies, to finally sell them. She uses the freshest and finest ingredients available locally to bake these goodies (hooray for no preservatives!). With the help of Amber, Sarah started selling online. Their Facebook page features their menu and prices and customers can just message them or comment for inquiries. Customers then can either pick up their orders from well-known landmarks or can have their orders delivered within the greater Riyadh area. So far, their cookies are a hit!
What better way to celebrate our fourth anniversary online.
And we couldn’t blame them. We’re hooked with their cookies too! The huge cookie cake they gave us for our anniversary was a thing of beauty. It was huuuge and covered in white icing with pink icing laced to form The Pink Tarha words in the middle. It was heavy too, a good sign that it is full of yummy goodness.
Will you look at that!
Yes, please!

Even though sinking a knife into the middle of the cookie broke our hearts, we had to do it to get to the depth of the cookie. The edges crumbled with a soft nudge while the middle remained firm; the knife slicing its way effortlessly within the smooth, moist layer. The buttery dough hid a generous cache of chocolate chips. Each bite from our cookie slices ala pizza was rewarded with a couple of chocolate chips. We were amazed on how the middle remained moist despite of the sheer size and despite sitting in our pantry for a few days (it’s so huge for the four of us we needed family and friends to help us devour it in a matter of days).

Molasses | Oatmeal&Raisins | Chewy Brownies
After the huge cookie, we also got to try the smaller ones in different flavors.

Chewy Brownies: my fave!
Keep calm my heart.

Being a fan of chewy cookies, I couldn’t help but pine for the chewy brownie cookies. What more can be chewier than a cookie named chewy, right?! 😉 It made me weak in the knees. The crispy outer layer gave way to a melting center. It was a tad bit too sweet but if served fresh from the oven, is definitely comforting. More of these, please!

Eyecandy’s choice: oatmeal and raisin cookie
The famous oatmeal and raisin cookie is also present. It’s pleasantly gritty; the texture alternating from crispy to smooth to course to dry to chewy. This is Eyecandy’s favorite of the bunch.

Molasses cookie, Shoegarfreeruby’s pick
My sugar coated cookie (and fingers)
I was hesitant to try the molasses cookie. As a kid, my grand aunts would bring these packed cookies from the States during the holidays and their rich, spicy flavor of cinnamon, ginger, and molasses didn’t exactly sit well with my palate. The All Kinds of Cookies version of molasses cookies though is now one of my favorite kind of cookie! (And Shoegarfreeruby’s too!) The moist cookie, simple as it seem with its dark color and sugar coated top, is deeply fragrant. The flavor is subtle; the spiciness is barely there. It’s quite addicting!
There are more flavors of cookies to choose from. The choices are myriad you’d need an hour to choose. So we asked Sarah and Amber what their favorites are to help you choose. Sarah’s personal favorite is the soft, chewy chocolate chip with walnuts while Amber, who had a hard time picking (because really, how can one possibly pick a favorite cookie?), settled with molasses, chocolate chip, and Snickers. I’m dying to try the mocha chocolate chip, Oreo truffles, s’mores, and chocolate mint flavors. Ahhhh, the perils of wanting too many!

They also have quick breads, biscotti, and gourmet popcorn!

All Kinds of Cookies deliver to the greater Riyadh area with a small fee for orders under SR150. They have a weekly offer so better LIKE their Facebook page and stay tuned. For this week, they’re offering a 9-inch cookie cake for 50 riyals only! Whatta TREAT! Go get ’em now!
Visit their other page too. Titled Camel Couture, this page is Sarah’s and Amber’s way of giving back to the community. They offer different kinds of classes that plans to bring people together for the love of “creating.” I love this idea. I have a belief that 2013 is the year of the “creatives”! Let’s go, ladies! 😉

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