Top 5 Instant Face Brighteners For The Busy You

It’s been quite a while since we had a beauty entry in the blog. If you see The Pink Tarha ladies in real life, we don’t usually adhere to a strict made up look every day. We have our literally ‘no make up look’ days which Eyecandy usually refer to as the literal “wala pa akong mukhang ihaharap sa mundo.” (I don’t have a face to face the world.) And then there are those days when we woke up on the right side of the bed and had enough time to do our make up for work. “Maganda ka nang bongga today!” (You’re extra beautiful today!)
I can say that I had a routine down pat: foundation + BB cream (to get my right skin tone color… because when it comes to foundation, I tend to be color blind :P), eyebrow pencil (lighter than what E and Sampaguita Pride would recommend), a bit of eyeshadow swipes, blush, powder to set everything in, and lipstick. That simple. But what if you just have a minute or less before you have to really face the world? What would make a difference in your face? What would make it bright in an instant?
In Saudi Arabia, most expat women work and most are in the medical field where time is of essence. Sometimes, you’re too tired to even put powder before a shift. So, here are a few instant face brighteners that I’ve tried and tested over the years. Please note that I am not a makeup artist (I’m prone to tsamba) nor an expert in beauty products. I’m not even a nurse to make hurried choices in front of the mirror (I’m just lazy sometimes, lol!).
1. BB Cream 
One of the available BB creams in KSA
Saudi Arabia is a bit far behind when it comes to the Blemish Balm craze. May panibago nang uso, nasa BB cream pa lang tayo. But I must say that BB creams do wonders! It’s an all-in-one product that all you need to do is put them all over your face and you get moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, etc. in one. What a time saver! I haven’t tried a lot of BB creams but I would recommend The Face Shop’s Power Perfection BB Cream. However, it’s not available here so I also tried Garnier’s version. While it’s not as effective as The Face Shop’s, it’s good enough for every day wear. Wish it has more shades though. The Body Shop also launched their BB Cream and the lighter shades are gone in an instant. What’s your favorite BB Cream that’s available here in Riyadh?
2. Bright Colored Lipstick 
Choose your hue!

You can leave most of your face bare, just don’t forget to put on a hued lipstick that instantly brightens your face and gets attention. I’m not saying you wear shocking red or hot pink (although you can if it’s permitted in your work place). Wear a color that you don’t usually wear. I am a fan of nude and beige shades but once in a while, I switch to fun, playful colors like pink, purple, and coral. If you think they’re too bright that a religious police might suddenly ask you to wipe them off, then tone the color a bit with lip balm or lip butter. I like Nyx Lip Crème (available in Centrepoint), MAC (available in Kingdom Mall, Harvey Nichols, and Granada Mall), and Make Up For Ever (available in Debenhams). 

3. Black Eyeliner Pencil 
Perfecting the art of putting eyeliners takes time. Well, not if you’re an Arab lady. They have a way of putting their eyeliners effortlessly flawless! I envy them for such grace. I am such a klutz when it comes to eyeliners but I cannot deny the fact that they’re an instant solution to a lazy make up day. And so, I present to you, the pencils. Forget the eyeliner gel or liquid eyeliner pen. Use the pencils. They’re easier to control and easier to erase when you commit a mistake. And use a black one because it’s classy and suited for work. Create simple lines. Smoldering looks must be left for a night-out with friends. Very affordable eyeliner pencils include the ones in Riyalin (only SR2 each!) and the eyeliners of Essense (available in Whites Pharmacy).
4. Hair Part 
We’re such creatures of habit eh? When I was younger, I used to part my hair in the middle. Every day of my school life! (Told you I was boring.) Only when I worked and gone to a really good salon did I consider parting my hair on the side and voila! An instant “makeover”! So, try parting your hair in the side or center, if you’re used to the side angle. It instantly updates your look! You might feel awkward at the “new look” at first but it’ll pay off especially when other people take notice. “Hey, there’s something new with you!” I bet they wouldn’t even guess what it is but there’s definitely something new in you! 😉
5. Earrings 
Nope, choose the subtle ones for work.
Eyecandy is the “girl with the many earrings” among The Pink Tarha. And with good reason. It instantly gives her beauty a boost (because she’s naturally beautiful already!). It’s like she’s always made up without even putting too much effort on make up. I’m the one who doesn’t wear earrings often because my ears get irritated easily (sadya s’yang maarte, pasensya na, haha!). But whenever I can handle the itchiness, I insert a pair once in a while to update my simple look. I and Shoegarfreeruby are all for studs while E and SP like danglings.
While these top five face brighteners are not new to you, it’s nice to take note of them especially with your lives getting busier by the minute. That’s the beauty of these tips… they only need a second or two to help you face the world every day. That’s why they’re “instant.” (Count how many times I used the word “instantly” in this entry! Haha!)
Stay beautiful, Riyadhizens! ~ Sundrenched

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    Where can I find Garnier BB cream in Riyadh???

  2. They're available in most hypermarkets. Also in Whites Pharmacy. 🙂

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