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One of the secrets of The Pink Tarha ladies is having keen eyes. While passing through roads and streets in Riyadh, we need to be able to see unusual sights like new stores and restaurants that weren’t there before. Or signs that suddenly sprouted out of nowhere… or uhmn, came from somewhere but took us by surprise. Such a sign is Cakery Shop in Dabab Street. I thought I was already observant but apparently, I still need more practice in this craft as it’s one of our friends who noticed it first. “Hey, there’s something new in Dabab! Have you seen it?” (Lucky us, our friends tell us first of their discoveries. We have informers all around! Chos. Kidding.)
Cake beckoning!
Unique displays
Welcome to Cakery!
The first word that came to my mind when Eyecandy and I stepped into Cakery Shop is charming. Every thing is so cute. I love that their store is spacious enough to wish that they incorporate more tables and chairs for ladies to enjoy desserts and chit chat. With chairs as lovely as these, who wouldn’t want to wish for more?
Won’t you have a tea with me?
Pastel blue and pink accents
The shop has lovely displays of table settings and jars of candies and marshmallows. (I love marshmallows!) They also have mugs that look so dainty I can easily break one or two by merely touching them. (I didn’t touch any, I swear!)
They have a rack of imported candies which I nearly didn’t notice because the cakes  took my full attention. Oh goodness, their cakes! They’re not called the “Cakery” for nothing. Their huge cakes on display took my breath away. The details were exquisite and the designs were done in good taste. My respect for cakes went up notches higher. (Admittedly, the cakes are taller than me so I had to look up and, in my mind, salute the creatives who did such stunning creations.)
Roses and pearls and gems… glam!
Gosh those flowers look real!
There’s one cake that caught my attention and this I had to say (promise you won’t tell), I wanted to steal it from its case just because it’s so simple yet so gorgeous. (The truth is, I didn’t want to take it… without the cake glass holder and cover. Haha!) The light yellow layers looked like they were fluttering in a soft breeze. It’s surreal, almost magical. Don’t worry, I still have my values intact and I didn’t try to steal it.
I love you!
Now the Rose Cakes were a different story. You know how fairy tales are more untrue now that we’re older? Staring at this cake, I was transported to the castle of Snow White and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The cakes are just the kind that princesses would eat don’t you think? (Except for Sleeping Beauty… this is the cake she missed because she slept through most of the tale. :P) The endless petals  and swirling of icing that covers the entire cake is art in itself. I would love to learn how to do this!
Which one will you choose today?
Can anything be more cuter in cake land?
The other character cakes were fun! Like Psy of the Gangnam Style phenomenon! Cool details. I can imagine you dancing with him. (Because I cannot imagine myself dancing Gangnam Style… no really, really! I can’t! Don’t force me, please! Haha!)
Psy looks out of place in this daintiness but he’s popular! ^.^
Wooow, such skill!
Of course, no matter how wonderful the design of a cake is, it’s always what it tastes like that wins us over. I took home a slice of their German Chocolate cake and a slice of Red Velvet with Nutella. The former is chock full of nuts and I’m not a fan of nuts (I must be nuts to order it then, lol… I want something different). Nevertheless, it was okay for me. The cake base was moist and the chocolate was not overpowering. It was the red velvet that got my attention and my family’s attention. I only had two bites and reserved the rest for later but when I saw the box, the slice was gone. What happened?! Haha. The Nutella in between the layers of red velvet cake made it interesting. It’s not overly sweet. It’s indulgent.
Eyecandy and I ordered a few cupcakes. Actually, I ordered just one, the strawberry mint. The combination piqued my interest. Being a lover of anything + mint, I had to try it. (Disclaimer: I mishandled the cupcakes that’s why the icing were ruined. We were walking in Dabab going to Burger Fuel and I didn’t notice I was swaying the plastic of cupcake boxes like I was walking on sunshine!) 
Dramatizing the cupcakes whose icing I ruined. LOL.
The cupcakes look better in the store, of course.
Haven’t seen enough cupcakes?
What would you have for today?
The strawberry mint was my favorite of the bunch because it has a mild strawberry flavor that reminded us of strawberry milkshake. The mint was missing in action though. E, who’s not a fan of sour in her pastries, surprisingly liked the lemon flavor. The flavor was mild too. The one with the coconut also lacked the coconut flavor. It just has a few tiny coconut shavings and that’s it. All in all, the cake base of these cupcakes is the reason why they’re delicious. They’re just the right kind of moist and not too sweet. Never mind some of the flavors because honestly, we couldn’t find it in there (hello mint, hello coconut!).
Cakery also offers breads, tarts, cake pops, cookies, and jams.
Layers of sweetness
From cakes to tarts to cake pops.
Cheesecakes, mousse, and cake pops
Every thing looks delectable!
Jam with some jams!
So, looking for the next cake place? If this entry wouldn’t encourage you to visit it, I don’t know what will. I used all the adjectives I could muster, people! Haha! And all the beautiful photos I took are here! Haha! Seriously, I would pass by Cakery Shop again… even if just to stare and marvel at their many tiered cakes! Have a lovely day!
Cakery Shop
Dabab Street, Suleimania
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-1-4650005
Twitter: @cakeryshop

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