Abaya Finder: Dirah Souk 2/2

And we’re back in Dirah Souk

The clocktower in Dirah is a good landmark to find your way.
Parking area outside the Swaigah Center and in front of the Musmak Fort

Apart from abayas, there are so many other stuff that you can buy here, particularly in this one-floor building known as Swaigah Trade Center. This is like Tutuban in the Philippines were shoes, bags, and clothes can be found. I won’t say that the items are cheap because come to think of it, I can already buy a pair of shoes on SALE in the mall for SR 50 but then again, the malls are not always on sale.

Dairah’s maze of stores
Shoes and bags in various styles and colors
Those shoulder bags are cuuute!
RTWs, blouses, dresses, skirts…
Embellished jalabiyas
Maxis in different fabrics and patterns
Fabric stores

You have to be a smart shopper when buying from these stalls. Make sure that the goods are of good quality. Inspect the items thoroughly. We will be disappointed if we find out you did not haggle with the vendors and salesmen. C’mon, you know the drill! 

Eyecandy has been telling me of a building or store near the Deira Souk where she used to buy school supplies and craft supplies. We didn’t get a chance to visit it so maybe next time.

The Musmak/Masmak Fort/Castle (so many options on how to call it)

When you visit Deira, take the time to visit the Musmak Castle. You’ll also pass by the Deera Square aka Justice Square aka Chop-Chop Square, where public executions take place. Yes, they do happen after Friday prayers and for your sanity, please do not (and we mean DO NOT) try to watch how the Saudi justice system metes out its punishment in this place (like ermn, beheading). They say you’ll get nightmares for days, or for a lifetime. Walk away, stay away.

This way please… back to the Musmak Castle…

The Musmak Fort on a Thursday afternoon glow
Visit the museum inside.

The Musmak Castle, also known as Qasr al-Masmak or Masmak Fort) is a fort made up of clay and mud with four watchtowers and thick walls. This is where the recapture of Riyadh led by Ibn Saud happened on January 14, 1902 (yes, Riyadh is fairly a “new” city). Today, Musmak Castle is a museum open from 8:00AM-12:00NN and 4:00PM-9:00PM with schedules divided into men, women, and families. It’s closed on Fridays. For the specific schedule, please click here.

The Musmak from the Deirah souk

The grand mosque and the muttawa headquarters are also just around the corner. So even without telling you ladies, please cover your your hair! Especially when you’re within this area. 😉

Home of the CPVPV
We enjoyed going around Dirah and seeing it after years. We discovered a lot and bought a lot few abayas. I also got to learn that Musmak Castle is just right beside it (I’ve always thought it was quite far from the city center)! Anyway, that’s it for our Dirah entry. I hope you enjoyed our “tour.” Next time, you already know where to buy abayas… with a historical spot to boot. 😉 ~ Sundrenched

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Can you please tell me where exactly is the school/craft supplies store near this Dirah Souk? I'm new to Riyadh, ,have been here only for 2 months. Thanks.

  2. @Anonymous 10:06PM: Eyecandy said it's near the muttawa building but she can't say for sure where because it's been a long time since she visited the place. If you're in need of school/craft supplies, you can also visit Al-Shark Bookstore along Olaya Road near the Kuwaiti Souk.

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