One Big Juan!

And it’s finally here!… Er well, in Manila! 😉 
Cebu Pacific has received its first Airbus A330 and boy it’s looking good! The delivery of this first huge aircraft marks a milestone for Cebu Pacific, which is launching its first long haul flight to Dubai on October. 
The A330 is a wide-body twin-engine jet airliner made by Airbus, a popular aircraft manufacturer based in Toulouse, France that produces approximately half of the world’s jet airliners. The A330 is one of the most widely-used aircraft in the airline industry today showing just how efficient and safe it is. For Cebu Pacific, this new addition to their fleet is their biggest plane yet earning it the nickname, The Big Juan. 
Here are fun facts from Cebu Pacific’s Twitter account about their new baby… 
Take a journey with the Big Juan right now! Yes, right now with this video showing The Big Juan’s shipping and assembly in Toulouse, France to its maiden flight to the Philippines! 

Wooow! It truly is a feat of design and engineering and if it is up to us, The Pink Tarha will be excited to go on a journey with The Big Juan! 
Good thing for our readers in the United Arab Emirates because you have a chance to be the lucky Juans inside The Big Juan on its first flight from Dubai to Manila. Get a chance to fly in the A330 for free by joining Cebu Pacific’s 100 Lucky Juans contest. Just share with us how you will make your homecoming fun in the 100 Lucky Juans Facebook app. Join now!


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