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Another round of winners were announced in Cebu Pacific‘s 100 Lucky Juans. And we were not surprised that most of them feature their loved ones and family members in their photos. After all, going home to the Philippines is really all about our families.
Take for example Ernesto Enumerables‘ entry which says that he wants to propose to his girlfriend on her birthday. Awww, sweet! (I hope publishing this wouldn’t ruin the surprise! hehe!) He also wants to see and hug his baby, Joeliane.

Jewel Catungal wants to go home to the Philippines because she wants to see her daughter and tour her around the many islands of the beautiful home land! Truly, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

I really like this photo of Melita Matabang featuring her mom and her mom’s siblings. I like seeing siblings who really go along together. Reminds me of my brothers, sisters, and I. 😉

Congratulations to the Week 5 winners of 100 Lucky Juans

For those who still want to join, there’s still enough time! Visit the 100 Lucky Juans app in Cebu Pac’s Facebook app and submit your entries. This is open to OFWs in the United Arab Emirates only.

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