100 Lucky Juans Winners

Cebu Pacific’s 100 Lucky Juans contest came to a conclusion last August 18, 2013. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners who will be flying in the inaugural flight of Cebu Pac’s Big Juan from Dubai to Manila this coming October. Woot, we wish we can join you, guys! (Cebu Pac, are you reading this? Haha!)
We wish we can write about all the winning entries in this contest but we only have limited space in the blog so we chose a few that really touched our hearts… You all know that The Pink Tarha ladies are children of overseas Filipino workers, right? We even wrote about our experiences in one of our first entries in 2009 in honor of our fathers who endured the harsh desert to provide well for us. And so, we salute these parents who are dedicating their entries to their children. And we hope their children appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices their parents did for them.
Andre Dela Cruz looks forward to his vacation so he can reunite with his family whom he considers as his true home. This photo is full of happiness and love.
The joy of being with a loved one.
Divina Gracia Morillo recognizes the hardship of working abroad as a housemaid, especially in Dubai. But she doesn’t give up because she’s doing it for her parents and children. Like what she said in her entry, “Working in Dubai is so hard but that’s life. We have to survive every day for our family.” We’re sure our parents, when they were away from us during the 90s, also felt the same way. It’s nice to know that Divina doesn’t want to waste precious seconds on her vacation. She’s spending it all with her family.
This winning entry by Joey Eva is truly worth that seat to a beautiful vacation. He left the Philippines to give his son a better future but in return, he wasn’t able to see the milestones in his son’s life, especially when his son started attending school. This photo brings joy and sadness. Such a touching moment. 
Awww, cute!
I can imagine my father’s emotions when he couldn’t attend my and my siblings’ recognition days and graduations. Ahh, the memories! But good for Joey, he will now be able to go home this October. His son will be in for a treat!
And speaking of graduation, Grenor Salvador‘s photo of his daughter on her graduation day is also poignant. He hasn’t seen his children for four years. We’re so glad he won because he will be able to come home this October and see his daughter get married. He won’t miss that lovely moment of walking his daughter down the aisle. Awww.
Celebrating milestones
We are so happy for the winners of the 100 Lucky Juans contest. Check out all the winners here. We hope that they enjoy their prize this October. Don’t forget to wave when you pass above Riyadh. Oh, right, you won’t. But do remember that The Pink Tarha is cheering you on. We hope you all have a great vacation with your family and friends. Thanks Cebu Pacific for making this possible!

*This entry is sponsored by Cebu Pacific. All opinions are the writer’s.

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